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Do You Know?-1 - About Mahaabhaarat

--That Abhimanyu was the youngest warrior and fought alone with 6 great warriors of Kuru army - Karn, Drone, Kripaa, Vrishsen, Dushaasan and Dushaasan's son, at the age of 16 years.
--He was not killed by Jayadrath, as may be depicted by Arjun's oath to kill him, but was killed by Dushaasan's son. Karn was the first man to find about the method of killing him.

--Arjun was the only one who had 10 names.
--Arjun was the only one who could handle his bow with both hands.
--Arjun got his first powerful celestial bow Gaandeev, two inexhaustible quivers and chariot from Agni Dev before burning Khaandav Van. (G-3-Youth/16)
--Arjun had three conches - One Devadatt Conch was given to him by Maya Daanav; second time he got one Devadatt Conch from Rishi (G-4-Van/29) and third time he got one from Indra (G-4-Van/30).
--After giving celestial weapons, Indra says to Arjun - "...nobody can defeat you in a battle. Even Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Karn and Shakuni together with other Kshatriya are not even 1/16th part of you." (G-4-Van/30)

--That Ashwathaamaa and his maternal uncle Kripaa were immortal? He himself said this to Duryodhan in Mahaabhaarat, [Karn, 88] while Karn and Arjun fight started.
(G-6-War, 35-battle-17-4)

Banners, Shankh and Standards (Dhwaj)
--Drone, 104. Here Sanjaya describes banners of many kings and warriors. 
--Drone, 104. This section describes the standards of many warriors.

--Bhagadatt's elephant's name was Supratikaa. He was a special elephant. Neither Bhagadatt, nor his elephant could be hurt in battle. In fact he had an armor on his body. Only Arjun or Krishn could break it. He was killed by Arjun by Vaishnav Astra in Mahaabhaarat war on 12th day, when Arjun was taken away from the battlefield in pursuit of capturing Yudhishthir. He got this armor from Narakaasur, the son of Prithvi. He used it to kill Arjun but Krishn took it on His chest, saved Arjun, and made Bhagadatt and his elephant ordinary.

--When Bheeshm heard that Krishn will not take up weapon in Mahaabhaarat war, Bheeshm said smilingly - "If I did not cause you to take up a weapon in the war, then you tell me.." At this Krishn only smiled. And he indeed caused Krishn to take up weapon in the war. On the 3rd day of the war Krishn took up His Chakra and ran towards Bheeshm to kill him. This was repeated on 9th day of the war too.
--Bheeshm had already declared before war started that he wouldn't kill Paandav, but he will kill 10,000 chariot-riders everyday, and that is what he did.
--He himself told the way to be killed to Paandav, otherwise as it is known to all, he had the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu. He could not be killed.

Bheeshm Parv
--Bheeshm Parv alone has 100,000 verses (Shlok). Geetaa is in Bheeshm Parv and contains only 700 verses.

Bows and Gadaa and Chariots
--Krishn's Bow was Shaarng
--Krishn's Gadaa was Kaumodakee
--Krishn's Divine Disc is Sudarshan
--Krishn's Sword's name is Nandakee - Vishnu Sahastra Naam, 107-108
--Krishn's Chariot's name was Sugreev Pushpak [Padm Puraan, 5/45]
--Krishn's Chariot's name was Jaitra [Vishnu Puraan, 5/14]
--Balaraam's weapon was Sthoonkarn
--Raam's Bow is Kodand
--Shiv's Bow is Pinaak
--Yudhishthir's Bow was Mahendra (celestial)
--Bheem's Bow was Vaayavya (celestial)
--Bheem's Gadaa was brought by Maya Daanav when he built the Royal Court for Yudhishthir after being saved from Khaandav forest fire by Arjun
--Arjun's Bow was Gaandeev (celestial) - Agni Dev gave him at the time of the burning of Khaandav forest along with two inexhaustible quivers and a chariot
--Nakul's Bow was Vaishnav (celestial)
--Sahadev's Bow was Ashwin
--Ghatotkach's Bow was Paulastya (celestial)
--Draupadee's five sons' Bows were Raudra, Aagneya, Kauveerya, Yamya, Gireesh
--Abhimanyu's Bow was Raudra (excellent and the best bow - given by Balaraam)
--Rukmee's bow was Vijaya (of Indra)
--Prithu's (Vane's son) Bow was Ajagav (Shiv's bow) with which he flattened the Prithvi.
--Maandhaataa's Bow was also Ajagav ( MBH, G-4-Van/21)

Paandav's bows and arrows description is given in MBH, 4-Viraat Parv, 42; when Uttar sees them.
See Saarathee's names below

Conch is a shell which gives sound. Every shell doesn't give sound that is why it is only shell, but whatever shell gives sound is called conch shell. In Mahaabhaarat everybody had his own conch and surprisingly enough their sounds also had their own significance. Some conchs are famous in Mahaabhaarat and their sound was recognized by others. For example:

--Krishn's conch was Paanchjanya (Gigantea) - Paanch means five, and Janya means created. His conch's sound used to bring together or integrate all the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and sky). Thus it had the quality of creation. He got it after killing Panchjan Daitya.
--Yudhishthir's conch was Anantvijaya (Triumpphatrix) - Anant means endless, and Vijaya means victory. His conch's sound used to convey the message of all over victory.
--Bheem's conch was Paundra (Arundinca) - His conch's sound used to disintegrate the five elements.
--Arjun's conch was Devadatt (Theodotes) - His conch's sound used to spread joy among people. Maya Daanav brought it to him to show his gratitude to him when he saved him from Khaandav forest fire. It belonged to Varun Dev. But MBH, G-4-Van/29 says that Rishi gave him this conch when he went to take celestial weapons from Indra and when he was going to kill Nivaat Kavach.
--Nakul's conch was Sughosh (Dulcisona)
--Sahadev's conch was Manipushpak (Gemmiflora)

These English names have been given by Schlegel and are approved by Professor Wilson.

Divine Weapons
Divine weapons are those weapons which are eithr of Devtaa's own, or are received from Devtaa. There are many people in who received Divine weapons directly from Devtaa or from their Guru. Some were used in the war while others were not.

--Shiv's Bow is Pinaak
--Raam's Bow is Kodand
--Indra's weapon is Vajra
--Indra has a bow too - Vijaya - he gave it to Parashuraam when Parashuraam killed Sahastrabaahu, Parashuraam gave it to Karn
--Krishn's Bow was Shaarng
--Krishn's Gadaa was Kaumodakee - Agni Dev gave it at Khaandav Van Dahan
--Krishn's Divine Disc is Sudarshan - Agni Dev gave it at Khaandav Van Dahan
--Krishn's Chariot's horses names are Meghpushp, Shaivya, Balaahak and Sugreev
--Krishn's Chariot's name was Jaitra [Vishnu Puraan, 5/14]. Padm Puraan, 5/45 says His chariot's name was Sugreevpushpak.
--Balaraam's weapon was Sthoonkarn
--Karn had Indra's bow Vijaya
--Yudhishthir's Bow was Mahendra (celestial)
--Bheem's Bow was Vaayavya (celestial)
--Arjun's Bow was Gaandeev (celestial) - Agni Dev gave him at the time of the burning of Khaandav forest along with two inexhaustible quivers and a chariot
--Nakul's Bow was Vaishnav (celestial)
--Sahadev's Bow was Ashwin
--Ghatotkach's Bow was Paulastya (celestial)
--Draupadee's five sons' Bows were Raudra, Aagneya, Kauveerya, Yamya, Gireesh
--Abhimanyu's Bow was Raudra (excellent and the best bow - given by Balaraam)
--Rukmee's bow was Vijaya (of Indra)
--Shrutaayu, the Son of Varun Dev, had a Divine Gadaa (Mace)
--Prithu's (Vane's son) Bow was Ajagav (Shiv's bow) with which he flattened the Prithvi.
--Maandhaataa's Bow was also Ajagav (MBH, G-4-Van/21)

--Drone was 85 years of age at the time of Mahaabhaarat war. (Drone, 121)
--He killed 2 Akshauhinee (about 450,000 heads) army of Paandav before he was killed by Dhrishtdyumn. (Drone, 8)
--Among Drone's disciples were Rukmee, Dhrishtdyumn and even his own son Ashwatthaamaa also, besides Kaurav and Paandav

Durgaa's Prayer
--Arjun says prayer to Durgaa to win war. It is said that this prayer if said at dawn removes fear from Raakshas, Asur and Pishaach. With health and energy the person lives for 100 years. This prayer may be taken from Bheeshm Parv, Section 23.

--That Geetaa is given in Mahaabhaarat at two places? Where?
--Where Geetaa is found originally?
----In Mahaabhaarat, Bheeshm Parv, Sec 25-42.     and then in
----In Mahaabhaarat, Ashwamedh Parv, Sec 16-51

How many chapters and verses (Shlok) are in Geetaa?
--18 chapters and 700 verses.

Who are the creator and author of Geetaa?
--Krishn is the creator and speaker of Geetaa; and Ved Vyaas Jee is the author. Ganesh Jee was only the scriber. Arjun, Sanjaya and Hanumaan heard the Geetaa.

When was Geetaa heard by Dhritraashtra? 
--On the 10th day of the war when Sanjaya reports him about the fall of Bheeshm. The account of war was heard by him only from the 10th day when Bheeshm fell down. Before this he did not hear anything about war.

How many dialogs are spoken by Dhritraashtra while listening to Geetaa?
--Only one - the opening Shlok.

Who and who heard Geetaa?
--Only three people heard Geetaa - Arjun - to whom it was told, Sanjaya - who got Divine sight by Vyaas, and Hanumaan who was sitting on the banner of Arjun.

In which chapter of Geetaa Krishn showed His Viraat Roop?
--In 11th chapter.

Who and who saw Krishn's Viraat Roop?
--Only two people could see it as only two people were bestowed with Divine sight - Arjun and Sanjaya. Nobody else could see it as nobody had divine sight except Arjun and Sanjaya.

--His chariot was made of black iron and was covered with bear skin. It was 30 Nalavaa wide and high - Nalavaa being equal to 400 cubits (1 cubit = 18"), 400 cubits x 30 = 2,000 yards. The account of his standard, horses, bow, chariot etc is given in Drone Parv, 175. It had eight wheels. It had no horses or elephants yoked to it rather it had beings, who looked like elephants, yoked to it.
--He had a son also named Anjanparv who was killed by Ashwatthaamaa before Ghatotkach was killed on the 14th day of war.
--It is believed that he had one son more, other than Anjanparv, Barabareek, who sacrificed himself for the victory of Paandav in MBH war.

--In Drone, 23, Sanjaya describes colors of horses of many warriors here.
--Krishn's horses' names were - Meghpushp, Shaivya, Balaahak and Sugreev

--How he got the name Karn? Indra gave it when he gave his Kundal to Indra.
--How he got his name Vaikartan? Indra gave it when he gave his Kavach to Indra.
--The name of the Power, Karn got from Indra to kill Arjun, was Naikartan.
--Karn had a Divine bow named Vijaya, given to him by his Guru Parashuraam Jee. He claimed that it was better than Arjun's Gaandeev. ( G-6-War/32)
--That Karn had four brothers. Two brothers' names are given as Shatrunjaya and Vipath [Drone Parv, Sec 30] but the third brother's name is not given. (G-6-War/16)
--[Drone, 38 and 39] again mention about his one brother who fought with Abhimanyu - his name is also not given.

--Krishn got His Chakra from Agni Dev while helping Arjun to burn Khaandav Van. (G-3-Youth/16)
--Krishn did not fight in Mahaabhaarat war, but Bheeshm had vowed that he will force Krishn to pick up the weapon, and so He did. Mahaabhaarat cites two incidents when Krishn ran to kill Bheeshm with His Chakra in His hand.
--Krishn also had a Kavach like Karn. Once Durvaasaa Muni visited Dwaarakaa and yoked Krishn and Rukminee like horses to a chariot to test Him and whipped them along. Then he ordered for a dish of hot rice pudding and proceeded to smear it all over Krishn's body. As he was doing it, when he came to smear His feet, He stopped him from doing so. Durvaasaa Muni told Him that that pudding was impenetrable armor and since He refused to get smeared His feet from it, He had doomed himself as His feet were now unprotected. Jaraa hunter shot him in His foot and He died because of that only.

By this story, we are reminded of Achilles who was dipped into the deathly river Styx by his mother Thetis to make him impenetrable, but for his ankle by which she held him upside down in the river. And it is in the ankle that Paris shot his mortal arrow. The hero was invulnerable, but for one weak spot in his body, is a standard mythic image. In the same way, Samson had his hair. No one remarks on the fact that Karn's skin-armor was only to protect his chest and presumably his head (by the ear-rings). He is never hit in other exposed parts of his body. Even Kevin McGrath does not look into this in his recent research work on Karn (EJ Brill, Leiden). Gaandhaaree also tried to put a Kavach on Duryodhan's whole body, and that is why she asked him to come to her naked, but by Krishn's mischief, he came to her wearing a loin cloth and that cloth made his that body part unprotected where Bheem hit his Gadaa and killed him.

--It is very well known that Mahaabhaarat was written by Ganesh Jee. But in Mahaabhaarat, Aadi, 63, Vaishampaayan Jee says that "Bhaarat was written by his disciples in three years", although in the beginning it is said that it was written by Ganesh Jee.
--Mahaabhaarat was written in three years. ( G-0-Prolog/12) (Aadi Parv, 62)
--Mahaabhaarat has 18 Parv. Its Geetaa is in Bheeshm Parv.
--That Pareekshit ruled for 60 years, while Janamejaya performed his Sarp Yagya after 1,000 years of his coronation. (Aadi Parv, 49)
--It seems that the account of war was not heard by Dhritraashtra everyday or as it happened (like running commentary). The first account was told him after Bheeshm had fallen - means the 10th day of the war. The second account was told to him on the 15th day when Drone was killed.

Mahaabhaarat Events
See also  Timeline

--Dhritraashtra left for forest on Kaarttik Poornimaa. (G-7-Post-War/26)
--After a few days, when Dhritraashtra and others were with Vyaas, Naarad Jee came and told him that he would live only for three years more and then will go to Kuber's regions. Vidur will enter Yudhishthir's body.
--When Yudhishthir went to forest to see Dhritraashtra, Vidur entered the body of Yudhishthir [as Naarad forecast]. (G-7-Post-War/28)

--Shaantanu's Saarathee's name was Adhirath, who brought up Kuntee's abandoned son Karn.
--Dhritraashtra's Saarathee's name was Sanjaya - who told the account of Kurukshetra war to him.
--Abhimanyu's Saarathee's name was Sumitra.
--Bheem's Saarathee's name was Vishok - He was Krishn's Saarathee Daaruk's son.
--Krishn's Saarathee's name was Daaruk. [Padm Puraan, 5/45]
--Indra's Saarathee's name is Maatali.
--Karn's Saarathee was Shalya in MBH war- Maadree's brother.
--Arjun's Saarathee was Krishn in MBH war.
--Nal's Saarathee was Vaarshneya (MBH, Stories, 4-7-Nal-2)

--Shat-Rudra Paath in Drone Parv, 202.  (G-6-War/29)

--Vishnu Sahastra Naam

--Yudhishthir was Dharm Raaj's son, while Vidur was Dharm Raaj himself born as a Shoodra as a result of Shaap of Rishi Animaandavya. Vidur entered Yudhishthir's body in the end. (G-7-Post-War, 28)
--Yudhishthir was famous for his truth speaking quality. Drone did not believe Bheem when he told him that "Ashwatthaamaa died". He asked Yudhishthir to tell about the truth in this matter. Fearing to tell the lie, and desirous of victory he said "Ashwatthaamaa is killed.", although after speaking this sentence he said "elephant" very slowly. His chariot used to stay four fingers above the ground before this statement to Drone, that "Ashwatthaamaa died", but after that his chariot and horses started touching the ground.



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