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Which Garland Draupadee Carried in Her Swayamvar
It is said that Draupadee carried that same garland which was hung by Ambaa on Drupad's palace, in her hands. Does anybody know the reference where it is indicated that it was the same garland?

About Draupadee's Swayamvar
This list shows that Shibi, the son of Usheenar, came to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar. It means he was there in MBH times.

Is he the same Shibi whose story of pigeon is famous?
Was he the same Usheenar's son who was married to Yayaati's daughter Maadhavee? Yayaati ruled long long before MBH times.

When Draupadee Tied Her Cloth on Krishn's Finger?
MBH, G-3-Youth/26 does not say anything about this incident that "when Krishn used Chakra to kill Shishupaal, His finger got cut because of using the Divine weapon on His mortal finger. The common belief is that it happened, and as Draupadee noticed it, she immediately got down from her throne, came to Krishn, tore her royal dress and tied the strip on Krishn's finger to stop the blood. Krishn said - "You have done so much for me that I am obliged to you. If I will get a chance I will return this obligation in such a way that the whole world will see it."

So when did this happen?

Draupadee Insulted both Dhritraashtra and Duryodhan
When Duryodhan was wandering in the Divine court of Yudhidhthir after the Raajsooya Yagya, once he fell in water, and another time he hit his head in  wall considering it a door. At that time Bheem, Arjun and Draupadee laughed. There is a version that she commented, "A blind man's son is always blind." How could Draupadee make a mockery of her elder uncle-in-law? From any Hindu values, she had no right to comment on Duryodhan that "A blind man's son is always blind." Because it was not only Duryodhan's insult, it was the insult of Dhritraashtra too. And if Duryodhan felt insulted on this comment, what was wrong in it? But she did laugh at Duryodhan.

We do not know where this comment has come from, but this was not commented at least by Draupadee. Kisari Mohan Ganguli's translation 2-Sabhaa-49  confirms it when Duryodhan tells the description what happened with him in Yudhishthir's court. It is surprising that at the happening of the actual incident, Draupadee's name has not been mentioned anywhere - 2-Sabhaa-46, it is only Bheem, Arjun and the twins who laughed at him. It was later when Duryodhan describes the happening at Indraprasth to Dhritraashtra, then only he tells it. There is no mention of even Krishn that He encouraged them to laugh. She laughed at Duryodhan, this is correct, but she never commented this.

Draupadee's Uttareeya
Everybody knows that Draupadee was born adult from Havan Kund along with her brother Dhrishtdyumn.
There are some questions about Draupadee's being Ekvastraa -

(1) When did Draupadee become Ekvastraa?

(2) If Draupadee is Ekavastra, where does her Uttareeya come from? Uttareeya means "later", such as Uttar Raamaayan means whatever happens after main Raamaayan, so Uttar means later. In the same way Uttareeya is a piece of a cloth worn extra after wearing the normal dress When Dushaasan drags her, it is said, that her Uttareeya loosens. Moments before that, the Paandav gave their Uttareeya that indicates that Uttareeya is a separate garment. For Draupadee too, Uttareeya is a separate garment. When Kotika sees Draupadee (just before Jayadrath tries to abduct her), MBH. says that Draupadee arranged her Uttareeya.

It means that if in Dice-Game court, Draupadee had an Uttareeya, how can she be Ekavastraa? OR alternatively if she was Ekavastraa, where does the Uttareeya come from?

Draupadee and Jayadrath
When Paandav were living in Kaamyak Van, and once they had gone for hunting, Jayadrath came there and asked Draupadee to come with him - read "Draupadee and Jayadrath" on page MBH, G-4-Van/49.

Here it seems that Draupadee and Jayadrath had never seen each other, but Jayadrath went to her Swayamvar, he must have seen her there. It might be possible that Draupadee may have not seen him because there were so many kings and princes, but it is not possible that Jayadrath has not seen her at that time.

Secondly, both knew their relationship with each other - Draupadee was elder sister-in-law of Jayadrath, Dushalaa was younger sister of Kaurav as well as Paandav. But surprisingly not even one of them referred to this relationship to each other. Jayadrath was a man, but at least Draupadee must have asked the welfare of Dushalaa. She was talking to him as if she was talking to a stranger.

Why did she do this? Why didn't she ask Dushalaa's welfare? why didn't she try to explain the she was his elder sister-in-law


Draupadee is Protected by a Raakshas
There was a benevolent Raakshas who was appointed by Soorya to protect Draupadee from Keechak.
[MBH, G-4-Van/60 in 15th section]

Why is he called Raakshas then? Does the word Raakshas mean here its original meaning "the protector"?
Besides he could not protect Draupadee, she had to take help of Bheem to kill Keechak, while MBH says that he always protected her after being appointed.

When Draupadee Tied Her Hair?
[G-6-war/34] or [Karn, 83-84] doesn't say anything like that "Bheem took Dushaasan's blood to wash Draupadee's hair after drinking his blood". So when Bheem took Dushaasan's blood to Draupadee and when did she tie her hair?

As Draupadee had vowed that she would tie her hair only after washing her hair with Dushaasan's chest's blood, so when did he take the blood of Dushaasan's chest to Draupadee to wash her hair and when did she tie her hair?

Killing of Draupadee's Sons
We have been hearing that when Duryodhan was lying dying with his thigh broken on the lake shore, Ashwatthaamaa asked him that "What should I do to please you?", Duryodhan said "I want all Paandav's heads, that is all". He went to Paandav's camp and killed Paandav's sons, instead of Paandav, in sleep taking granted that they were Paandav and informed him to please him.

To know why this happened, read the incident at Viraat's palace (Abhimanyu's marriage to Uttaraa) when Paandav performed Abhimanyu's marriage and Draupadee's all sons came from Kaampilya Nagaree, how Draupadee recognized them.

When Ashwatthaamaa handed over those heads to Duryodhan, he said - "They are not Paandav, they are their sons." Hearing this Ashwatthaamaa was in a shock. To save himself from Paandav's fury at this unjust killing he ran away from there. Soon Arjun followed him, not Bheem, to every point in the Universe. Wherever he went, nobody could give him shelter. All said - "Only Vaasudev can pardon you." Then he came to Vyaas' hut and found shelter there. 

But the Mahaabhaarat doesn't describe this incident in this way. (see 6-war-43-battle-18 and further pages).
Why this difference?



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