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Draupadee Haran-1

Durvaasaa and Paandav

[3-261] Vaishampaayan Jee said  - "One day when after feeding Braahman, her husbands, and taking food herself Draupadee was taking rest, that Durvaasaa Muni came to that forest with his 10,000 disciples. Yudhishthir came forward to welcome them. he welcomed them and offered him befitting Aasan to sit upon. The King then said to him - "Please return quickly after your daily routine." Durvaasaa Muni did not know that how Yudhishthir will provide the food for all of them, he went for his daily chores. Yudhishthir also went to the stream to perform his ablutions. Now Draupadee was in a great anxiety that how she would offer food to all of them. [Her Divine pot gave food only till Draupadee did not eat, and Rishi came there after Draupadee had taken her food] She prayed Krish, the slayer of Kans - "Hey Krishn, O Son of Devakee, Your power is great, you dispel the difficulties of all who bow down to you, you are the highest among the highest, O Supreme Being, O refuge to the helpless, be refuge to me. Show me your kindness, you can see in all directions, you are beginning and the end of your creation. As you protected me before Dushaasan, take me out from this difficulty also."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this prayer of Draupadee, Krishn instantly came to Draupadee leaving the bed where Rukminee was sleeping beside Him. Seeing Vaasudev Krishnaa got very happy. She told Him everything about Muni. Having heard everything from her, Krishn said to her - "Krishnaa, I am very hungry. Please first give me some food, then you may go about your work." Krishnaa became confused, she said - "O Krishn, Soorya Dev given Divine pot gives the food till I have not eaten my meal, but I have already taken my food so there is no food now." Krishn said - "There is no time for this jest, bring me that Divine pot and show it to me." So Krishnaa brought that pot to Him. He looked into it and found a piece of rice and vegetable stuck at its rim. Krishn immediately swallowed it and said to Krishnaa - "May this please the God Hari, the soul of the Universe, and may that god who takes His food at sacrifices, be satisfied with this." After this Krishn said to Bheemsen - "Now you immediately go and invite Muni for dinner." So Bheem immediate went to invite Muni for dinner.

Meanwhile as these Rishi took a dip in the river and cleaning their bodies that they felt their stomach full. As they came out of the river, they looked at each other and said to their Guru - "Hey Guru, We told the King to make our dinner ready and we came here, but now we are feeling full from stomach to our throat. How we will eat food there? That food will go waste, what should we do now?" Durvaasaa Muni said - "By wasting this food we have done very wrong towards the King. They might burn us down just by an angry look. I know that Yudhishthir is great sage of great ascetic powers. If provoked, they can burn us like fire burns a cotton pale. That is why O all disciples, run away quickly without seeing them again."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "All those Braahman got scared of Paandav and fled away in all directions. Bheem arrived at the river bank, but did not see anybody. He searched them around and heard from the Muni living there that they had run away, he came back and informed Yudhishthir what had happened. Paandav still waited for them to come for some time, but when they did not come, Yudhishthir said - "Rishi might come in the dead of night and trouble us, what to do now?" That Krishn came there, and spoke to him - "Knowing the danger from this angry Muni, Draupadee called me and I came here immediately, but now you need not to fear from him. Afraid of your ascetic powers, he has run away. Virtuous men never suffer. Let me go now to my home." Hearing this Paandav and Draupadee got at ease and they said to Krishn - "As a person drowning in an ocean comes to the shore by means of a boat, we are also escaped from this great danger. You may go in peace." Krishn came back to his capital, and Paandav with Draupadee lived in forest merrily.

I told you this story as how wicked minded Duryodhan's plans failed."

Draupadee and Jayadrath

[3-262] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus these great warriors lived in Kaamyak Van with great ease and happiness. Now one day they all went in all directions to bring meat to feed Braahman leaving Draupadee alone in the hermitage with the permission of a great ascetic Trinabindu and their spiritual guide Dhaumya. Meanwhile the King of Sindhu Desh, son of Brihadkshatra, Jayadrath was going to Shaalv with the intention to marry. He was dressed in his best attire and had numerous princes with him. While going he saw Draupadee standing in her Aashram. She was looking beautiful. Who saw her, asked "Is she an Apsaraa? or a daughter of Devtaa? or Maayaa?" and without thinking their hands used to join together. They stood gazing at her faultless beauty. Jayadrath also was stuck with her beauty and an evil intention was born in his mind. Inflamed with desire, he said to a Prince Kotik - "Who is this lady in her faultless beauty? Is she a human? If I could marry her, then there is no need to go to Shaalv to marry. I will take her and go back to my city. Will she accept me as her husband? Go Kotik and ask her, and ask her who is her husband." Kotik jumped out of his chariot and came to Draupadee and said to her."

[3-263] Kotik said - "O Excellent Lady. Who are you who is standing alone here leaning on a Kadamb tree. You are exquisitely beautiful, how is that you don't feel fear standing alone here in this forest? I feel that you are a Devee or a Daanavee, or an Apsaraa, or the wife of a Daitya, or a Naag princess, or the wife of Yam, Varun, or Som or Kuber, who has taken human form and is wandering in this forest. Or you have come from the palace of Dhaatri, or Vidhaatri, or Savitri, or Vibhu or Sakra? You are not asking, who are we? We do  not know who protects you here? We respectfully ask you who is your father, and who is your husband, your relative and race? I am King Surath's son, Kotik. And that man with large eyes sitting on a golden chariot is Kshemankar, King of Trigart. behind him is the King of Pulind who is still gazing at you. He lives in mountains. That dark and handsome man is the son of Subal of Ikshwaaku race.

O Lady, Have you ever heard the name of Jayadrath, the King of Sauveer(s), he is heading 6,000 chariots with elephants and horses and infantry, followed by 12 Sauveer princes as his standard bearers, named Angaarak, Kunjar, Guptak, Shatrunjaya, Srinjaya, Supravriddh, Prabhankar and Bhramar, Ravi, Soorya, Prataap, Kuhaan - all mounted on their chariots drawn by chestnut horses. The King's brothers - Balaahak, Aneek, Vidaaran and others. The King is going with all these. Now you tell me that whose wife and daughter are you?"

[3-264] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Draupadee, thus questioned by the Prince of Shibi's race, moved her eyes slowly and let go the Kadamb branch free, rearranged her clothes and spoke thus - "I know that it is not proper to talk to you like this, but since I am alone here and no other person is here to speak to you, that is why I reply you. Because I am a lone woman in the forest, I should not speak to you, still... I have known that your are Kotik, Surath's son, that is why I now tell you about my relations and race. I am the daughter of King Drupad and my name is Krishnaa. I have accepted five husbands, you might know them when they were living at Khaandav Prasth. They are Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, and the two sons of Maadree. My husbands have gone for hunting. The King has gone to East, Bheem has gone to South, Arjun to West and the twins towards North. You may come out and accept the due welcome from them." After having said thus to Shibi's son Draupadee entered her cottage."

[3-265] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Kotik reported this to those princes who were waiting for him. Jayadrath said - "After hearing her speech my heart has naturally inclined towards her. Why have you returned like this? I tell you that after seeing her all other women look like monkeys. She has captivated my heart. Tell me, O Shaibyaa, Does she look like human being?" Kotik said - "This lady is famous Draupadee - the daughter of King Drupad and wife of Paandav. Take her with you and move towards Sauveer."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus wicked minded Jayadrath, the King of Sindhu and Sauveer countries, said - "I must see her." he descended from his chariot and entered Paandav's cottage along with six other men as a wolf enters the den of a lion. He said to Krishnaa - "O Excellent Lady, Are your husbands well?" Draupadee replied - "All are well. Is everything well in your kingdom with your people, army etc? Are you the lone ruler of the countries like Shaibyaa, Shibi, Sindhu and others? Accept this water to wash your feet and have your seat here. I give you 50 animals for your people's breakfast. Besides, Yudhishthir himself will give you many other kinds of animals." Jayadrath replied - "All is well with me. By offering the breakfast you have shown your manners. Come now and ride my chariot and be happy, for you should not regard Paandav as they are living in forest, they have become weak, their kingdom has been snatched. A sensible woman does not attach herself to a poor husband. She should follow him when he is rich and leave him in his adverse conditions. So you leave Paandav, come with me and enjoy the kingdoms of Sindhu and Sauveer."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Draupadee moved from that place, she became angry, still controlling herself she said to him - "Do not speak such words again. Are you not ashamed? Be on your guard." And she started waiting for her husbands diverting his attention by long speeches."

[3-266] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Draupadee became red with anger, her eyes became fiery, and she said insulting him - "Are you not ashamed of yourself using such words in respect of those warriors who each is like Indra himself and who never get back in fighting even with Yaksh and Raakshas? O Sauveer, Good people never speak ill about others whether they live in forest or in houses. I think there is no Kshatriya who can save you from falling in the pit. In your folly, you are trying to wake up a sleeping lion by kicking him. When you will see Bheem in anger, you will have to run away from here. Your fight with Jishnu will be like you are kicking a sleeping lion. And those two younger Paandav are like venomous snakes. The bamboo, the reed and the banana bear fruit only to perish and not to grow further in size. As crab conceives for her own destruction, you want to lay hands upon me who is protected by these five warriors?" Jayadrath said - "I know all this, and I am well aware of their prowess, but you cannot frighten me by these threats. We also belong to 17 great clans and are equipped with six qualities (see King's Six Qualities) that is why look down upon Paandav. You come to this elephant quickly, because you cannot baffle me by your words only, nor you can get any mercy of Sauveer King."

Draupadee said - "O King of Sauveer, I myself am very powerful, why do you think me so weak? Just because of violence I do not want to face you. Even Indra cannot abduct her, who is protected by Krishn and Arjun together, what of a weak human being? When Kireet will come because of me, he will terrorize your heart. The princes of Andhak and Vrishni races under Janaardan and Kaikaya tribe will all follow me. Dhananjaya's arrows released from his Gaandeev will even tear the sky. When you will see him you will repent for your folly. Since I have not said anything false about my husbands, I will see you being dragged by the sons of Prithaa. Even if you have taken me, as soon as they will know they will bring me back to Kaamyak Van."

Here it seems that Draupadee and Jayadrath had never seen each other, but Jayadrath went to her Swayamvar, he must have seen her there. It might be possible that Draupadee may have not seen him because there were so many kings and princes, but it is not possible that Jayadrath has not seen her at that time.

Secondly, both knew their relationship with each other - Draupadee was elder sister-in-law of Jayadrath, Dushalaa was younger sister of Kaurav as well as Paandav. But surprisingly not even one of them referred to this relationship to each other. Jayadrath was a man, but at least Draupadee must have asked the welfare of Dushalaa. She was talking to him as if she was talking to a stranger.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Jayadrath tried to lay his hands on Draupadee, so she rebuked him - "Do not touch me." and she called Dhaumya Rishi. In the meantime Jayadrath seized her by upper garment and dragged her to his chariot. She worshipped Dhaumya's feet and ascended his chariot. Dhaumya said to Jayadrath - "O Jayadrath, At lease keep your Kshatriya custom. You cannot take her without defeating her husbands. When Paandav will come you will have the taste of your act."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having said this Dhaumya entered Jayadrath's infantry and began to follow the princess."


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