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After the War - Gaandhaaree Weeps (Lamentations)

(11-16) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Standing on the same spot, a little bit far from the battlefield, Gaandhaaree saw the killing of her son in the battle field with her spiritual eyes. She had this Divine sight given by Vyaas. Her lamentations were pitiable. By the order of Vyaas, Dhritrashtra Yudhishthir with his brothers, Krishn, and all Kuru women proceeded to the battle field. Seeing the sight of the field Kuru women's limbs trembled and thy fell on the ground. Others also lost their senses. Gaandhaaree said to Krishn - "O Maadhav, See these my daughters-in-law, they are crying for their husbands, brothers, sons, and fathers. I am also grieving seeing all this. All kinds of animals are eating these bodies. These women are running here and there in grief wailing for their own people. Seeing the dead bodies without heads they are wandering just like mad people. I must have committed some sins and because of them only I am seeing this scene." Saying this Gaandhaaree's eyes fell upon Duryodhan's body.

(11-17) Vaishampaayan Jee further said - "Suddenly Gaandhaaree fell down unconscious on his body. When she gained her consciousness she started weeping for him. She said to Krishn - "On the eve of this battle he told me to wish me for his victory. Knowing that some kind of misery has fallen on us, I said to him - "Victory is where, where the righteousness is. Since you have opted for battle you will attain those regions which are attainable by weapons." I do not grieve for my son, I grieve for helpless Dhritraashtra. See my son, Maadhav, who was so skilled in weapons, is sleeping on bare ground. He who was entertained by fair women, is now being entertained by wild animals. He is slain only because of his own evil policies. He did not listen to anybody and now he is lying here. More pitiful sight than the death of my son is that of these daughters-in-law who are weeping for him. Why my heart doesn't break into thousand pieces. If Shruti and scriptures are true then my son will surely get the regions which are attained by the users of weapons."

(11-18) Gaandhaaree said - "See O Maadhav, my all 100 sons, incapable of fatigue, have been slain by Bheem. But more pity is the condition of my daughters-in-law who are lamenting their husbands. Our all kinsmen and relatives have been slain by Yudhishthir the just. There lies Dushaasan. When he said to Draupadee in the dice assembly - "You are now the slave of Duryodhan, enter in our palace." At that time I said to Duryodhan - "Leave the company of Shakuni. He is a wicked soul fond of quarrel. Make peace with Paandav. You are piercing Bheem with your sword-like words. The same angry Bheem has done a very horrible act of drinking his blood."

(11-19) Gaandhaaree said - "See my son Vikarn, he is lying amidst elephants. Vultures are revolving around him and his beautiful wife is trying to drive away those vultures with great difficulty. There is my son Durmukh whose face has been half-eaten by beasts. Still he is looking like a Moon of 7th day. See Vivinshati and Dusaha, how handsome they are looking even after death.

(11-20) Gaandhaaree said - "O Krishn, Who fought alone with my sons, there is Arjun's son Abhimanyu. Subhadraa is weeping for him saying - "How these Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa etc people could kill you who is Krishn's sister's son and the son of the wielder of Gaandeev?" Beside Abhimanyu are Uttar, Sudakshinaa, and Lakshman.

(11-21) Gaandhaaaree said - "There lies Karn who was the protector of Duryodhan, whose fire has been extinguished by Paarth.

(11-22) Gaandhaaree said - "See the King of Avantee, Baahleek, son pf Prateep, killed by Bheemsen, is lying here. There is Jayadrath, the son of Vriddhkshatra. See my daughter Dushalaa, how she is crying for her husband?

(11-23) Gaandhaaree said - "And there are Shalya, Bhagadatt, and Drone. See, how the bad Time has affected them. Vidur told me - "Don't love your children." Soon my sons died."

(11-24) Gaandhaaree said - "See the son of Somdatt, Bhoorishravaa, who was slain by Yuyudhaan (Saatyaki), his body is pecked by birds. His wives are crying. There is the body of Shakuni, the Chief of Gandharv, slain by Sahadev. He used to assume hundreds and thousands of forms, he could create many illusions, he had great deceptive powers, but was killed by the son of Paandu. Once he was able to defeat Yudhishthir by deceit.

(11-25) Gaandhaaree said - "O Maadhav, See that hero of Kaamboj. His wife is also weeping in great grief. See the rulers of Kaling. All, Abhimanyu, the ruler of the Kosal Brihadbal, Magadh ruler Jayatsen, brave sons of Dhrishtdyumn and 5 Kaikaya brothers slain  by Drone, all are lying here and their wives are weeping fo them."

Gaandhaaree Curses Krishn

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having said these words, Gaandhaaree fell down unconscious. When she gained her consciousness, she filled with grief ascribed every fault to Krishn. She said - "Paandav's and Dhritraashtra's all kinsmen and relatives are dead. Why were you indifferent to them? You were capable to stop this war, you had the power to bring peace because you had a large force behind you, but you deliberately did not stop it, let it happen, you will reap the fruit of this act. Through my little power I have acquired by being faithful to my husband, I curse you O Bearer of Chakra and Gadaa, since you were indifferent to Kuru and Paandav, while they slew each other, that you will be the killer of your own kinsmen. In the 36th year from this after killing your own people you will die in a very disgusting way in the wilderness. Your women will also weep and cry like Bharat Vansh women."

Krishn said smiling - "There is none else in the world who can kill Vrishni people, but you have helped me in this by giving me Shaap. Vrishni cannot be killed by anyone else, be they human beings, Devtaa or Daanav. The Yaadav will kill each other." Hearing this all became very surprised. Krishn then said to Gaandhaaree - "Don't be sad Gaandhaaree, because it has happened only because of you. Your son Duryodhan was a wicked soul and you encouraged his wicked acts. He never obeyed his elders. Why do you ascribe your faults on me? Who grieve for the past increase their grief double. A Braahman woman produces children for the practice of austerities; a cow produces children to bear burden; a mare produces children to acquire speed; a Shoodra woman produces children to increases the number of number of servants; a Vaishya woman produces children to increase the number of keepers of cattle; but you produced children for being slaughtered."

Hearing this, Gaandhaaree got silent with grief. Then Dhritraashtra asked Yudhishthir - "Tell me, if you know it, how many were killed and how many escaped with life?" Yudhishthir said - "1,660,020,000 men have been killed; and only 240,165 are still alive." Dhritraashtra again asked - "What Gati (end) they got?" Yudhishthir said - "The people who have given their lives cheerfully have got the regions like Indra's; while those who gave their lives uncheerfully went in the company of Gandharv; while who gave lives while turning away from the battle field went to live with Guhyaka; while high-soul Kshatriya warriors have gone to region of Brahmaa; and who just met their death accidentally have gone to the region of Uttar-Kuru."

Dhritraashtra asked - "By what power you can say all this? Tell me if I can hear it." Yudhishthir said - "When I was wandering in the forest at your order, I got this boon while I visited sacred places. I met Celestial Rishi Lomash and he gave me this boon of spiritual vision. But before that I got the second sight though the power of knowledge." Dhritraashtra again said - "Now we should perform the last rites of the dead."

Then Yudhishthir asked the priest of Kaurav Sudharmaa and Dhaumya to look after them who had no sacred fires; and asked Sanjaya, Vidur, Yuyutsu, all his servants headed by Indrasen, and all other Soot the last rites of all others to be duly performed. Those people collected all materials for this ceremony and performed last rites for all. Some sang Saam, and some lamented for them. Then Yudhishthir, headed by Dhritraashtra went to the banks of Gangaa River."

Vaishmapaayan Jee further said - "They took off their upper garments, ornaments, girdles etc. Kuru women offered water oblations to their dead husbands, sons, brothers, fathers etc. They also performed water rites in honor of their friends. At that time Kuntee said to her sons with grief - "That hero who was who was a great archer, who was invincible in war, who was Soot's son from Raadhaa, who was killed by Arjun, who shone like Soorya himself in Duryodhan's army, was my eldest son. He was born with a Kavach (armor) and a pair of Kundal (earrings)." Hearing this all Paandav got extremely sad." Yudhishthir said - "You were the mother of that heroic Karn? How did he born to you? He was so brave that he became invincible for us. How could you hide such a person's identity? Duryodhan worshipped his mighty arms as we worshipped Arjun's Gaandeev. Because you did not tell us about him we made such a big mistake. I feel hundred times more grief at the death of Karn than that of Abhimanyu. Alas nothing can return." And he wiled loudly. All the women also wailed loudly with him. Then he called all women from Karn's wives and family members and performed the water rites for him.

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