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Index of 7 Post-War - 11-Stree Parv, 14-Ashwamedh Parv, 15-Aashramvaas Parv,
                                      16-Mausal Parv, 17-Mahaaprasthaan Parv, 
                                      18-Swargaarohan Parv

After the Stree Parv, two Parv - (12) Shaanti Parv and (13) Anushaasan Parv have not been covered here. The whole Shaanti Parv is Wisdom Literature. It is so long that it is divided even in three sections. Section 1 contains 173 Chapters, 1-173 chapters. Section 2 contains 128 Chapters, 174-301 chapters. Section 3 contains 64 Chapters, 302-365 chapters.

11-Stree Parv (27 Chapters)

1.  Dhritraashtra Weeps -  Hearing the killing of Duryodhan, Dhritraashtra weeps a lot; He gets unconscious several times; Vidur and Sanjaya comfort him; Vyaas also comes to comfort him.

2.  Gaandhaaree Weeps - Dhritraashtra and all Kuru women proceed to battle field; On the way they meet Paandav who were coming to meet them; Dhritraashtra crushes the iron statue of Bheem mistaken as Bheem himself in anger; Krishn comforts him; Gaandhaaree talks to Bheem; Bheem clarifies his situation; Gaandhaaree meets others.

3.  Vilaap - Gaandhaaree laments for all her sons and other warriors; She gives Shaap to Krishn; Last rites are performed for all dead bodies; Kuntee discloses the secret that Karn was her son.

12-Shaanti Parv and 13-Anushaasan Parv are very long and are not dealt here.

14-Ashwamedh Parv (92 Chapters)

4-5.  Marutt's Story - Marutt's Yagya

6.  Krishn Consoles Yudhishthir - Krishn consoles sad Yudhishthir after the war.

7-18.  Anugeetaa (1-20) - Krishn preaches Geetaa to Arjun again on the request of Arjun.

19. Krishn Meets Uttank - Krishn meets Uttank Rishi while going to Dwaarakaa.

20. Krishn in Dwaarakaa - Krishn comes back to Dwaarakaa; Vyaas Jee advices Yudhishthir to perform an Ashwamedh Yagya; Yudhishthir goes to collect wealth for it; Pareekshit is born.

21-24. Ashwamedh Yagya - The Yagya is performed; Story of Mongoose.

15-Aashramvaas Parv (39 Chapters)

25-30. Dhritraashtra Goes to Heaven - Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree live with Yudhishthir comfortably; One day Dhritraashtra hears Bheem's anger and he decides to go to forest; Preparations are made and he leaves for forest along with Gaandhaaree, Kuntee, Vidur and Sanjaya; Vidur's final journey; Vyaas shows Dhritraashtra his dead sons; After two years Dhritraashtra, Kuntee and Gaandhaaree are burnt in a jungle fire.

16-Mausal Parv (8 Chapters)

31.  Vrishni and Andhak are Killed

32.  Balaraam and Krishn Leave this World

33.  Arjun Takes Care of Everything

17-Mahaaprasthaanik Parv (3 Chapters)

34.  Paandav's Mahaaprasthaan - Paandav leave the world.

18-Swargaarohan Parv (6 Chapters)

35.  Yudhishthir in Heaven - Account of Yudhishthir's visit to Heaven and Hell.

36-37. Postscript - Who went where. How to read Mahaabhaarat.


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