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Draupadee as the Wife of Five Husbands
It is a popular belief, and even MBH Serial also shows this that Paandav said to Kuntee in jest that "See what we have brought in Bhikshaa?" and as usual Kuntee told them to distribute it among themselves, and they stood aghast.

But this not true. Vyaas Jee came to them and told them this even before their setting off to Kaampilya Nagaree. [read Draupadee's Past Life on page G-3-Youth/5]

Laugh of Draupadee at Duryodhan [Ganguli, Sabhaa Parv, 46]
Draupadee did laugh at Duryodhan in Yudhishthir's Roya'l Court when he fell into the water, along with Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev and Krishn did not try to stop them, rather he encouraged them.

Five Villages [Ganguli, Bhagavat Yaan Parv 72]
The popular perception - It was a spontaneous offer from Krishn to Dhritraashtra to give five villages to Paandav..

BUT It was Yudhishthir who was willing to settle for even 5 villages in exchange for peace. He has said this two times -
--one, at the time when Vidur Jee came to him with Dhritraashtra's message of peace and;
--two, at the time when Krishn was going to Hastinaapur for the final peace deal. He said to Him - "Having the Kaashee, the Paanchaal, the Chedi, and the Matsya, for my allies and with thee, O slayer of Madhu, for my protector, I prayed for only five villages, etc, Avishthala, Vrikasthal, Makandee, Baaranaavat, with any other, O Govind, as the fifth; -- Grant us, we said, five villages or towns, O sire, where we five may dwell in union, for we do not desire the destruction of the Bharatas. -- The wicked-minded son of Dhritraashtra, however, regarding the lordship of the world to be; in him, doth not agree to even that. What can be more sorrowful than this?"

Popular perception - Many people think that Kashyap who was coming to save Pareekshit was Maharshi Kashyap,
BUT he was not the Maharshi Kashyap, he himself was a Vaidya (Indian traditional doctor) and the son of a Vaidya. He wanted to save Pareekshit to get some riches. [ MBH, G-0-Prolog/4]



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