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Paativrat Mahaatmya

[3-291] Yudhishthir said - "O Great Sage, I do not grieve so much for myself, or for my brothers or for my kingdom, but I am very much worried about the daughter of Drupad. When we were defeated and insulted at the dice game, only Krishnaa delivered us. she was abducted forcibly by Jayadrath. Have you ever seen any woman as chaste as her?" 

Story of Saavitree

[Then Maarkandeya Jee told him the Story of Saavitree and Satyavaan]

Soorya Comes to Karn

[3-298] Janamejaya said - "Why Yudhishthir feared from Karn, for which Lomash Muni told to Yudhishthir in the words of Indra "Do not express your intense fear to anyone else. I will remove when Dhananjaya goes from here." And then why Yudhishthir did not express it to anyone?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Since you have asked me I tell you about it. After 12 years had passed away and the 13th year had set in, Sakra who was always friendly with Paandav, decided to ask Karn's earrings. Knowing the intention of Indra, Soorya Dev went to Karn, devoted to Braahman and a truth speaker, when he was lying with ease in his rich bed. He appeared in his dream assuming the form of a Braahman by his Yog power, and said to him sweetly - "O Son Karn, Listen to what I say to you. I tell you this because I love you and it is for your good. Indra will come to you disguised as a Braahman with the aim to take you earrings for the benefit of Paandav. Everybody knows your nature that when somebody asks you some thing, you give it and do not take anything from anybody. You never refuse anything to anybody. knowing this Indra will come to you to beg your earrings and the Kavach (Coat of Mail or armor). You should not give them to him, just try to satisfy your best with your sweet speech. This is for your good. When he asks for your earrings, just do not give them away and try to justify yourself with various reasons, and offering him various other kinds of wealth, such as the women, gems, cows etc. Because if you had given him your earrings, your life will be shortened and you will die. Your earrings and your Kavach are the protector of your life in battle from your enemies. Keep my words in your heart. Both these jewels have sprung from Amrit, therefore they should be carefully preserved by you, if you love your life."

Karn said - "Who are you who is telling all this showing me so much kindness? If it pleases you, please tell me who are you in the guise of Braahman?" Soorya Dev said - "I am of thousand rays. I love you that is why I tell you all this. Do as I say to you, because it is good for you to do so." Karn replied - "This is very fortunate of me the god himself has appeared before me for my good. But listen to me too, O Giver of Boons, May it please you, that it is only because of affection that I tell you this, that if I am dear to you, you should not, you should not try to move my vow. The whole world knows this to be my vow that whenever any Braahman comes to me ask for something, I am prepared to give even my life. O Best of all Rangers of the Sky, If Sakra comes to me in disguise of a Braahman to beg for the benefit of Paandav, I will give him my earrings and Kavach so that my fame goes in three worlds and it does  not suffer any spot. Because people like us do not like to live blameful life. Rather it is proper to die in those circumstances under which one meets his death. Therefore I will give Sakra my Earrings and Kavach if he comes to me to ask for them for the benefit of Paandav, because this will lead him to his defame. O Dev, I wish for fame even if I have to purchase it by giving my life. Because who have fame, they go to celestial regions, and who have lost it, they don't. Fame keeps one alive in this world like a mother, while the infamy makes a man lifeless even if he carries his body for long time. Fame is the life of a man. Brahmaa Jee himself has said in a Shlok "In the next world it is fame that is the chief support of a person, while in this world pure fame lengthens life." Therefore by giving away my earrings and Kavach, both of which I was born with, I will gain eternal fame, if I will give them to a Braahman; while if I will win in the battle, I will acquire nothing except be renowned. By giving them I will win excellent fame, this is my vow."

[3-299] Soorya Dev said - "Never do such a thing which is harmful to you, your friends, your wife, your children, your parents. people wish for renown in this world, and lasting fame in Heaven without sacrificing their bodies, but you are taking fame at the expense of your life. This fame will take away your life. All your relations are only yours until you are alive. Even the kings, the prowess could be of any use, until they are alive. Do you understand? The fame of a dead person is like a garland of flower around the neck of a corpse. Fame is good only for those who are alive. One who is dead cannot enjoy his fame. Since you worship me, you are a devotee of me that is why I tell you all this. Whoever worships me, I always protect him.

There is one reason more, that I love you very much, that is why you do as I say to you. There is a profound mystery also in this ordained by fate. That is why I tell you this. That is you should trust me and do as I say to you. It is not fit for you to know that is a secret to gods. That is why I do not reveal that secret to you. You will understand it in time. So do it as I have said to you, O Raadhaa' Son, when Indra comes to you to ask for your earrings and Kavach, never give them to him. You look like a Moon between Vishaakhaa constellation in a clear sky wearing these earrings. Know that fame only for those people who are alive, so when Indra asks for them, refuse to give them to him. Repeating again and again in reply of your various reasons, you will be able to remove the eagerness of Indra to possess them. You can always challenge him who handles the bow with both hands, and surely Arjun will encounter you in fight, but if you have earrings, he will never be able to defeat you even if Indra comes to his help. So if wish to defeat Arjun, you should never separate yourself from these earrings."

[3-300] Karn said - "I am your worshipper. And you also know that there is nothing which I cannot give in charity. neither my wives, nor my sons, nor my friends are so dear to me as you are. And you also know that the high soul people love their worshippers. "Karn respects me and Karn knows no other Deity in Heaven", thinking thus you should advice me what is good for me. O of Bright Eyes, I pray you with my head bowed to you, I place myself into your hands. I will repeat the answer I have already given to you. Please forgive me. Death is not so frightful for me as the untruth. I can give up my life for Braahman. What you have said to me about Arjun, your grief about me should be dispelled touching him and myself, I shall surely conquer him. You know very well that I have very powerful weapons got from parashuraam Jee and Aachaarya Drone. permit me to observe my vow, so that I can give even my life to Indra."

Soorya Dev said - "If you will give away your earrings to Indra, for your victory, you should say to him - "O Performer of Hundred Sacrifices, I give you my earrings on one condition. Since if you have earrings, you cannot be killed by anyone, and the destroyer of Daanav wants to see you killed by Arjun in battle, that is why he is coming to ask your earrings. Indra cannot become frustrated so you can request him to give you his infallible dart which will kill all the enemies, and I will, O Thousand-eyed, will give you my earrings along with my Kavach. You should give your earrings to Indra on this condition only. O karn, With that dart you will be able to kill thousands of people in the battle. That dart does not return to the hand until it has killed thousands and thousands of enemies."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having said this the Thousand-Rayed Deity suddenly disappeared. The next day after reciting his prayers Karn told this dream to the Sun, in detail as had happened that time. Hearing it, the Enemy of Swarbhaanu, Soorya Dev said to him with a smile - "It is so." Raadhaa's son stood there expecting Vaasav and getting the dart from him."

Kuntee's Story

[3-301] Janamejaya asked - "What was the secret which was not revealed to Karn by the Deity Soorya Dev? What kind of earrings were those and what kind of Kavach was that? Please tell me this."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "I will tell you the secret which was not told by Soorya Dev to Karn; and what kind of earrings were they and what type of Kavach it was? Once upon a time, a Braahman came to Kuntibhoj's house, bearing a beard and matted locks and carrying a staff in his hand. He was very handsome. His complexion was of pale blue color. He spoke very sweet and soft, he had a good knowledge of Ved and was a high ascetic. he said to Kuntibhoj - "O King, You are away from pride, I wish to live in your house as a guest on the food obtained as alms. Neither you nor your follower should act in such a way that should displease me. If it is agreeable to you, then I can live in your house. I will go and come back in the house with my own will. No one will offend me with my food or bed." Kuntibhoj heard him cheerfully and agreed on his conditions. He further said - "I have a beautiful daughter Prithaa. She is of high character, observant of vows, and chaste. She will attend on you and take care of you with respect. You will be pleased with her services."

After saying this Kuntibhoj paid him respect and went to his daughter and spoke to her - this reverend Braahman wants to live with us. I have accepted his proposal relying on your behavior, attitude and wisdom. So take care of in such a way that my words do not go lie. Serve him in whatever way he wants to be served. Braahman are of eminent energy. It was only by disregarding a Braahman, Vaataapi and Taaljangh were destroyed by the curse of Braahman. That is why Braahman are always honored and worshipped. Because of your gentle behavior, even in the interior of my palace, nobody is dissatisfied with you. That is why I thought you to appoint in his service. You are my adopted daughter, you are born in Vrishni Vansh and your father gave you to me himself. The sister of Vasudev is my daughter by the method of adoption and is the foremost among my children. He promised me that "I will give you my first-born." and so he gave you to me when were an infant, and that is how you are my daughter. So serve the boon-giving Braahman and thereby attain the auspicious state. But if, you get angry at any point with this Braahman, he can destroy my entire race."

[3-302] Kuntee said - "As you have promised, I will do so. I will serve the Braahman with concentrated mind. I am not telling you lie as it is in my nature to serve Braahman. It will please you as well as it may benefit me. Whether he comes in the morning, evening or night, he will have no reason to be hungry any time. Trust me, that Braahman will never be dissatisfied with me. I will do the same which will be agreeable to him. I know Braahman, when they are pleased, they can bestow one salvation too. You will not hear any complain because of me. I will not grieve him anytime because of my any act as Sukanyaa did to Maharshi Chyavan. I will serve him my best." Hearing this Kuntubhoj got very happy, he embraced her and instructed her in detail as what she had to for the Braahman - "You can act like this without fear, for my good and for your good too and for the good of your race too."

Saying to this to his daughter, the King took her to the Braahman and handed her over to the Braahman and said to him - "O honorable Braahman, This is my daughter of tender age and brought up in luxury. If any time she does something wrong, please do not mind her. Wise Braahman are never angry with old men, children and ascetics, even if they make mistakes frequently." The Braahman said - "So be it." The King got very happy hearing this. He assigned a white apartment for the Braahman. he built a special Vedee for his sacrificial fire (Yagya). He made arrangements of excellent food for him. And the beautiful Princess started to serve him sincerely, attentively and faithfully, as if he were the god for her.

[3-303] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus that maiden became successful in satisfying him with her sincere services. Sometimes he came in the evening, sometimes in the night, but that maiden worshipped him all the time with food, drink and bed. And as the days passed her attention to his comforts continued to increase instead of diminishing. When ever that Braahman reproved her, finding any fault with her arrangements, or addressing him, Prithaa did not do anything that was disagreeable to him. Many time he used to come long after the said time, or in the deep night when it was difficult to get food and he said "Give me food."; Prithaa used to say - "All is ready." and gave him the food. She acted like his disciple, daughter, sister with great devotion to him. Seeing her devotion towards him, he valued them rightly. Her father used to ask her every morning whether the Braahman was satisfied, and Kuntee replied, "Very well". Kuntibhoj was very happy to hear this from her.

Kuntibhoj was very happy when after one year the Braahman did not find any fault in Kuntee's service to him. The Braahman was so pleased that he said to Prithaa - "I am very pleased with your services to me. You may ask for any boon which is most difficult for any human being to get in this world and by getting which you will surpass the fame of all the women of this world." Kuntee replied - "I have done everything on my behalf, my father is also very pleased with me. I consider this as my boon." The Braahman said - "If, O Girl of Sweet Smile, you do not want to get any  boon from me, then take this Mantra from to invoke celestials. You may invoke any celestial to whom you wish to, by uttering this Mantra. he will appear before you and be under your power. Willing or not, but by virtue of the power of this Mantra, that Deity will appear in gentle appearance, as your slave and will be under your power."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this, that faultless maiden, with the fear of any curse, could not refuse it for the second time. The Braahman then imparted those Mantra which are recited in the beginning of the Atharv Ved to Kuntee, and said to the King - "O King, I have lived in your house very comfortably worshipped, served and satisfied by your daughter. I will go now." And saying this he vanished then and there and seeing him disappearing so suddenly the King got amazed. The King treated his daughter very kindly.


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