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Birth of Drone, Draupadee and Dhrishtdyumn

[1-167] After this all citizens returned to their homes and Paandav continued to live there as before.

Janamejaya asked - "What did Paandav do after killing Bakaasur?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They continued to live there in the house of the same Braahman for some time. After a few days a Braahman came there and the host gave him also a staying place. Kuntee asked him to narrate his traveling experiences. He told them about several countries, shrines, rivers, kings and places. And in the end he told them about the Swayamvar of Yagyasen's daughter, the princess of Paanchaal - the births of Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee and of the birth of Krishnaa (Draupadee) from the Yagya, not from a woman.

Hearing this Paandav wished to know more about this. They asked - "O Braahman, How Dhrishtdyumn and Draupadee took birth from the fire? How Dhrishtdyumn learnt weapons from Drone? And how and for whom and for what reason was the friendship between Drone and Drupad broken off?" The Braahman narrated the whole story of the birth of Draupadee.

Drone and Drupad

[1-168] The Braahman said - "A Rishi named Bhaaradwaaj used to live in the region where Gangaa River enters the plains. One day when he came for his ablutions, he saw Ghritaachee Apsaraa standing over the banks of the river. It so happened that her robes displaced by wind and Bharadwaaj's semen came out. And as it came out he kept it in a Drone (pot). A son was born from it and was called Drone (pot-born). Bharadwaaj had a friend named Prishat who was the King of Paanchaal. When Drone was born to Bharadwaaj, Drupad was born to Prishat. Drupad used to go to Bharadwaaj's place to play and study with Drone. After Prishat had died, Drupad became King. At this time Drone heard that Parashuraam was giving away his wealth, so he went to him and said to him - "I am Drone and I have come for your wealth." Parashuraam said - "I have already given my wealth to Braahman, Prithvi to Kashyap Jee, now I have only my body and my weapons. Take either one you like." Drone asked for his weapons including their use and their withdrawal. He gave all his weapons to him and went away to Mahendra Parvat. He got Brahm Astra also from him.

After getting weapons Drone went to Drupad and said to him - "Know that I am your friend." But Drupad was blind with the pride of his kingdom and wealth, so he said - "One of low birth cannot be a friend of one who is pure by birth, nor a non-warrior can be a friend of a warrior. Why do you want to revive such friendship?" So Drone went to Hastinaapur and Bheeshm took him as the Guru of Kaurav and Paandav and gave him various kinds of wealth.

Drone wanted to humiliate his friend Drupad, so he used his students to bring Drupad to him in his Guru Dakshinaa. Arjun and others brought him with his ministers to their Guru Drone. Drone again asked Drupad his friendship and said - "Since who is not a king cannot be a friend of king that is why I divide the kingdom in two - the northern part of Bhaageerathee is mine and you rule the southern part." Then Drupad accepted his friendship saying, "Let it be so as you say." Thus they became friends and went away their ways but this humiliation didn't go from Drupad's mind. He started wandering around sadly."

[1-169] The Braahman continued - "Thus Drupad wandered around in search of some good Braahman who could perform sacrificial rites for getting children. He was sighing, "If I had children surpassing all in accomplishments. Fie on my children I have and on my relatives." After a long thought he reached on conclusion that he could not defeat Drone by his kingly power. So wandering around the banks of Gangaa and Yamunaa, he came to a place where good Braahman lived. He found there two Braahman - Yaaj and Upayaaj sprung from the race of Kashyap. First he went to Upayaaj considering him more knowledgeable requesting him to perform a Yagya which could give him a son who could kill Drone. He promised him to give 10,000 cows or whatever he wished, but he refused saying, "I cannot perform such Yagya."

Drupad didn't take that reply as final, and after a year of service, he requested him again, he said to him politely - "One day my elder brother took up a fallen fruit at a place whose purity was not established. When he lived in the house of his Guru, he used to eat the remnant food from other people's feasts. He likes food and he has no dislike of any kind of food. It shows that my brother likes everything mortal. Noticing his unworthy activities, I understand, that he doesn't care for purity or impurity. When he had accepted that fruit, he can accept other things of impure nature also. So go to him, he will perform your Yagya."

Although Drupad had low opinion about Yaaj, still he went to him and requested him to do the Yagya for him. Drupad said to him - "I will give you 80,000 cows. My heart is burning from the enmity of Drone. he has Brahm Astra and because of it he has won me in battle. There is no Kshatriya superior to him in this world. His bow is full 6 cubits long and he can kill anybody he likes. Although he is a Braahman but he is ready to destroy all Kshatriya power in the world. He is like second Parashuraam. Brahm power is greater than Kshatriya power that is why I have come to you. I want a son who is invincible and can kill Drone. I am ready to give you 10,000 cows." Yaaj said - "So be it." Then Yaaj recollected the ceremonies related to it and found that it would be a great ceremony so he asked Upayaaj to help him and he agreed to help him, so they started the Yagya.

Yaaj asked him to gather necessary things for the Yagya, which he did. Upayaaj told the King that the son he would get from this Yagya will be of great energy, prowess and strength. After everything was complete, he started the Yagya and he called the Queen - "Come here, O Queen, a son and a daughter have come for you." Hearing this the Queen said - "My mouth is still filled with saffron, my body still bears many sweet smells. I am hardly fit for accepting the sacrificial butter. Wait for me a little, O Yaaj." Yaaj said - "Whether you come or wait, why shouldn't these objects of sacrifice be accomplished when the oblation has been prepared by me and sanctified by Upayaaj?

As the Braahman poured the libation in the fire, there arose a child resembling a celestial, terrible in looks, crown on his head, encased in armor, sword in his hand and bearing a bow and arrows. Immediately after birth, he ascended a chariot and went about in it for some time. Paanchaal people got very happy to see him. An Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) said - "This Prince is born to kill Drone. He will make all Paanchaal fearless and he shall remove the fear of the Paanchaal King."

After him, there arose from the sacrificial platform a daughter called Paanchaalee. Her eyes were black, as large as lotus petals, her complexion was dark, and her hair were blue and curly. She also looked like a celestial girl has born on earth. Fragrance of her body, which was like the fragrance of blue lotus, spread for full two miles. At her birth an Aakaashvaanee said - "This girl will be the first of women and will be the cause of destruction of many Kashatriya. She will accomplish the purpose of the gods." Seeing her  Paanchaal got very happy again.

Seeing them, the Queen said to Yaaj - "Let them know only me as their mother." Yaaj said - "So be it." Braahman named the boy as Dhrishtdyumn because of his audacity and because of his being born like a Dyumn along with natural armor and weapon; and the girl as Krishnaa because of her dark complexion. Thus the twins were born from the great Yagya. Drone brought the Paanchaal Prince to his house and taught him all the weapons in return of the half kingdom of Drupad taken by him. He took him as his destiny and observed what he was supposed to do."

[1-170] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this Paandav lost their peace of mind. Kuntee observed their inattentiveness said to Yudhishthir - "We have already lived here for so long, and seeing other forest etc will not give us more pleasure, so let us go to Paanchaal. We have not seen that country. It is heard that alms are also easily available in that country so if you wish we can go to Paanchaal. Besides we should not live at one place for long time." Yudhishthir said - "As you say, Mother. I do not know whether my younger brothers are willing to go there or not."

Draupadee's Past Life

[1-171] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Kuntee asked this to her other four sons and they also agreed to go there. So Kuntee and her sons proceeded towards Paanchaal." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Kuntee and her sons were living in the Braahman's house, once Vyaas Jee went there to see them. He asked their welfare and discoursed them on several issues. He also said - "You are going on the path of virtue. Do you worship Braahman? There is a Rishi living here who has a very beautiful daughter, but because of her Karm in her past life she became unfortunate. She did not get married. She gratified Shankar Jee with her Tap. Shankar Jee asked her - "O beautiful girl, Ask what do you want. I am Shankar to give you anything you want." She said - "I wish for a husband who is accomplished in every respect." Shiv Jee said - "You will have five husbands from among the Bharat princes." The girl said - "But I wish for only one husband through your grace." Shiv Jee said - "Since you have said this full five times "Give me a husband.", you will have five husbands in your another life." So the same girl is born now in house of Drupad. She has been appointed as the wife for you all. So go there, live there and you will be happy to have her as your wife."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Having said this to Paandav, Vyaas Jee went away his way."


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