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Draupadee Haran-2

Paandav Follow Jayadrath

[3-267] Vaishampaayan Jee said  - "After a while all Paandav coming separately met at a place in the forest after killing many animals. Yudhishthir heard the cries of birds and animals, so he said to his brothers - "These animals and birds are shrieking as if somebody stranger has come in this forest. We should stop killing animals, as we don't need more. My heart is aching, it seems to me as if a kingdom has been abandoned by its king. So they all proceeded towards their Aashram riding their chariots. On the way when a jackal yelled on their left, Yudhishthir said to Bheem and Dhananjaya - "This inferiors species animal's language is indicating that those evil minded Kuru have played some other trick with us." After going some distance they found their maid servant Dhaatreyikaa sobbing and weeping. Indrasen (the charioteer) quickly got down from his chariot and asked her - "Why are you weeping like this? I hope nothing has happened to Draupadee." At that time Dharm's son was so anxious about her that if she had disappeared in the bowels of the Earth also, he could have brought her from there too. Who was that fool who could take her in spite of her protectors. Then they consoled the maid saying that she would come here only today.

Dhaatreyikaa said to Indrasen - "Disrespecting the five Indra-like sons of Paandu, Jayadrath has taken Krishnaa by force. The track to follow them is not yet destroyed and the princess might not have gone very far by now. You go after her quickly, lest you get late. See that Som juice is not licked up by dogs. You speedily follow the track, do not waste time." Yudhishthir said - "You go, and hold your tongue. Do not talk like this before us. Whether they are kings or princes, who are infatuated with power are sure to grieve."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Without losing time they proceeded on the track. In a little time they saw the dust flying on the way by the hoofs of the horses, and they also Dhaumya in the midst of the infantry of Jayadrath. They asked Bheem to quickly go towards Jayadrath and wished him - "You return cheerfully." Then they rushed towards their enemy in a great fury. As soon as they saw Jayadrath and Draupadee sitting on the same chariot, their fury knew no bounds and they shouted from there only - "Stop, Jayadrath, stop." At this shout the enemy lost his direction."

[3-268] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Jayadrath's army also shouted seeing Paandav coming behind them, and Jayadrath himself lost his heart. he said to Yagyasenee - "Those five warriors who are coming behind me, it seems they are your husbands. Since you know him well, you describe them to us one by one as which of them rides which chariot." Draupadee replied - "After doing this disrespectful deed and shorten your life, what is the use of knowing their names, because as soon as they come here, not even one will be alive. Since you are at the point of death, I will tell you. Seeing the King Yudhishthir I don't have the slightest fear from you. That warrior on whose flagstaff is two handsome Nand and Upanand are playing, has the knowledge of morality of his own acts. Whose complexion is of gold, has prominent nose and large eyes, his name is Yudhishthir, the son of Dharm. That virtuous man gives life even to his enemy, so run to him for your good to seek his protection. The other man who has long arms, and looks like a Shaal tree, is my husband Vrikodar. His achievements are superhuman. His name is Bheem. Who offend him never live to suffer. He never forgives a foe.

And that one who is skilled in bow, he is Dhananjaya. He never leaves virtues even for lust, fear or anger. He is never cruel. The other man who knows every question of morality, has high wisdom, is the most handsome person in the whole world and who is protected by all sons of Paandu, is dearest to all, is Nakul. Another one is Sahadev who is known for the lightness of his hands. O Foolish man, Today you will see his performance. And the other one, who is intelligent and with wisdom, the youngest and the dearest brother is Sahadev. There is no other man equal to him in intelligence. He is dearer to Kuntee than her own soul, he knows the duties of Kshatriya. If there is something opposite to religion or morals, he would sacrifice his own life. Thus I have described the prowess of the sons of Paandu ignoring whose prowess you have done this mistake. if you escape, you will have a new life."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then those five sons of Kuntee were rushing towards Jayadrath, attacking them from all sides and creating a shower of arrows."

Fight Between Jayadrath and Paandav

[3-269] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Jayadrath was ordering his army saying "halt, strike, march" etc words, but seeing Paandav they were losing their hearts. Bheem rushed towards Saindhavya (Jayadrath) carrying his mace made of pure Shaikya iron and embossed with gold, but Kotik came in between and separated them. Bheem slew 14 and Arjun slew 500 foot soldiers. Yudhishthir also killed 100 soldiers of Sauveer king. Then the king of Trigart killed the four horses of the King (Yudhishthir), but Yudhishthir pierced his chest with an arrow. he started vomiting blood and fell down besides Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir descended from his own chariot, as his horses were killed, rode on Sahadev's chariot.

The two warriors, Kshemankar and Mahaamuksh, singled out Nakul and started fighting with him. Surath, the King of Trigart, also came towards Nakul and tried to kill him but Nakul cut the trunk of his elephant. The elephant fell on the ground crushing its riders. Then he rode on Bheem's chariot. Bheem killed Kotik's charioteer and Kotik didn't even know that his Saarathee was killed. When he knew he returned, but Bheem killed him. The entire field was covered with dead bodies and dogs, jackals, crows, falcons etc started eating their flesh. When King of Sindhu saw his army killed, he decided to run away leaving Krishnaa behind. So he ran away on the same path from which he had come. Yudhishthir made Draupadee and Dhaumya seated on the chariot of Sahadev. When Jayadrath had fled away, Bheem began to kill the remaining soldiers. But when Arjun saw that Jayadrath had run away, he stopped Bheem to kill his soldiers. Then he said to him - "Jayadrath is not seen here, if you can find him, then only your efforts can be successful. What is the use of killing these soldiers?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Bheem turned to Yudhishthir and said to him - "Since most warriors have been slain, you may return home along with Draupadee, the twins and Dhaumya and console the Princess. And I will not let that King of Sindhu go just like that. I will find him even if Indra has given shelter to him." Yudhishthir said - "O Bheem, Thinking about our sister Dushalaa and our mother Gaandhaaree, do not slay Jayadrath even if he is so wicked."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Draupadee got excited, she said to her two husbands, Bheem and Arjun - "If you care to do what is agreeable to me, you must slay that foolish, mean, wretched, sinful Chief of Saindhav clan. He who carries away somebody's wife should never be forgiven even though he asks for mercy." So Bheem and Arjun went in search of Jayadrath, and Yudhishthir came back to his Aashram along with Krishnaa and Dhaumya. As he entered his Aashram, he found that there were sitting Maarkandeya Jee and many other Braahman. Braahman expressed sorrow about Draupadee and the King joined the Braahman. Seeing that after defeating Saindhav the King has come back with Draupadee they got very happy. Krishnaa entered the Aashram with two brothers.

meanwhile Bheem and Arjun guessed that Jayadrath was two miles away from the so they made their horses run fast. At that time Arjun killed Jayadrath's horses from the very spot, although they were two miles ahead. Now Jayadrath's horses were slain, he was alone and greatly grieved finding himself in this condition. Arjun caught him and said - How could you take away a lady like that? How can you leave your followers among your foes?" Bheem wanted to kill him, but Arjun stopped him doing so."

[3-270] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Jayadrath was running for his life seeing those two brothers following him. He was very grieved. Bheem descended from his chariot, ran after him and caught him by his hair. He lifted him up in the air and thrust him on the ground. He hit him also. When he wanted to stand on his feet, Bheem again hit him, fell him on the ground and pressed his knees on his chest. Jayadrath became unconscious. Arjun reminded Bheem of Yudhishthir not to afflict him more as he was Dushalaa's husband. But Bheem was very angry with him as he had injured Krishnaa who could never bear such treatment. he should be killed, but what can I do? The King always shows mercy and you always stop me doing so." Then Bheem shaved his head with his arrow leaving five tufts on his head. Jayadrath did not say a word at this. Bheem said - "Listen to me, If you want to live, you must say this to all, "I am the slave of Paandav". I can spare your life on this condition only." Jayadrath said - "Be it so."

Bheem and Arjun tied him in chains, thrust him in the chariot and brought him to the King. Yudhishthir smilingly set him free. Bheem said - "You tell Draupadee that this wretch has become the slave of Paandav." At this Yudhishthir said softly - "If you have any respect for us, set him free." And Draupadee reading the mind of the King said - "Let him go off. he has become the slave of the King and you too have shaved his head leaving five tufts on it." Jayadrath then went to Yudhidhthir and bowed his head to him. He saw Muni also there, so he bowed down to them too. Yudhishthir got pity on his condition, so he said to him - "You are a free man now, I free you. And be careful, do not do such thing again. It is very shameful for you that you tried to take away a lady by violence even though you are so powerless." He again said - "Go now with your army. May your heart grow in virtue and never commit such mean acts again." Jayadrath bowed down to him again with shame and went to the place where Gangaa was flowing.

Jayadrath Gets Boon from Shiv Jee

With the desire of protection of Shiv, he started doing Tap to please him. Shiv got pleased and appeared before him to accept his offerings in person. He granted him a boon also. Listen O King, How he got the boon. Jayadrath asked the boon - "May I be able to defeat all Paandav on their chariots in battle." Shiv said - "This is not possible. Nobody can slay or even conquer them in battle. But yes, You can only check them, except Arjun, and that also once in the battlefield. Arjun is the incarnate of Nar. He has don lots of Tap in Badaree Van. The God Naaraayan is his friend, that is why even Devtaa cannot defeat him. I myself have given him Paashupat Astra. Besides, he has got other weapons also from all Digpaal. And the great God Vishnu is Krishn. He incarnated as Varaah to bring Prithvi out of the waters. He also incarnated as Narasinh to kill Hiranyakashyap.

The same Vishnu had incarnated as Vaaman from the womb of Aditi in 1,000 years. He had a water pot in his one hand and ascetic staff in the other hand. he went to Daitya Raaj Bali's Yagya with the help of Brihaspati. Bali got very happy to see Him. he asked - "What do you want?" Vaaman said - "Give me only three paces of land." Bali was contented to fulfill the Braahman boy's wish and as He was measuring the three paces of land, He assumed a wonderful form and measured all the three Lok and gave them to Indra. And from Him the world is said to be called Vaishnav. And the same Vishnu is incarnated as Krishn. People call Him unconquerable Krishn. Arjun is protected by Krishn. He is protecting Arjun riding on the same chariot with Prithaa's son. That is why he is invincible and even Devtaa cannot win him in battle. That is why you must leave him alone, but you shall, however, be able to vanquish for a single day only, the rest of Yudhishthir's forces along with your enemies - the four sons of Paandu!" After having said thus, Shiv disappeared. The wicked Jayadrath came back to his home, and Paandav continued to live in Kaamyak Van.

[3-271] Janamejaya asked - What did Paandav do after this insult of Draupadee?"
Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After defeating Jayadrath and rescuing Krishnaa, Yudhidhthir sat with Muni who were expressing their grief on Draupadee's abduction. Yudhishthir said to Maarkandeya Muni - "You have the knowledge of past, present and future. I have a doubt in my mind which I ask you. This lady is the daughter of King Drupad, she is born from the sacrificial altar not from flesh, and she is highly blessed daughter-in-law of Paandu. I think that Time and Human Destiny, that depend on our actions, and the inevitable has to happen; because if it were not so then how could this happen to her? She has been so good to everybody, then how Jayadrath could take her like this? It is true that we have rescued her from him, but this act has put a black spot on us. This forest life is full of miseries. We are suffering in this exile only because of the deception of our own kinsmen. Do you know any other who is more unfortunate than I am? Have you ever seen or heard anyone such before?"

[3-272] Maarkandeya Jee said - O Bull of Bharat race, Even Raam had to suffer an unparalleled misery, because Raavan overpowering the vulture Jataayu, abducted Raam's wife Seetaa from the woods. Although later Raam brought Her back by the help of Sugreev. He constructed a bridge over the sea to reach Lankaa and killed Raavan." Yudhishthir asked - "In what race Raam was born? How mighty He was? Whose son was Raavan and why he was cross with Raam? Please tell me His story in detail, I wish to hear His story of Raam and His great achievements." Maarkandeya Jee said - "Listen to this story of Raam who had to suffer all kinds of distresses in the forest.

Read Raam's Story Here. [273-290]

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