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Paandav Meet Dhritraashtra

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Dhritraashtra had gone to forest, Paandav and all others were all the thinking about Dhritraashtra and others as how they would be living in forest alone. Paandav found no pleasure in anything. Draupadee and Subhadraa were also sad because both lost their sons. They all were alive to see only Pareekshit.

Thus Paandav and other people all were very sad, they were not able to discharge their duties properly. Then one day Paandav decided to see the old King in the forest. Sahadev said - "I see that you intend to see King in the forest. Somehow I could not say anything about this, but now the time has come to speak on our journey to woods. Luckily I will mother Kuntee living observing penance. Alas we will see our mother living in misery." Draupadee said - "If I will see her alive once more, I will consider my life worth living. All women are ready for the journey to see Kuntee, Gaandhaaree and my father-in-law." Yudhishthir called his people and said to them - "Prepare chariots and elephants to go to forest, I wish to see Dhritraashtra in the woods. Carriages, granaries, wardrobe, treasuries, all should be arranged to go to Kurukshetra." After five days, next day he proceeded towards forest.

Arjun and his people were leading them. They were scattering a lots of wealth as they were going and taking rest on beautiful banks of rivers and lakes. Rishi Dhaumya and Yuyutsu were taking care of the city. Slowly thy came to Kurukshetra area, after crossing the Yamunaa River they saw Dhritraashtra's place.

They all ran towards the place on foot bending in humility. Many ascetics came there filled with curiosity to see them. The King asked - "Where has my eldest father gone?" The people there told him that he had gone to Yamunaa River to fetch flowers and water. Paandav ran to see Dhritraashtra on the way they pointed out. Sahadev ran to see Kuntee and touching her feet started weeping loudly. Kuntee informed Gaandhaaree about Sahadev's arrival. Seeing Dhritraashtra Paandav fell on the ground. Dhritraashtra recognized them by their voices. They took away the jars of water they were carrying. Finding himself amidst his own people, Dhritraashtra once more filled with joy and felt as if he was in Hastinaapur. They had come to their place."

Vaishampaayan Jee further said - "All sat there surrounding Dhritraashtra. The ascetics were also there. They asked - "We wish to know who are Paandav among these people?" Then Sanjaya introduced them to the people there. That fair complexion man is Yudhishthir. That large framed man whose arms are very long, he is Bheem. That of darkish complexion, high shouldered man is Arjun. Those two who are sitting beside Kuntee are the twins. The lady reaching towards middle age is Draupadee. She who is sitting beside her, of pure gold complexioned, is sister of Krishn, Subhadraa. That fair lady is the daughter of Naag - Uloopee. The other lady of gold complexion is Chitraangadaa. This lady of the complexion of blue lotus is the sister of that King who used to challenge Krishn, that is Jaraasandh, the King of Magadh, she is the wife of Bheem. She is known by the name of Jaraaasandhaa. Whose complexion is like Champak flower, she is the wife of Sahadev; and whose complexion is of like blue lotus, she is the wife of Nakul. That lady who is sitting taking the child in her lap, she is the daughter of Viraat (Uttaraa and Pareekshit). She is the wife of Abhimanyu who was killed by Drone when he was without chariot. Those women who have no parted line in their hair and are wearing white are the widows of Dhritraashtra's sons, now deprived of both their husbands and sons. Thus after enquiring their welfare those ascetics went away. The warriors also sat at a little distance. Then Dhritraashtra spoke."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Yudhishthir, Are you at peace and happy with all your brothers and people of your kingdom? I hope everything is going smoothly." Yudhishthir said - "Did your self-restraint and tranquility of mind grow? Does my mother serve you very well? I hope my eldest mother (Gaandhaaree) does not feel sad remember her children and does not blame us for killing them. Where is Vidur? I hope Sanjaya is in peace." Dhritrashtra said - "Vidur is well and is busy in severe penance. He is subsisting on air alone leaving everything else. Sometimes he is seen in this empty forest." The then Vidur was seen at a distance. He was completely naked covered with filth only.

Vidur saw many people gathered at Dhritraashtra's place, so he got up and walked towards the forest. Seeing him going, Yudhishthir pursued him alone as he entered deep forest. He shouted - "O Vidur, I am the king Yudhishthir - your favorite." Vidur ran and hid behind a tree. He was very thin. Yudhishthir stood in front of him and said - "Vidur, I am Yudhishthir." and worshipped him properly. Vidur stood unmoved in Yog position. Then he entered in Yudhishthir's body, limb by limb. He united himself with Yudhishthir completely. Meanwhile Vidur's body stood there beside the tree with eyes fixed. Yudhishthir found his body lifeless and his own body much stronger and more qualitative. He then recollected his previous birth as human being among men. (Vidur was Dharm Raaj himself and was born as a Shoodra as a result of Shaap of a Rishi Maandavya). He had heard the practice of Yog from Vyaas. He decided to cremate that body properly, but he heard a voice - "This body of Vidur should not be cremated as it has you also in him. He is the eternal deity of Righteousness. He was an observer of the duties of Yati. Do not grieve for him at all." So Yudhishthir came back from there and resumed Dhritraashtra's company.

Yudhishthir told this to everybody. Everybody got very surprised to hear this. Dhritraashtra got very pleased, he said to Yudhishthir - "Please accept this small gift of water, roots and fruits from me. It is said the the guest should also take the same things what his host takes. They spent the night there only under a tree.

Next day, Yudhishthir went around just to see the place. Some were reciting Ved's hymns, some were collecting fruits and roots. Yudhishthir distributed them ascetic jars made of gold and copper, deer skins, blankets, sacrificial ladles made of wood, Kamandal, wooden platters etc which he brought for them. He gave them as many as they liked. Yudhishthir came back and seated in front of Dhritraashtra. His other brothers also sat there after greeting their great uncle. Vyaas, Satayup and other Rishi who were living there also arrived there. All sat down after Vyaas Jee sat on his Aasan."

Vaishampaayan Jee further said - "After all had been seated, Vyaas Jee said - "Have you been able to observe penance? Are you happy living in woods? Is all your mind clear of various kinds of grievances? Is Kuntee serving you well? Have you heard that Vidur, who was Dharm Raaj himself, has left the world? He was born only because of the Shaap of Rishi Maandavya. He was very intelligent. Even Brihaspati and Shukra were not so intelligent. At the command of Brahmaa Jee I produced him from Vichitraveerya. Thus your brother was a Devtaa of Devtaa. Yudhishthir also took birth from the same deity, that is why he is of immeasurable intelligence and great wisdom. Dharm exists both here and hereafter. Dharm was Vidur and Vidur is Yudhishthir. Vidur has entered in Yudhishthir's body. I have come here to dispel your doubts and show you some thing out of the effects of my penance. Tell me what do you want to hear, see or ask from me?"


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