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Shiv-Vishnu Worship

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Shiv and Vishnu Worship in MBH

The worship of Shiv in MBH and Harivansh (Khila of Mahaabhaarat) needs to be studied in depth along with the worship of Vishnu.

According to MBH, Anushaasan Parv, Daan Dharm Parv - chapters 14 to 18, Gita Press, Krishn (Vishnu) Himself is a great devotee of Shiv.

Yudhishthir asks Bheeshm about the splendor of Shiv.
Bheeshm says that only Naaraayan (Naaraayan-Vishnu-Krishn) knows about the splendor of Shiv
Then as requested by Bheeshm, Krishn speaks about the splendor of Shiv.
Krishn describes His trip to Kailaash and his meeting with Upamanyu, a great devotee of Shiv.
In chapter 17, we find 1008 names of Shiv recited by Upamanyu.

In fact we have two Shiv Sahastra Naam and one Vishnu Sahastra Naam - thousand names of Shiv and Vishnu in MBH - recited by Bheeshm to Yudhishthir.
(These names themselves need to be studied - Nilkantha Chaturdhara has written a detailed commentary on these 1008 names of Shiv, while Shankaraachaarya has written a detailed commentary on the 1008 names of Vishnu)

In Harivansh, we find a detailed account (18 chapters) of another trip of Krishn to Kailaash Parvat and His worship of Shiv (Bhavishya Parv - Krishn's Kailaash Yaatraa)
In Vishnu Parv of Harivansh, we find that both Krishn and Balaraam worshipped Mahaadev (Shiv) when they were at their teacher's (Saandeepan) Aashram.

Krishn is recommended by Bheeshm as the person who deserves foremost worship at the Raajsooya Yagya conducted by Yudhishthir.

Individually, Gaandhaaree was the staunch worshipper of Shiv Jee.

Paandav never did anybody's Poojaa, they just obeyed Krishn even when they did not know that He was God.



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