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Chapters 69-70

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69-Naarad Jee Sees Bhagavaan's Household Day

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Naarad Jee heard that Shree Krishn killed Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur) and married to thousands of princesses alone then he got curious to see, how He lives with them. He thought - "This is so surprising that He, with one body, at one time, married to 16,000 princesses, in 16,000 palaces." So he came to Dwaarakaa to see that how He lives with all of them together. Dwaarakaa city was very clean and beautiful. It had 900,000 silver palaces. They were all shining like Marakat Mani (Pannaa, or emerald) and they had many things of gold and diamonds (Heeraa). In the same Dwaarakaa Nagaree Shree Krishn's more than 16,000 palaces were situated. They were built by Vishwakarmaa.

Naarad Jee entered in one of the big palaces. It had coral (Moongaa) pillars, Vaidoorya Mani balcony and Indraneel Mani walls. There were pearl fringes hanging from ceilings. Aasan and beds were made of ivory tusks (Haathee Daant) in which many kinds of Mani (gems) were studded. Many servants and maid-servants were roaming around wearing very fine clothes and gold jewelry. Naarad saw Shree Krishn sitting with Rukminee Jee. She was fanning Him with her own hands, although there were many maid-servants around them. Seeing Naarad Jee Krishn Jee got up from His bed and greeted him with His crown touching his feet and offered His own Aasan to him. He washed his feet and touched that water with His head, then said - "Prabhu, You yourself are full of wealth, knowledge, what can we do for you?" Naarad Jee said - "I just wanted to have your Darshan. I should always remember your lotus feet wherever I am, bless me for that." And then he went to another palace.

There he saw Him playing Chausar with His wife and Uddhav Jee. There also He welcomed him and worshipped him and said - "When did you come here? You already have everything, still what we can do for you? You just give us order to do something and make our life blessed." Naarad Jee was getting surprised to see all this. Silently he went to another palace. There he saw Him playing with His children. In another palace He was getting ready to take bath. Somewhere He was doing Havan, somewhere He was feeding Braahman, somewhere He was eating remaining Havishya of Havan, somewhere He was doing Sandhyaa, somewhere He was doing Gaayatree Jap, somewhere He was sleeping on His bed, somewhere He was practicing use of sword, somewhere He was playing with women in water, somewhere He was listening to Puraan, somewhere He was talking about fight and somewhere He was talking about friendship, and somewhere He was performing marriage ceremony of His children. Naarad Jee was very surprised to see all this.

So at one place, Naarad Jee said to Bhagavaan - "Your Yog Maayaa is difficult to understand even for Brahmaa Jee, but it is known to them who serve your lotus feet. Now permit me to go to other Lok singing your Leelaa." Krishn said - "I deliver the Dharm, I follow the Dharm, therefore to educate the Dharm to world, I follow Dharm in this way. Dear Son, you don't get confused with my Yog Maayaa." Who sings, hears or follows the singers and tellers of His Leelaa, he becomes a great devotee of Shree Krishn."

70-Daily Chores of Krishn and Jaraasandh Prisoner Kings sent Their Messenger to Krishn

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When the day broke, sweet smell of lotus flowers spread through the air, and birds started singing, then Shree Krishn got up and after washing His hands and face, meditated upon His real Roop. Then He took bath, put on clean clothes, did Sandhyaa, Havan and Gaayatree Jap. After this He used to do Tarpan to His Pitar and then worshipped the elders of His Kul (family). Then He donated the first-time mother cows adorned with beautiful clothes and pearl necklaces, gold-plated horns and silver-plated feet. He used to donate 13,084 cows daily with deer skin and sesame seeds. Then He used to greet elders and touched auspicious things. Then He wore His own Peetaambar, Kaustubh Mani etc and saw His own face in Ghee and mirror. Then He fulfilled the needs of His people. Then Daaruk Saarathee would bring His chariot with Sugreev etc horses, and He climbed up on it with Saatyaki and Uddhav Jee. He went to Sudharmaa Sabhaa (court). That court was so great that whoever sat there they did not feel hunger, thirst, sorrow, Moh, old age and death. All kinds of people tried to entertain Him in their own ways, such as dancers danced, comedians presented comedies, or sometimes learned Braahman explained Ved Mantra or told old stories of kings.

One day in that Sabhaa, a new man came. Krishn let him in. He told about those 20,000 kings who did not accept Jaraasandh's dependency and so were forcefully arrested by him. He said - "They have sent the message that now only you can save us from Jaraasandh. You have defeated him 17 times. One time you allowed him to win that has made him so proud that he does not care for anybody." The messenger was delivering the message that Naarad Jee arrived there. Shree Krishn immediately stood up and welcomed him bowing His head. When he sat down then Krishn said - "Devarshi, Is everything all right in Tri-Lok? You know everything happening in Tri-Lok. Now we want to know about Yudhishthir etc Paandav."

Naarad Jee said - "You are the Creator of this world and are such a great Maayaa doer, that even Brahmaa Jee cannot know your Maayaa fully. I have seen your Maayaa many times, so if you are asking me about Paandav, I am not surprised at that. Yudhishthir wants to worship you through Raajsooya Yagya although he does not wish for anything, so you oblige him by going there."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hearing this everybody of Yadu Vansh sitting there were of this opinion that first one should free the kings imprisoned by Jaraasandh, that is why they did not like Naarad Jee's proposal. But Krishn said politely - "Uddhav, You are our well wisher that is why we regard you our good counselor, so now you tell me that what we should do. We trust you so we will do the same what you will tell us to do." Uddhav Jee found that Krishn was asking him just like that, so he spoke like this."



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