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Vyaas Asks Yudhishthir to Perform Sacrifices - Marutt's Story

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Dhritraashtra has offered the Jal (water) to Bheeshm, Yudhishthir got very much afflicted and fell down on the bank of Gangaa River. Krishn consoled him and asked him to resume his duties as a king. Dhritraashtra also consoled him - "It is Gaandhaaree and I who should grieve on the death of our 100 sons, We disregarded Vidur's advice. He, in fact, told us that we should abandon this boy if we wanted the happiness and progeny of our family, but we didn't listen to him. Now we are suffering for that. But I don't see any reason for your grief."

Vaishapaayan Jee further said - "Krishn said to him - "If a person indulges too much in sorrow for his forefathers he grieves them, so you should do sacrifices, give Daan to Braahman and food and drink to your forefathers. You should not behave like this. You know everything, you have done also everything whatever you should have done told by Bheeshm, Vyaas, Naarad and Vidur. And of course, those who have been slain in this war, you will never be able to see them again." Yudhishthir said - "O Krishn, I know that you love me very much. But it would be a favor to me if you let me go to forest, because I find no peace after killing my grandfather and Karn." Hearing this Vyaas said again - "It seems that your mind is still wandering about [thinking your past] that is why you are talking like this. A king who has done his duties should not feel like this. You should perform now sacrifices like Raajsooya Yagya, Ashwamedh Yagya, Sarvmedh Yagya, and Naramedh Yagya to earn Punya."

Note :
As Krishn said this that "You will never be able to see them again" to Yudhishthir in front of Vyaas, but Vyaas Jee showed many dead to all later. Was it a challenge he accepted, or he just made Krishn' statement a lie?

Yudhishthir replied - "I know that all kinds of sins can be purified by sacrifice, austerity and charity, but I do not have money even for a small sacrifice. Duryodhan has wasted the Earth and emptied the treasury, please, advise me what should I do?" Vyaas Jee said - "You may use gold lying in Himaalaya left by Braahman in Marutt's Yagya." Yudhishthir asked - "How did this happen? How so much gold was left out in his Yagya?" Vyaas Jee said - "He was a king of Karandham race. I tell you his story.

It was in Sat Yug when Manu was the lord of the age. His son was Prasandhi, his son was Kshupaa, and his son was Ikshwaaku. Ikshwaaku had a hundred sons. The eldest of them was Vinsh, and his son was Vivinsh. Vivinsh had 15 sons - all of them very powerful. His eldest son Khaninetra won all other brothers but could not be the supreme king for long. People coronated his son Suvarchaa. Suvarchaa was continuously doing Punya so his treasury started getting empty. When his treasury got empty the other king started giving him trouble, but they could not kill him because his power was in his righteousness. In the last moment he blew his hand with his mouth and this produced a lot of force by which he defeated all kings. That is how he was called Karandham.

His son, Avikshit - the first Karandham, was born at the beginning of Tretaa Yug, was very brave and could not be defeated even by immortals. He performed hundreds of Ashwamedh Yagya in which Angiraa himself was the priest. His son was Marutt who surpassed his father also in qualities. He was like Vishnu's second half. With the desire of performing a sacrifice he came to Meru mountain, at the northern part of Himvant mountain. He made many gold vessels there and performed the sacrifice on one of the golden summit."

Yudhishthir asked - "How did he become so powerful and how did he get so much gold? Where is his wealth now and how can we get it?" Vyaas said - "As Devtaa and Asur fight, Angiraa's sons Brihaspati and Samvart also challenged each other. So Samvart, constantly troubled by his elder brother Brihaspati, went to forest leaving everything except his body (naked). At the same time Indra had defeated Asur and appointed Brihaspati as their priest. Before Angiraa was the priest of Karandham. Karandham could produce things from his breath of his mouth and thus brought all priests under him because of virtues. He lived as long as he wished, then ascended to Heaven with his physical body.

Avikshit was also like his father in might and merits. He always used to challenge Indra but Indra could not win him, so he said to Brihaspati - "If you want to please me, do not be Marutt's priest. I am the Lord of three Lok, while Marutt is only an earthly being. How can you work for a mortal while you are working for an immortal? Either you work for him or for me." Brihaspati reflected for a moment at this and said - "You are the Lord of Tri-Lok. You have killed many Asur. How can I serve a mortal after serving an immortal? Remember, I shall never change my words." Vaishampaayan continued - "Hearing this Indra got satisfied and went to his Lok."

Vyaas Jee continued - "Hearing this pact about Indra and Brihaspati, Marutt organized a big sacrifice. He went to Brihaspati and said - "I plan to perform a sacrifice according to your instruction given to me before, so I wish to appoint you as my priest. I have collected all the necessary materials for the sacrifice, you are our family priest, so take the materials and perform the sacrifice for me." Brihaspati said - "I cannot do that because I have been appointed by Indra as his priest." Marutt said - "You are our family priest, so I have my right on you to assist me as my priest." Brihaspati said - "How can I work for mortals if I am working for immortals, so whether you stay or go, I have stopped working for mortals."

Marutt got ashamed hearing this and came back to his place. On the way he met Naarad Jee, he just stood with folding hands before him. Naarad Jee guessed that he was not well in his mind, so he aske him its reason, maybe he could help him. Marutt told him everything. He said - "Now I do not want to live as I have committed a sin by being abandoned by him like this." Naarad Jee said - "His brother Samvart is wandering in the forest, go and request him to be your priest, if he is pleased with you, he may officiate you in this sacrifice." Marutt got very happy to hear this so he asked Naarad Jee - "Where can I find him? Guide me also as how should I behave with him so that he does not abandon me, because if he has abandoned me, I will not live any more." Naarad Jee said - "He lives in Vaaraanasee in the form of a mad man. To draw his attention, you may put a dead body at the gate of the city. Whoever will, run away seeing it, that will be him. Follow him and as you see him in a lonely place, seek for his protection. If he asks you "Who has told you about me?" tell him that "Naarad has told me about you". And if he asks you follow me, tell him that he had entered the fire."

Marutt did the same as Naarad had asked him to do. He found Samvart and followed him. After some time he got tired of running after him so he sat down to take rest.


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