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Duryodhan and Dhritrashtra (Glory of Yudhishthir)

[2-49] Janamejaya said- "Then how did that Dice game was played that my grandfathers had to suffer so much? Which kings were present at that time? Who approved that game and who disapproved it? I wish to hear all that which was the cause o the destruction of the whole world." Soot Jee said - "Then Vaishampaayan Jee told him everything that happened. Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After he had consulted Vidur, Dhritraashtra again called his son Duryodhan and said to him - "Vidur has not said anything good about this, because he will not advice me to do a thing which is not good for me, and I also consider Vidur the best advisor for me. Vidur knows all mysteries of political morality whatever a wise man should know. He is like Brihaspati, I also accept his advice. As Uddhav is in Vrishni Vansh, he is in our Kuru Vansh. That is why I also say that you should not think about the Dice game, it destroys everything, so drop this idea. You have got everything whatever we are destined to get. You are intelligent, knowledgeable, you are brought up with all our affection, you are the eldest in our kingdom, you get everything best, then why do you grieve. Tell me the true reason of your grief."

Duryodhan said - "I am a sinful wretch who can see his enemy's prosperity and sit silent. I just cannot see Paandav's prosperity. Many kinds of people are living in Yudhishthir's palace like servants. Even Himvant, Samudra who have lots of wealth are his slave. Yudhishthir regarding me the eldest assigned the responsibility of accepting all the gifts brought by people. The quantity of wealth I saw there, I have not seen so much in my whole life. I got tired taking those gifts, and when I got tired, the people who were bringing them had to wait for my recovery.

Maya Daanav brought so much jewels from Bindu Sar that he has made a lake of crystals with blooming lotus flowers in it, I mistook it for water and drew my clothes up for the fear of being wet. Seeing this Bheem laughed at me. If I could, I would have cut his head at the same time, but if we slay him now our fat will be like Shishupaal. Another time I saw the similar crystal lake, taking it as a dry floor, I tried to cross it but fell in water. Bheem and Arjun again laughed at me loudly, and Draupadee also joined them with other females. My clothes were wet and the servants of the King gave me new clothes. Once I wanted to pass a door, but there was no door, so I hit my head in the wall and Nakul and Sahadev came and supported me in their arms, and Sahadev repeatedly told me - "This is the door, go from this way." Bheem also said the same thing to me. O King, I have not seen the gems which I saw there, anywhere else. For all these reasons my heart pains a lot."

Description of Treasure of Yudhishthir
Here Duryodhan describes the treasure of Yudhishthir brought by the kings etc only some of them are given here]

[2-50] Duryodhan said - "Listen, O King, All the costly articles Yudhishthir had, were brought by the kings. I was just lost seeing them. King of Kaamboj brought innumerable skins, woolen blankets made of soft fur of rodents all inlaid with golden threads; 300 horses of Tittetee an Kalmaash species with parrot like nose, 300 camels, 300 she-asses. Innumerable Braahman who brought 300 millions tributes were denied the entry in palace. Hundreds of Braahman came with golden Kamandal filled with Ghee - although they came with gifts, they were also refused the entry. Shoodra kings who lived on seashore brought brought 100,000 servant girls, all beautiful, adorned wit gold jewelry, and many skins of Ranku deer. Some tribes also were refused the entry they brought cows, asses, vegetables etc. Even King Bhagadatt who brought many swords with purest ivory handles studded with every kind of gems, had to go back. Many other tribes who brought 10,000 asses of many colors and of goo size, were ot allowed to enter. A tribe with one leg gave him many horses of red, white and rainbow colors and moving with the speed of mind and enough gold. There were many other tribes which were refused the entry.

People of Baalheek brought 10,000 asses with black neck and daily running 200 miles, many skins, blankets and numerous skins of Ranku deer and many types of cloths, and soft sheep skins by thousands. Other tribes who brought hundred of millions of gold, tiger skins, many colored horses, armors of many types decked with gems and ivory, obtained permission to enter Yudhishthir's palace.

[2-51] Duryodhan further said - "Other tribes brought gold measured in Drone (pots). Montain tribes brought numerous black white colored Chamar; sweet honey, garlands of Mishaalee Champak flowers and many kinds of plants from Kailaash. Other tribes brought sandal and aloe and black aloe, and heaps of heaps of perfumes and gold. Gandharv Tumburu brought 100 horses of mango color leaf decked with gold. The King of Mlechchh Shookar tribe brought many hundreds of excellent elephants. King of Matsya Desh, Viraat, gave him 2,000 elephants decked in gold. Vasudaan, the King of Paanshu, gave 26 elephants and 2,000 horses decked with gold including lots of wealth. Yagyasen offered 14,000 maid servants, 10,000 servants with their wives, many hundreds of excellent elephants, 26 chariots yoked with elephants, and also his whole kingdom.

Vaasudev, to increase the dignity of Arun, gave him 14,000 elephants. Of course Krishn is Arjun and Arjun is Krishn. Krishn can leave Heaven for him and Arjun also can die for Him. Kings of Chole and Pandyaa brought thousands of golden Jars filled with fragrant sandal juice from Malaya Hills, and loads of Sandal wood and aloe, many gems, fine clothes inlaid with gold. The King of Sinhal gave them the best of sea-born gems, lapis-lazuli and heaps of pearls and hundreds of coverlets for elephants. And seeing those articles of gifts, I wished for death.

Now I tell you about the servants for whom Yudhishthir supplied the food, cooked and uncooked. There are a 100,000 billions of mounted elephants and cavalry, and 100 million chariots, and countless foot soldiers. At one place the raw provisions are measured out, a another they are cooked, an yet at another place the cooked food is distributed. And the festive music an be heard everywhere. And in the palace I have nowhere seen any person without food or drink or ornaments. And 88,000 Snaatak leading domestic lives and having 30 maid servants each always pray for the destruction of enemies of Yudhishthir. And Yagyasenee (Draupadee) without eating first sees that everybody has eaten or not. Only two did not pay tribute to Paandav - Paanchaal by relationship of marriage and Andhak and Vrishni by relationship of friendship.

[2-52] Duryodhan said- "All kinds of people wait upon Yudhishthuir. Many kings brought many thousands of wild cow with the white copper milking pots for Yudhishthir to give away to Braahman in this Yagya. Many kings brought many jars of water to bathe Yudhishthir at the end of the sacrifice. King Baahleek brought a chariot made of pure gold, and King Sudakshinaa  himself yoked four white horses of Kaamboj breed to that chariot. King Suneet fitted the lower pole and the ruler of Chedi (Shishupaal) himself took up and fitted the flag staff. The King of Southern country stood ready with the coat of mail, the ruler of Magadh with the garland of flowers and head gear, the great warrior Vasudaan with a 60-year old elephant, the King of Matsya (Viraat) with the side fittings of the chariot all encased in gold, King Eklavya with the shoes, and the King of Avantee with various kinds of waters for his final bath. Chekitaan brought a quiver, the King of Kaashee brought a bow and Shalya brought a sword whose handle and belt were adorned with gold for him.

Rishi Dhaumya, Vyaas, Naarad, and Asit's son Deval were sprinkling the water over Yudhishthir like Saptarshi in all his ceremonies; and other Rishi were sitting there happily. Other Rishi also came there with Jamadagni's son Parashuraam from Heaven. Saatyaki was holding umbrella over Yudhishthir's head. Arjun and Bheem were anointing the King, while the twins were shaking the Chamar over his head. Samudra himself brought a conch of Varun, which Vishwakarmaa made himself for a 1,000 Nishk of gold, and which Prajaapati (Brahmaa Jee) had it in the previous Kalp. It was from that conch that Krishn bathed Yudhishthir after the sacrifice. Seeing this I swooned away.

People can go to eastern, or western or southern sea, but none other than birds can go to the northern sea, and Paandav have spread their kingdom up to there, because I heard the sound of hundreds of conches which were brought from there. Dhrishtdyumn, Saatyaki, Paandav and Keshav - all eight seeing me in that plight laughed. Then Arjun gave 500 gold plated horns bullocks to chief Braahman. And Yudhishthir, like Harishchandra received so much wealth, that no one, even Rantidev, or Naabhaag, nor Yuvanaashwa, nor Manu, nor Prithu, nor Bhageerath, nor Yayaati, nor Nahush had got that much wealth. And O King, after seeing so much wealth like Harishchandra, I do no desire to live. As the yoke, tied by a blind man, is loosened, that is the case is with me. The younger ones are growing and the elder ones are decaying. That is the reason of my depression."


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