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Chapter 71-73

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71-Krishn Goes to Indraprasth

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Hearing Krishn, Uddhav Jee considered Naarad and Krishn's opinions and said to Krishn Jee - "Naarad Jee has advised that you should join them in their Raajsooya Yagya and help your cousins, so he is right to say that, because whoever are in your shelter, it is your duty to protect them. When we think about this Yagya, we can say that only he can do Raajsooya Yagya who has won all the 10 directions, then we reach on the conclusion that it is necessary to win Jaraasandh to protect Paandav and the people who are in your shelter. In fact our purpose will be served only by winning Jaraasandh. He is very brave. He has the strength of 10,000 elephants, so if anyone can defeat him, it is only Bheemsen, because he also has the similar strength. Jaraasandh should be won only in a dual fight, because if he comes with his 100 Akshauhinee army, then it will not be easy to win him.

Jaraasandh is a very great Braahman Bhakt, so if any Braahman asks him for anything, he doesn't let him go empty-handed. Therefore Bheemsen should go in disguise of a Braahman and ask for a dual fight. And I have no doubt that if this fight will take place in your presence, then Bheemsen will certainly will kill him. Prabhu, You are the Creator, you are the destructor of this world. Brahmaa and Shankar are only for name sake [in the same way Jaraasandh will be killed only by your power, Bheemsen will be only for name sake]."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Uddhav's advice was good and right. Devarshi Naarad, elders of Yadu Vansh and Krishn Himself seconded it. So Krishn ordered His Saarathee Daaruk to go to Indraprasth. He sent His queens and children ahead of His chariot, then He Himself rode on His chariot, and the other chariots, elephants, horse-riders followed Him. This Caravan was looking like a sea with tides. Naarad Jee went back to his Lok. Krishn said to the messenger, "Go now, and tell those kings that they should not fear and I will get Jaraasandh killed soon." Convinced messenger went back to Giribrij and told them the same.

Now Krishn crossed Aanart Desh, Sauveer, Maru, Kuru Kshetra Pradesh, Saraswatee River, Paanchaal and Matsya Desh and arrived in Indraprasth. When Yudhishthir heard about their coming, he got very happy and came outside the city to welcome them. Yudhishthir saw Him after a long time, so he was extremely happy to see Him. People from both sides greeted each other and asked about each other's welfare. Kuru, Srinjaya and Kaikaya Desh people also greeted Krishn. Indraprasth was decorated very beautifully. When women heard the coming of Shree Krishn, they came to see Him as they were sitting at that time. Many people brought gifts for Him. When Krishn entered the palace, Kuntee came to welcome Him with Draupadee. He met Subhadraa too. Draupadee offered clothes and jewelry to Krishn's eight Pat-Raanee and His other wives too. Then Krishn asked Arjun to set fire in Khaandav Van to satisfy Agni Dev. At that time Arjun saved Maya Daanav from that fire. Then to show his gratitude to Arjun he built a Divine court for Raajaa Yudhishthir with the permission of Krishn. Krishn stayed there for several months to please Yudhishthir.

72-Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya and Jaraasandh Vadh

Shukdev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, One day Yudhishthir was sitting in his court with Rishi, Kshatriya, Vaishya, elders, relations etc, that he said to Krishn - "I want to do a Raajsooya Yagya in the honor of you and other Devtaa. Kindly fulfill my intentions."  Krishn said - "Your intention is very good. This Yagya will spread your fame. All of you are very brave, so nobody should object it." Hearing this Yudhishthir got very happy and he told his brothers to win other kingdoms. Krishn transferred His power to Paandav and made them very powerful.

Sahadev went to South with Srinjaya Vanshee, Nakul went to West with Matsya Desh people, Arjun went to North with Kaikaya Desh people and Bheemsen went to East with Madra Desh people. All won many kings and brought lots of money to do Yagya. When Yudhishthir heard that Jaraasandh has not been won yet, then he became worried. Krishn suggested him the same method to win Jaraasandh what Uddhav Jee told Him. So Krishn, Arjun and Bheem, all three went to Girivrij in disguise of Braahman. Jaraasandh was a great devotee of Braahman and a good observer of Grihasth Dharm. So the three Kshatriya, in disguise of Braahman, came to Jaraasandh and said to him - "Hey Raajan, We are your guests and are coming from a very far place. Certainly we have come with some purpose, therefore kindly give us what we want. What is intolerable in the world which tolerant people cannot tolerate? What is bad in the world which evil people cannot do it? What is not worth giving thing in the world which kind people cannot give? And who is the other person in the world for the person who treats everybody alike? You know that Raajaa Harishchandra, Rantidev, Mudgal, Shibi, Bali, Vyaadh (bird and animal killer), and pigeon etc many have offered their everything to guests and have got the Parampad. Therefore you also do not disappoint us."

Jaraasandh recognized them as Kshatriya, not Braahman, from their voice and look etc. And now it seemed to him that he has seen them somewhere before. He again thought and thought. When? But he could not remember it. Then he thought, "In spite of being Kshatriya, they have come in disguise of Braahman, then let them ask for anything, I will give it to them. Even if they ask for my life, I will give it to them without hesitation. Vishnu Bhagavaan took everything of Bali, still he is so famous and respected by everybody even today. Bali knew everything, Shukrachaarya Jee tried to stop him but he still gave three Lok in alms to Vishnu Jee. So who does not earn fame from this body, his life is useless." Thinking thus, he said to those Braahman - "Ask anything you like, I can give even my life to you."

Krishn said - "Raajan, We are not Braahman who desire for grains. We are Kshatriya and want to ask for a dual fight with you in alms. Look, he is Paandu-Putra Bheemsen, and he is his younger brother Arjun and I am their Maamaa's son and your old enemy Krishn." When Krishn introduced themselves like this, Jaraasandh laughed heartily and spoke - "O Fools, If you want to fight with me, I accept it. But Krishn, you are a coward. You even abandoned Mathuraa Nagaree because of me and found shelter in sea, therefore, I will not fight with you. And this Arjun? First, he is not a warrior; second, he is younger to me; and third, he does not look like a mighty man; so I will not fight with him too. Now remains Bheemsen. He seems to be worthy for me for dual fight." So he gave a very big Gadaa to Bheem and came out of the city with another Gadaa for himself to fight. When Gadaa hit one another's body parts, they got broken. Then they started fighting with hands and fists. Both were very mighty, so in spite of being continuously fighting, no one was getting weaker. Both fought in day time and became friendly in night time. Thus 27 days had passed. 

On 28th day, Bheemsen said to Krishn - "Krishn, I cannot win Jaraasandh in dual fight like this." Krishn knew the secret of Jaraasandh's birth and death, and He also knew that Jaraa named Raakshasee (she-demon) gave him life by joining the two pieces of a body. Therefore He transferred His power in Bheemsen's body and thought about the method of killing him. Bhagavaan's knowledge has no limits, so He came out with the solution. He took a branch of tree, tore it lengthwise and showed it to Bheemsen secretly. Bheemsen understood it and he hit his body on to the ground, held his one leg under his one foot, and tore his body apart by pulling his second leg from both hands. Jaraasandh's body was divided into two pieces just from the center and he died. Krishn performed the coronation of Jaraasandh's son Sahadev as the King of Chedi Desh and freed all kings from his prison.

73-Kings Return to Their Kingdoms and Krishn Returns to Indraprasth

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Jaraasandh had imprisoned 20,800 kings in a fort in a valley. When they were freed, their body and clothes were dirty. They were weak with hunger and their mouths were dry with thirst. As they came out they saw Krishn standing in front of them. They saw His Shyaam complexioned body with yellow Peetaamber, four arms with Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, and Padm, fish-shaped ear-rings in ears, beautiful crown, pearl necklaces, waist belts etc. They were so much lost in His beauty as if they were drinking Him through their eyes and their thirst was not quenched. They prayed Bhagavaan. Then Krishn said - "As you have expressed your wish, you will have great strong Bhakti in me. You produce children, not for your enjoyment but to continue your Vansh. In the end you will come to me in my Brahm Swaroop."  Then He appointed many people to help them in taking bath and getting ready. Sahadev provided appropriate clothes and jewelry to them. Then they were fed with king-like delicious food, they were provided with golden jewel-studded chariots and then they were sent to their respective kingdoms.

After this, He with Bheemsen and Arjun started for Indraprasth. Arjun and Bheem told everything to Yudhishthir as what they had to do to kill Jaraasandh. Hearing that Yudhishthir moved with love and couldn't say a word. Now he was free to do his Raajsooya Yagya.



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