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Mahaabhaarat has a lots of characters. It is difficult to remember for a normal person who is who in there. Here is a ready reckoner for the people to identify the character. All names have been given alphabetically with brief description in relation to Mahaabhaarat only. These are not their biographies, for their detailed description, see   Biographies

Abhimanyu was the son of Arjun and Subhadraa. He was killed on the 13th day of MBH war fighting with 6 Mahaarathee alone by Dushaasan's son Lakshman.

Adhirath was the charioteer of Shaantanu, but he worked with with Dhritraashtra also for some time. He was childless until he got Karn, the son of Kuntee and Soorya, from Gangaa River He and his wife Raadhaa brought him up like their own son. He was known as Raadheya.

Ahilaavatee was a Naag Kanyaa and was married to Ghatotkach. Before her marriage to Ghatotkach she was known as Maurvee. She put a condition to marry her and Ghatotkach fulfilled it. They had a son named Barbareek.

Ambaa was the eldest daughter of the King of Kaashee. She had two sisters more Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Bheeshm took all three by force to marry them to Vichitraveerya. Ambaa loved Shaalv, so she did not accept Vichitraveerya as her husband. She was sent back respectfully buit Shaalv did not accept her. She came back to Hastinaapur and as a frustration wanted to marry Bheeshm but Bheeshm could not marry her, so she took a vow that she would be the reason of Bheeshm's death whether she has to take many births. She was born as Shikhandee in Drupad's house and became the cause of Bheeshm's death.

Ambaalikaa was one of the three princesses of Kaashee - Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Bheeshm kidnapped her and her sisters for his half brother Vichitraveerya. Vichitraveerya died leaving his widows childless. Later she delivered a son named Paandu through Ved Vyaas Jee. She went to forest when Ved Vyaaas Jee came to take his mother Satyavatee to forest.

Ambikaa was one of the three princesses of Kaashee - Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Bheeshm kidnapped her and her sisters for his half brother Vichitraveerya. Vichitraveerya died leaving his widows childless. Later she delivered a blind son named Dhritraashtra, as she closed her eyes when she saw Ved Vyaas Jee, through Ved Vyaas Jee. She went to forest when Ved Vyaaas Jee came to take his mother Satyavatee to forest.

Arjun was the son of Kuntee from Indra. He was the 3rd Paandav. He had 10 names. He was incarnation of Nar. he was married to four women - Draupadee, Uloopee, Chitraangadaa and Subhadraa, Krishn's sister. He had four sons, one from his each wife, but among all of them, only Subhadraa's son Abhimanyu extended his family line.

Ashwatthaamaa was the son of Drone and Kripee. He was the Ansh Avataaar of Shiv,   He was immortal and had a gem on his forehead. His childgood passed in a very poor condition. he did not have even milk to drink. He was a good friend of Duryodhan and fought from his side only in MBH war. He got very angry at Dhrishtdyumn when he heard the he had killed his father unethically. So after the end of the war, he killed all Paanchaal and Paandav's five sons in sleep.

Babhruvaahan was the son Arjun and Chitraangadaa. Later when Yudhishthir did Ashwamedh Yagya, he caught his father's horse, and killed him. Later Uloopee came and revived him.

Balaraam was the son of Vasudev and Devakee, but later Vishnu transferred him from Devakee's wom to Rihinee's wom, and thus he was known as Rohinee's son. he was the elder brother of Krishn. His weapon was Hal (Plow) and that is why one of his names was Haladhar. He taught Gadaa to Duryodhan and he liked him very much. He did not participate in MBH war so he went to Teerth Yaatraa for the period and returned only on the last day of the war to witness the fight of Bheem and Duryodhan.

Barbareek was the son of Ghatotkach, son of Bheeem. His head saw the MBH war from a hilltop.

Bhagadatt was the son of Narakaasur (see Bhaumaasur) and was appointed as the King of Praag Jyotishpur by Krishn after He had killed Narakaasur. Bhagadatt fought from Kaurav's side in MBH war. He had an elephant named Supreetikaa. Even his elephant was invincible and very intelligent. It was not easy to fight with Bhagadatt. He had a special Power from Vishnu given to his father. His father gave it to him. He used that Power on Arjun. Krishn took it on His chest and after that Power had been used, he became an ordinary man and it was easy to kill him.

Bheem was the 2nd Paandav and was the son of Kuntee from Pabvan Dev, thus in a way he was younger brother of Hanumaan Jee. He was very mighty. When he was only little, he fell down from Kuntee's hands, she got frightened but was surprised to see that Bheem was safe and the rock got into pieces under him. he killed many Raakshas in his life time - Hidimb, Bakaasur, Kirmeeraa, Keechak etc. Draupadee always looked at him when there was any case to show any might.

Bheeshm was the son of Shaantanu from Gangaa. He was a cursed Vasu who had to live on Prithvi. Gangaa left him on Prithvi. Once he found that his father Shaantanu wanted to marry Satyavatee but her father was not ready to marry her to Shaantanu as Bheeshm would be the king. To marry Satyavatee to his father he vowed that he would never claim Hastinaapur throne. At this Satyavatee's father doubted that if his children claimed it then? At this he took another vow that he would never marry. Since then he was named Bheeshm because of taking such a terrible vow. His father also granted him the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu - that he would live till he would like and the Death will not touch him without his wish. he kept his vow till the end of his life

He did a lots of work in his life time. He brought up his two very young half brothers after his father's death. Unfortunately one of them was killed in a war, then he married the other one to Kaashee's princesses because of which he was cursed to die because of her only. He then brought up the children of his three sons - Dhritraashtra, Paandu and Vidur. Even he took care of Paandu's children as Paandy died early leaving his children young. He had to fight from Kaurav's side and he was brought down by Shikhandee on the 10th day of the war. He lay on the bed of arrows till Dakshinaayan did not start. As the dakshinaayan started, he left his mortal body.


Brihannallaa was the eunuch form of Arjun when he had to pass one year incognito. In this form he taught Dance and music to King Viraat's daughter Uttaraa. And in the same form he went to fight with Kaurav army when they attacked Viraat Nagar in the absence of King Viraat. He accompanied Uttar as his charioteer.

Chandravarmaa Kaamboj

Chitraangad was one of the two sons of Shaantanu. He died in a fight with a Gandharv of his name.

Chitraangadaa was the Princess of Manipur. Arjun married her when he was on his 12-years exile, because he broke the rule of family by entering Draupadee's room when Yudhishthir was also sitting there. They had a son named Babhruvaahan. He caught Yudhishthir's Ashwamedh Yagya's horse whom Arjun was accompanying. he was second Arjun and he killed Arjun, then Uloopee came and revived him.

Chitrasen (Gandharv)

Daash Raaj
Daash Raaj was the Chief of fishing community and was Satyavatee's foster father. He brought her up and then married her to King Shaantanu.


Dhrishtdyumn was the brother of Draupadee. Both were born from Havan Kund when the King drupad di a Havan to get a son who could kill Drone. He had a long enmity with Drone, although they were childhood friends. Draupadee was also born with him. He did kill Drone on the 15th day of MBH war. Ashwatthaamaa was born tom kill Drishthdyumn, so he killed him on the last day of the war, 18th day, in his camp while he was sleeping.

Dhritraashtra was the son of Vichitraveerya's widow Ambikaa from Ved Vyaas. Since his mother closed her eyes when she saw Ved Vyaas, he was born blind. Bheeshm married him to Gaandhaar's Princess Gaandhaaree who was a great Shiv Bhakt. Being the eldest son he should have been the King, but Vidur objected it saying that who is not physically fit, he cannot be a king, so Paandu was crowned the King. This made him all the time revengeful and when he had 100 sons his hopes came back that at least his wishes will be fulfilled when he would see his son being crowned the king. But his eldest son Duryodhan started doing atrocities and Paandav were very religious, his all plans failed. In the end the war broke and his all sons were killed in it. After the war, he stayed with Yudhishthir for a few years, then on the advice of Vidur he left the palace and went to forest with his wife Gaandhaaree and Kuntee.

Draupadee was the daughter of the King Drupad. Her birth was divine. Her brother Dhrishtdyumn was also born with her. She was married to Arjun but later was married to 5 Paandav. She was the main cause of MBH war. Poor lady was insulted and molested several times by several people. She had 5 sons from 5 Paandav.

Dronaachaarya was the son of Rishi Bharadwaaj and was married to Kripee, Kripaa's sister. They had a son named Ashwatthaamaa. After his education he did not get work so he was very poor. King Drupad was a great childhood friend of his so he went to ask him a cow for his young son, but he refused to give it to him. He went to Parashuraam in the hope that he would get something from him as he was giving away his all belongings, but when he reached there, he had already distributed his everything. He still had his weapons with him so Drone learnt those weapons from him and became invincible for many. Later he got the opportunity to teach arms to Kaurav and Paandav. There he prepared them to take his revenge from Drupad. Arjun fulfilled his dream. Drupad could not tolerate his insult so he did a Yagya to get a son who could kill Drone and wished in his heart that if he had a daughter he would marry her to Arjun. His both wish were fulfilled by that Yagya - he got one daughter Draupadee and one son Dhrishtdyumn. Drone fought from Kaurav's side. Abhimanyu was killed under his leadership. It was not easy to kill him, Bheem had to take help of lying and then only Dhrishtdyumn could kill him. He led the Kaurav army for 5 days.

Drupad was the King of Paanchaal Desh. Although Drone was his childhood friend, but somehow he could not maintain it, so Drone defeated him and took his half kingdom. Insulted like this he did a Yagya to get a son who could kill Drone and he got Drishtdyumn. He wished for a daughter also seeing th bravery of Arjun, so he got a daughter also Draupadee who he married to Arjun, but he had to marry to 5 Paandav.

Duryodhan was the eldest son of Dhritraaashtra and Gaandhaaree and the eldest of Kaurav brothers. As he was brought up with the idea that the kingdom was his, he hated Paandav like anything. He tried to kill them several times but could not succeed. With his Maamaa Shakuni's help he organized Dice game in which somehow he succeeded in defeating them by cheating and sending them to forest for 13 years. Later also he did not gave them their share, which resulted in MBH war. The war continued for 18 days. Only three people, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa survived from his side and 7 people 5 Paandav, Saatyaki and Yuyutsu, from Paandav's side survived from among 18 Akshauhinee people. he was killed by Bheem.

Dushaasan was the younger brother of Duryodhan was equally mighty. He loved his brother very much and was obedient to him. His main incident in MBH is bringing Draupadee in the Dice Game court by holding her hair, and then pulling her dress on bidding of his brother Duryodhan. He was killed Bheem, according to his vow to drink blood of his chest and to carry some to Draupadee to wash her hair, as she did not tie her hair after the incident and Bheem took the vow to kill him, drink the blood of his chest and take some of his blood to Draupadee to wash her hair so that she could tie her hair. His son Lakshman killed Abhimanyu.

Dushalaa was the only sister of Kaurav. She was married to Sindhu King Jayadrath. Jayadrath's eyes were on Draupadee, so once he tgried tom kidnap her but Bheem and Arjun caught him. They wanted to kill him but Draupadee saved him from killing that she did not want Dushalaa to be widowed. So they only punished him. He was killed by Arjun the next day of Abhimanyu's killing.

Eklavya was the son of a tribal head who was an army officer in Jaraasandh's kingdom. His main incident is giving his Guru Dakshinaa to Drone. Drone found that he was excelling in archery and he himself wanted to see Arjun the best archer, so when Eklavya told that he learnt it from his idol and seeing him teaching to Kaurav and Paandav, Drone asked him to give Guru Dakshinaa and he asked his right thumb in it. Eklavya immediate cut it and offered it on the feet of his Guru.

Gaandhaaree was the Princess of Gaandhaar Desh. Bheeshm asked her hand for his blind nephew Dhritrashtra. She gotv fready and when she heard that Dhritraashtra was blind, she also tied a cloth strip on her eyes for her whole life time. She was a great devotee of Shiv. her this devotion made Duryodhan's body of steel before going to fight with Bheem. She was a very faithful wife. She guided her husband and sons to behave with Paandav but none of them listened to her. In the end she had to lose all her 100 sons in the war. She stayed in the palace for  few yesr, later Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaaree and Kuntee all went to forest. There they all died.

Gangaa is the celestial woman who had to be born on Prithvi because her father Brahmaa jee's curse with the King Shaantanu and married to him. As Vasu were also cursed at the same time by Vashishth Jee and were in the search of a mother who could borne them and get Mukti soon, she offered herself for this. So after marrying to Shaantanu she bore the 8 Vasu, out of them she gave Mukti to 7 Vasu but the last one had to live on Prithvi - Bheeshm. After giving the birth to the 8th Vasu, she became free from the curse so she left the King and Prithvi and took away her son. latwr she just came to return the King's son to him.

Ghatotkach was the son of Bheem from his Raakshasee wife Hidimbaa. He married her after Paandav escaped Laakshaa Grih. Ghatotkach was very brave. As he was the first son after Paandav, Yudhishthir had a special affection for him. He killed so many people in Kaurav's army and created so much confusion with his Raakshasee Maayaa that Karn had to use his Power, which he took from Indra to kill Arjun, on Ghatotkach. Since that Power was invincible, Ghatotkach was killed by that power.

Iraavaan was the son of Arjun and Uloopee.

Janamejaya was the son of Pareekshit (Arjun's grandson). He did Sarp Yagya to take revenge from Takshak of his father's killing. He could not take his revenge, although he did kill many snakes in that Yagya. He heard the MBH story from Vaishampaayan Jee at this time.

Jaraasandh was the king of Magadh and was very mighty. He was born by the blessings of a Rishi, but because of his father's mistake, he was born in two halves. The queens threw him outside the palace, but a Jaraa named Raakshasee picked those two pieces, brought him to the life and gave him to the King. His two daughters, Asti and Praapti were married to Kans. When Krishn had killed Kans he got very angry at Krishn and attacked mathhuraa 17 times with 22 Akshauhinee army each time. He lost all his armies all the times. When he attacked 18th time, Kaal Yavan also attacked Krishn because Krishn had killed --- also. Seeing both coming to Mathuraa Krishn ran away from the battlefield. Krishn then inhabited Dwaaarakaa in the sea. He did not leave Him there too. He threw his Gadaa from his capital on Dwaarakaa to destroy it but unfortunately it did not reach there. At the time of Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, Krishn got him killed by Bheem.

Jayadrath was the king of Sindhu Desh. Dhritraashtra's daughter Dushalaa was married to him. He had hhis eye on Draupadee, so when Paandav were spending their exile time in forest, he abducted Draupadee, but because of Bheem and Arjun he could not take her away and was caught in between. They freed him leaving 5 tufts of hair on his head. Insulted like this he pleased Shiv and asked a boon to defeat Paandav in the battle. Telling him that it was impossible to defeat Paandav in gthe battle, Shiv granted him the boon to hold rest of the Paandav than Arjun. With his boon he was able to hold the four Paandav and not let them go inside the Chakra Vyooh and kill Abhimanyu who was as brave as Arjun. Next day he was killed by Arjun.

Karn was the son of Kuntee from Soorya Dev. Once when Kuntee was maiden, she got a Mantra from Muni Durvaasaa by which she could invoke any Devtaa to fulfill her any wish. So just to test that Mantra, she uttered that Mantra to invoke Soorya Dev. Soory appeared before her and asked her what he could do for her. She could not think of anything, because she had no wish, so she prayed him just to go away. Soorya could not go like this without giving her anything so he gave her a son, Karn. From the fear of the society she flowed him in Gangaa and he was found by Adhhirath. He and his wife Raaadhaa, who were childless brought him up like their own son.

Since now he was a Soot's son, no good Guru was ready to educate him. He lied to Parashuraam that he was a Braahman and learnt archery from him and became the best archer of the world. When he wanted to compete with Arjun, he was not allowed to because he was neither a Kshatriya nor a prince. Seeing this Duryodhan crowned him the King of Ang Desh. He carried this obligation throughout his life and paid off by giving his life for him in spite of knowing that Paandav were his brothers. He was killed by Arjun.

Dhritraashtra had 100 sons. His all sons were called Kaurav.

Khaatoo Shyaam
Barbareek, Bheem's grandson became famous as Khaatoo Shyaam in kali Yug.

Keechak was the brother of Sudeshnaa, the queen of Viraat Desh. Because of his might he was the working King of Viraat Desh. To spend the 13th year of their exile, Paandav lived in Viraat Nagar. Once Keechak saw Draupadee there as the maid of Sudeshnaa. He asked her to send her to him. In spite of her warning Keechak did not agree and was killed by Bheem for misbehaving with Draupadee.

Kindam was a Rishi. When Paandu was enjoying with Kuntee and Maadree in the forest, he killed him by mistake. While dying he cursed him that "you will also die at the same time when you will be with your wife, as I am dying now." Because of this curse, Paandu could not have any child and died in the arms of Maadree. Kuntee had to get 5 sons for him by invoking Dvtaa by the Mantra she got from Durvaasaa Muni.

Kripaa and his twin sister kripee were the children of Maharshi Sharadwaan and an Apsaraa Urvashee. After their birth Urvashee left for Swarg and Shaantanu found them under a tree. he brought them,and brought them up. Later Kripaa was appointed as Kul Guru of Kaurav family and Kripee was married to Drone. He was immortal. Nothing is known about his family. he fought from Kaurav's side in MBH war. Later he was appointed the Guru of Pareekshit.

Kripee was the twin sister of Kripaa. She was the daughter of Sharadwaan Rishi, married to Drone and had a son from him, named Ashwatthaamaa. Ashwatthaamaa was also immortal.

Krishn was the incarnation of Vishnu who was born to Vasudev and Devakee to reorganize the society. He had a special relationship with Arjun and Draupadee. For the same reason He worked as a charioteer of Arjun in MBH war and helped Draupadee twice.

Krishn Dwaipaayan   see   Ved Vyaas

Kritvarmaa was the contemporary of Krishn and his name has been mentioned in MBH, Hari Vansh, Bhaagvat Puraan, and Vishnu Praan. He was the son of Hridikaa of Andhak clan. Although he was a great devotee of Krishn, but once he conspired with other conspirators to kill Satraajit about Syaamantak Mani. He fought from kaurav's side as he was the Army Chief of Krishn's Naaraayanee army and this army was given to Duryodhan. He was one of the three survivors - Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa. He was later killed by Saatyaki when Yaadav Vansh was destroyed in Mausal Parv of MBH.

Kuntee was the real sister of Vasudev, father of Krishn, thus she was His real Buaa. Shoorsen, Vasudev's father, had a relaton and friend named Kuntibhoj who was childless, so Shoorsen promised him to give his first child to him. He got a daughter so he gave her to him. There she was named Kuntee. In her maidenhood, she pleased Durvaasaa Rishi by her services and got a Mantra from him to invoke any Devtaa to fulfill her any wish. With childlike mind she uttered that Mantra to invoke Soorya Dev and he came promptly. On asking what did she want, she just prayed him to go away as she did not invoke him with any purpose. But Soorya Dev could not go like this so he gave her a son Karn whom she flowed in Gangaa River because of the fear of society. Adhirath, the childless charioteer of Dhritraashtra, found him and brought him up like his own son. Kuntee could not forget him. Later she was married to Paandu and had to have 5 sons through the same Mantra by invoking Dharm Raaj, Pavan Dev, Indra for herself and Ashwinee Kumaar for Maadree. She never had a good time in her life. Later she accompanied Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree to forest and died there.

Kuntibhoj was a relation and friend of King Shoorsen. Kuntibhoj was childless, so Shoorsen promised him to give him his first child, When he had Prithaa, his daughter, he gave her to Kuntibhoj as he promised. There she was called Kuntee and later got married to Paandu through Swayamvar.

Maadree was the sister of Madra's King. He married her to Paandu. She had a twins from Ashwinee Kumaar - Nakul and Sahadev. She became Satee when her husband Paandu died because of being with her. Maadree became Satee with him.

Mauravee   see   Ahilaavatee

Maya Daanav
Maya Daanav is the architect of Asur. He was in Khaandav forest when Arjun and krishn set fire in that forest to offer food to Agni Dev. He requested Arjun to save him, although he was not supposed to save anybody from that fire, but he saved him. To show his gratitude to him, he built a royal court for the King Yudhishthir and brought a few weapons also for Paandav. It was the same royal court, in which Duryodhan got confused and was insulted by Draupadee.

Nakul and Sahadev
Nakul and Sahadev were the two youngest Paandav twins, born to Maadree, wife of Paandu, from Ashwinee Kumaar.

The five sons of Paandu - Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun and Nakul and Sahadev were called Paandav.

Paandu was the son of Ved Vyaas from Ambaalikaa. He was born sick. He was very brave so he extended his kingdom. Later he was cursed by Kindam Rishi for killing him by Shabd Vedhee arrow by mistake. Because of that curse he could not have children, so he was very sad. Kuntee helped him by disclosing her secret Mantra to him and got him 5 great divine sons. According to the Rishh's curse he died in Maadree's arms.

Pareekshit was the son of Abhimanyu. He was born after the MBH war. Although Ashwatthaamaa wanted to end Paandav's family line and that is why he redirected his Brahmaastra towards Uttaraa's womb. But Krishn saved him and that is why he was named Vishnuraat. He was the first king of Kali Yug. He did not want Kali Yug to live in his kingdom, but Kali Yug convinced him giving him Brahmaa Jee's rules. He asked a few places to live and pareekshit gave them to him. One of them was gold. It is said that when Pareekshit had his crown on his head, Kali was on his head. Once he misbehaved with Shameek Rishi so his son got angry with him and cursed that he would be bitten to death by Takshak on the 7th day from that day. And so he died on the 7th day from that day. Mahaabhaarat and Bhaagvat Puraan give two completely different description of his death.

Prithaa   see   Kuntee

Raadhaa was the wife of Adhirath. They were childless until Adhirath got Karn, Kuntee and Soory's son, from Gangaa River flowed by Kuntee. Both brought him up like their own son. later they had their children also.

Raadheya   see   Karn

Saatyaki was Krishn's cousin. He was also the disciple of Drone and a very good friend of Arjun. He fought from Paandav's side. He also survived the MBH war.

Sahadev   see   Nakul and Sahadev

Sahadev (Magadh)
Sahadev was the son of the King of Jaraasandh. After killing Jaraasandh Krishn crowned him as the King of Magadh Desh.

Sansaptak means sworn warrior. They were the bravest of Trigart, whose leader was King Susharmaa who vowed to kill Arjun. Their capital was Prasthal (perhaps in modern Kaangadaa valley). They were enemies of Raajaa Viraat also, so after Keechak was killed, they went to attack on him too, but because of Bheem they got defeated. He was the one who took Arjun away from the battlefield when Drone wanted to arrest Yudhishtir by using Chakra Vyooh. Susharmaa survived but he was killed by Arjun on the last day of the war.

Sanjaya was the charioteer of Dhritraashtra after Adhirath. he was very knowledgeable and always counseled him in a right way. His main role in MBH is to tell the account of MBH war to blind Dhritraashtra. For this he got the divine sight from Ved Vyaas Jee. Because of this he could have the privilege of seeing Krishn's Viraat Roop too. He did not take part in MBH war.

Saatyaki was a brave warrior of Vrishni Vansh. he was the grandson of Shinee and the son of Satyak. he was devoted to Krishn and His best friend Arjun. He also got educated by Drone along with Arjun. On one particular occasion, even Dron was stunned when Saatyaki broke his bow for 101 times successively. He is also known as the unconquerable Saatyaki. His main role in MBH is that he fought with Bhoorishravaa on the 14th day of MBH war. Bhoorishravaa prepares to kill Saatyaki but is saved by Arjun. Later he kills Bhoorishravaa. Saatyaki, both from Yaadav Vansh, fought from opposite sides, survived the war. Asang was son of Saatyaki and Yugaandhar was his grandson. Yugaandhar later became the ruler of the territory near the Saraswatee River.

Satyavatee was the daughter of a King named Uparichar Vasu and a cursed Apsaraa Adrikaa. She was also born with a brother. The king gave her to the fisherman who brought her to him, so the fisherman brought her up. Once she met Vashish Muni's grandson Paraashar and had a son from him - Ved Vyaas who left her immediately promising her that he would come to her as and when she would remember him. Later he married her to the King Shaantanu. She bore him two sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerys. Chitraangad was killed in a war, Vichitraveerya was married to two princesses of Kaashee - Ambikaa and Ambaalika; but died childless. She asked Bheeshm's help to produce the heir from the widows but Bheeshm refused clearly that he could not break his vow. Then she called Ved Vyaas who helped her and produced three sons - Dhritraashtra, a blind son from Ambikaa; Paandu, a sick son from Ambaalikaa; and Vidur a wise and knowledgeable son from Ambikaa's maid.

Shaalv was king of Shaalv Desh. Once Bheeshm had defeated him. He loved Kaashee's princess Ambaa, but Bheeshm took all the three princesses for his half brother Vichitraveerya. Although later Ambaa came back to him but because of his insult he did not accept him. He was a dear friend of Shishupaal. When Krishn had killed Shishupaal, he attacken on Mathuraa to take revenge of his killing from Krishn. He was killed by Krishn.

Shaantanu was the King and was born on Prithvi with Gangaa as a result of curse of Brahmaa Jee. Both got married and had 8 sons. According to her promise to 8 Vasu, Gangaa killed 7 sons, but could not kill the 8th one. As she had taken words from Shaantanu that he would not ask her any question as what and why was she doing, she could kill his 7 sons. And on breaking this vow she would leave him, the King could not remain silent when she wanted to kill the 8th one, so she got free from the curse. She took the child with her and brought him back after 16 years. The child's name was Devavrat (Bheeshm). Later he married Satyavatee and had two sons from her - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Shaantanu died leaving his two sons very young. Bheeshm brought them up.

Shakuni was the prince of Gaandhaar Desh, brother of Gaandhaaree. He was very unhappy with Bheeshm because he asked for his beautiful sister Gaandhaaree for his blind nephew. That is why he came to Hastinaapur and instigated Duryodhan to fight with his cousins and destroy the whole Kaurav family. He succeeded in his mission partly although he himself was also got destroyed in this process. He was killed by Sahadev on the last day of the war.

Shalya was the King of Madra Desh. He had sister named Maadree whom he married to Paandu. He was supposed to fight from Paandav's side in MBH war, but unfortunately Duryodhan confused him to bring him to his own side, so he fought against Paandav in MBH war. He was killed by Yudhishthir on the last day of the MBH war.

Shikhandee was the son of Drupad. He was the incarnation of Ambaa. First Drupad was childless, so he pleased Shiv and was granted the boon of a son, but a daughter was born to him. He had faith in Shiv's words so he brought her like a boy. Even he married her to a princess but the princess ran away that he was not a man First he was born as a woman, but later, after her marriage

Subhadraa was the beloved sister of Krishn. Duryodhan expressed his desire to Balaraam to marry Subhadraa, for which Balaraam agreed on the condition that he would tell after he had asked Subhadraa's wish. Subhadraa wanted to marry Arjun, so Krishn asked Arjun to abduct her. Arjun did so. But it was difficult to take her to Indraprasth because of Draupadee's pride. Then Subhadraa herself saw her introducing herself as Krishn's sister. Since Draupadee had a special place in her heart for Krishn, she accepted Subhadraa readily. Subhadraa mostly lived with Krishn after she had Abhimanyu as her son. Nothing is mentioned about her after Paandav won the MBH war.

Sudeshnaa was the queen of the King of Viraat, the King Viraat. She had one son Uttar and one daughter Uttaraa. She had a brother too, Keechak, who because of his might was the working King of Viraat Desh. To spend the 13th year of their exile, Paandav lived in Viraat Nagar. Once Keechak saw Draupadee there as the maid of Sudeshnaa. He asked her to send her to him. In spite of her warning Keechak did not agree and was killed by Bheem for misbehaving with Draupadee. Her all male members, the King and all sons (they were 6) were killed in MBH war.

Takshak is the King of serpents. He is immortal. When Arjun and Krishn were burning Khaandav forest to offer it to Agni Dev, they wanted to kill Takshak also, but luckily, he was not there. His wife and one son were there. HIs wife kept her son in her mouth and saved him from the fire. Later he tried to kill Arjun but could not kill. Later because of the curse of Shringee Rishi to Pareekshit, he was supposed to bite and kill Pareekshit, which he did.

Tumburu (Gandharv)
Tumburu is supposed to be the best Gandharv who sings in Kuber, Vishnu and Indra's courts. He gave Gandharv Astra to Arjun. Arjun then gave this Astra to Abhimanyu who used in Mahaabhaarat war on the day of his death to create an illusion.

Ulook was the son of Shakuni. Once Duryodhan and Shakuni sent him to Paandav as their messenger, when they were staying in Viraat Nagar after finishing their exile period.

Uloopee was a Naag Kanyaa who got attracted to Arjun and took him to her place for overnight, when Arjun was on his 12-years of self-exile period. She had a son named Iraavaan from Arjun.

The five sons born to Draupadee from each of the five Paandav are called Upa-Paandav  -
(1) Prativindhya - Yudhishthir's son. He was 24 years old when Paandav came back from exile.
(2) Sutasom - Bheem's son.
(3) Srutakeerti - Arjun's son
(4) Shataaneek - Nakul's son. Considered to be an Avatar of Vishwedev. he killed Kaurav King Bhootkarm
(5) Srutakarmaa - also called Shrutsen. Son of Sahadev
are called Upa-Paandav. All were killed by Ashwatthaamaa on the last day of the war in the night in sleep.

Uttar was the son of Raajaa Viraat and Sudeshnaa of Viraat Nagar. He had a sister too, Uttaraa. When Paandav were passing their 1-year incognito exile time there, all warriors including Paandav had to go with Viraat to defend Viraat Nagar. The then Kaurav army attacked Viraat Nagar, so he had to go to defend his country, but seeing Kaurav's army he got frightened and ran away back. Fortunately Brihannallaa (Arjun) was with him as his charioteer, so he took over the chariot and fought with Kaurav army, defeated them and brought Uttar back safely. He was killed by Shalya on the very first day of MBH war.

Uttaraa was the daughter of Raajaa Viraat and Sudeshnaa of Viraat Nagar. She had a brother also Uttar. When Paandav were passing their 1-year incognito exile time there, Brihannallaa (Arjun) was her teacher to teach her dance and music. When the exiled term was expired, Viraat proposed her marriage to Arjun, but Arjun politely declined this proposal and proposed her marriage to his son Abhimanyu, if he agreed. Raajaa Viraat agreed and she was married to Abhimanyu. They had a son named Pareekshit who was born after the death of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was killed on the 13th day of MBH war by 6 Mahaarathee jointly.

Vaishampaayan Jee has told MBH story to Janamejaya at the time he was doing Sarp Yagya. He was a very good disciple of Ved Vyaas Jee who taught him MBH to tell it to others.

Vajra was the great grandson of Krishn - Krishn's son Pradyumn's son Aniruddh and Aniruddh's son was Vajra. After Krishn left the earth, after about 36 years of MBH war, all Yadu were killed and Dwaarakaa was drowned. Arjun brought the survivors to Indraprasth, and crowned the King of Mathuraa at Indraprasth. Just before Paandav left this world, they crowned Pareekshit as the King of Indraprasth. Pareekshit went to know the well being of Vajra to Mathuraa. he was welcomed there. Pareekshit expressed his gratitude to Vajra that his great grandfather saved his family in MBH war. Then he asked Vajra whether he needed anhything, he replied - "Although I am the King of Mathuraa but I am unable to enjoy the rule, because unless people live here there is no enjoyment of ruling. I don't know where they have gone." So Pareekshit immediately sent Sage Shaandilya, the Guru of Nand Jee, to him to clear his doubts.

Shaandilya suggested Vajra that he should rehabilitate Brij with the help of Pareekshit. he also told him about the Leelaa done by Krishn. After that Vajra got carved 16 Krishn and Deities sculptures from a rare stone Braja and built temples to house these deaities to feel the presence of Krishn. The four presiding deities of Brij are Govardhan, Keshav, Baladev, and Govind of Vrindaa Van. There are two Naath, Shree Naath Jee who was originally at Govardhan, but now is at Naathdwaraa, Raajasthaan; and the another one is Gopeenaath at Jayapur. The two Gopaal are Shree Madan Mohan in Karolee, Raajasthaan, and another one is Saakshee Gopaal, who is now at Saakshee Gopaal, in Orissa, near Puree. He had three sculptures carved for Krishn, but since he had never seen Him, those sculptures were based on the description of Uttaraa. None of his three sculptures resembled Krishn -  Govind Jee resembled only the face, Madan Mohan resembled only the navel down to the lotus feet, and Gopeenaath resembled only the trunk of the body, from the navel to the neck.

Vasudev was a Vrishni Vanshee King under Kans (son of Ugrasen). He was a very good friend of Kans, so Kans married his very beloved sister Devakee to him to strengthen his relationship. Immediately after the marriage he came to know that their 8th child will kill Kans because of whic Kand got ready to kill his wife Devakee. Somehow he saved her and promised him to give all hhis children to him as soon they were born. He kep his promise, but when he got his 8th child, who was Vishnu Himself, told him to transfer Him to Brij to Nand and Yashodaa's house, so he did. Krishn freed them after He killed Kans.

Ved Vyaas
Ved Vyaas Jee was the son Vashishth's grandson Paraashar and Satyavatee. He was named as Krishn Dwaipaayan. He went to do Tapsyaa as soon he was born. He came to his mother to extend the family line of his half-brother Vischitraveerya and produced three sons - Dhritraashtra, a blind son from Ambikaa; Paandu, a sick son from Ambaalikaa; and Vidur a wise and knowledgeable son from Ambikaa's maid. He appears in MBH many times at time to time to guide his children. He is not only the author of Mahaabhaarat but he has divided Ved into four parts (that is why he is called Ved Vyaas), wrote Puraan also.

Vichitraveerya was the younger son of Shaantanu from Satyavatee. He was married to two Kaashee princesses - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, but died early leaving his widow childless. Later Satyavatee arranged children for them through her eldest son Ved Vyaas Jee. So his wodows had two sons - Ambikaa had a blind son Dhritraashtra and Ambaalikaa had a sick son Paandu.

Vidur was the son of Ved Vyaas and the maid of Vichitraveerya's wife Ambikaa. When Satyavatee heard the both of her daughters-in-law were going to have defective sons, she requested Ved Vyaas Jee to have his grace once more on Ambikaa, but Ambikaa herself did not go to him, rather she sent her maid to him and thus Vidur was born to her. He was the best son among the three sons born to Vyaas Jee. He got appointed as the Chief Minister of Hastinaapur and he worked faithfully all the time. He loved Paandav as they were righteous in their behavior, so he always tried his best to guard them from Duryodhan and Shakuni's conspiracies. In the end he left his body and his soul entered Yudhishthir's body. He was a great policy maker. His all kinds of policies are still famous and valid - Vidur Neeti.

Viraat was king of Viraat Desh. Paandav stayed in his kingdom to spend their 1-year incognito period of their 13-year exile period. He his son faught from Paandav's side and all were killed in it. His daughter Uttaraa was married to Arjun's son Abhimanyu whose son Pareekshit extended the family line of Paandav later.

Vrishaalee was the wife of Karn. Much is known about her that she was a charioteer's daughter. In Udyog Parv, when Karn is asked by krishn to defect from Duryodhan's side, he said that he even did not choose his own wife, Duryodhan did it. In Stree Parv also, when Gaandhaaree laments for the dead, she devotes 4 lenthy Shlok (No 10, 11, 12, 14) to one sole woman, Karn's wife, of course with no name; although she states her two sons' names - Vrishsen and Sushen. Vrishaalee became Satee on Karn's pyre. Duryodhan himself has praised Vrishaalee, that she was not an ordinary person but of a very high character like Karn.

Yudhishthir was Paandu's eldest son - Dharm Raaj and Kuntee's son. He was a truth speaking man and because of its power his chariot used to run 4 fingers up the ground. After lying to Drone, that "Ashwatthaamaa was killed", his chariot started running on the ground. Because of his Gyaan, Dharm and truth, he went to Swarg with his mortal body in the end when all his bothers and wife Draupadee had died. Indra himself came to take him.

Yuyudhaan   see    Saatyaki

Yuyutsu was Dhritraashtra's son from his Vaishy's wife. He was the only one who opposed his brothers to insult Draupadee in the court. Later he defected Kaurav army just before the beginning of the war when Yudhhishthir announced that whosoever wanted to change the side, he could change it. Yuyutsu came from Kaurav's side to Paandav's side. He was the only survivor from Kaurav's family.

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