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If Mahaabhaarat War Happened Today...
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What would happen If Mahaabhaarat would happen in this era.... Enjoy Reading:

(1) Kaurav would have starved to death with only 9 subsidized LPG cylinders for 102 of them.

(2) When Bheem met Hanumaan, he would hand him t-shirts saying, "Being Hanumaan" and then run him over.

(3) Duryodhan would claim he did Draupadee's  Vastra-haran because she didn't call him, "Bhaiya".

(4) Media would target Shree Krishn as Dwaarakaa was in Gujaraat.

(5) Duryodhan would get Draupadee arrested u/s 66A of IT Act for updating her FB status; "Andhe ka putra andha hee hogaa".

(6) Draupadee would have been sobbing in a Satyameva Jayate episode for her insults.

(7) Nandan Nilkeni would go mad during AADHAR data collection at the Kaurav household.

(8) India TV headlines will be "Draupadee kee saaree kaa raaz, khulega Aaj, theek raat 8 baje"

(9) TV reporters would ask Bheeshm Pitaamaha on the bed of arrows: "How are you feeling? Kaisaa lag rahaa hai?"

(10) After 13 years of Vanvaas Paandav would have turned into Naxals.

(11) News channels would pay millions for exclusive rights for live telecast of Draupadee's Vastraharan.

(12) Abhimanyu would have got the Gyaan that getting out of Chakra Vyooh was easier than booking a Tatkaal ticket on IRCTC.

(13) Aishwarya would've replaced by Draupadee in L'Oreal shampoo advertisement. "5 problems, 1 solution".

(14) Sanjaya would have minted billions by selling satellite rights for the Kuru Kshetra war.

(15) Barkha's show would be renamed: "The Yuddh Stops Here"; Sagarika's show by: "Face the Yuddh" and Arnab's show by: "The Yuddh Hour".

(16) Only ND Tiwari will come close to having 100 children.

(17) US would be begging India to share the Drone'e technology of war with them.

(18) Lord Krishn will be Political Guru and Shakuni will be Management Guru.

(19) There would be a "Justice for Kaurav" campaign by Civil Society at India Gate against Paandav for massacring the whole family.

(20) Paandav would have had to shift their staying places frequently because DLF and Jaypee Group would frequently take over jungles for their housing projects.

Action or the Result of Action

Krishn told Arjuna, when the great war was about to begin, "Do your Karm without worrying about the results."

"And Arjuna, as usual must have nodded his head in agreement?"

"No, this time he retorted and asked his friend, "Krishn, do you want me to follow my eldest brother, who, without worrying about the results did his Karm - playing the dice game, and brought us to this pitiable state; or do you want me to follow you, who planned meticulously, keeping clearly in view what you wanted to achieve and picked up my sister-in-law Rukminee?"

"What did the Yaadav king say then?"

Krishn flashed His usual bewitching smile and replied, "Arjun, keep in mind the result and then you do your Karm - and that is to win the battle."

So they fought and won the battle.



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Created by Sushma Gupta On 5/27/04
Modified on 06/26/13