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14-Ashwamedh, 59-70
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Krishn Describes War to Vasudev

Janamejaya asked - "After bestowing boon to Uttank, what Krishn did?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After that Krishn and Saatyaki proceeded towards Dwaarakaa. He arrived at Dwaarakaa when the festival of Raivatak had begun. The entire Raivat hill was adorned in various ways. It was looking like a second Heaven. All people welcomed Krishn and Saatyaki. Saatyaki went to his own house and Krishn went to His own palace and greeted His parents. When all got seated comfortably, Vasudev Jee asked Krishn - "I heard about this Kuru and Paandav war, but you have seen it with your own eyes, so tell me inndetail how was it?"

Then Krishn described it in brief - "All Kshatriya fought in it wonderfully well. They were so many number that they cannot be described in hundreds of years. Bheeshm of Kuru had 11 Akshauhinee army under him, and Shikhandee was the leader of 7 Akshauhinee army. All fought very bravely. All got killed including Draupadee's five sons, only five Paandav, myself and Saatyaki remain alive. Vdur and Sanjaya are now in Yudhishthir's kingdom. Hearing this all drowned in sorrow and pain.

After Krishn finished his description, it was clear that Abhimanyu was also killed. But Krishn was careful not to say it clearly that his daughter Subhadraa's son was killed. But Subhadraa said - "O Krishn, Tell about how my son was killed?" and fell on the ground fainted. Seeing this Vasudev also fainted. When he regained his senses he said - "O Krishn, You are famous for speaking the truth, why didn't you tell me about my daughter's son's killing? Tell me in detail how he was slain? His eyes was like your eyes. I hope he was not slain while retreating from battle ground. What did he say to me in his last moments? That my son always used to challenge Bheeshm and Karn like warriors."

Govind said - "He was very cheerful up to the last moment of his life. When his father Arjun was withdrawn from the battlefield, he was surrounded by several great warriors. He after killing many warriors, was killed by Dushaasan's son. Undoubtedly he has gone to Heaven. Don't be so angry. Who have clean understanding never get angry at any calamity. Subhadra and Draupadee have cried a lot for him. Then Kuntee consoled them - "Your son is killed under the influence of Time. Do not grieve, he was also a mortal. Look at Uttaraa (Abhimanyu's wife), certainly she will bring forth a brave son to you. Then Kuntee herself arranged for his final rites. With her permission I have brought Subhadraa here. Do not be so sad on his death."

Hearing this Vasudev did last offerings to him. Vaasudev also performed offerings for His nephew to go to Heaven. He duly fed 6 million Braahman, gave them every kind of clothes and wealth. But all were very sad. Uttaraa spent many days without eating in the sorrow of her husband. All her relatives became very worried about her embryo. Then one day Vyaas Jee came and said to Kuntee and Uttaraa - "A very mighty son is going to born from you. He will rule the earth after Paandav have left this world." Then he said to Arjun - "Your grandson will rule the earth, so do not be grieved for your son. He has gone to the regions of deities. That hero should not be grieved by anyone." Then Vyaas Jee advised Yudhishthir to perform Ashwamedh Yagya, and Yudhishthir set his mind to collect wealth for the Yagya.

Wealth Collection for Ashwamedh Yagya

Janamejaya asked - "Then how did Yudhishthir collect wealth which Marutt left?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir called all his brothers and said to them - "You have heard our grandsire, and you heard Bheeshm and Govind also. I desire to obey them. Vyaas has told about wealth also, now how to bring it here?" Bheem said - "I agree for it. If we succeed in bringing the wealth from Avikshit's son then this Yagya will be easily accomplished. We shall pray Gireesh and bring that wealth. By worshipping him duly we are sure to bring that wealth to you. Those Kinnars of fierce tribe, the protector of that wealth, will certainly yield to us." So all started in the constellation named Dhruv (Rohinee and the two Uttar - these three are called Dhruv) and on the day of the same name (Sunday is also called Dhruv).

All were looking cheerful and were shining like Suns. At last they came to the place where the wealth was buried. There the king pitched his camp along with his priest Agniveshya (Dhaumya). They did some initial rites and spread all over the place. The camp was laid out with six roads and nine divisions (Three roads north-south and three roads east-west intersecting each other give six roads and nine squares). Yudhishthir asked Braahman to do whatever was necessary to do before and after. So the Braahman said - "We shall live today on water alone and you also keep fast." So all slept without taking any food. In the morning they worshipped Shiv, Kuber, ghosts etc and proceeded, headed by Vyaas, towards the place where the treasure was buried. They excavated the place and found many kinds of pots and vessels. All the pots and vessels were kept in vehicles carefully and all came back to Hastinaapur marching slowly measured by Goyut (4 miles).

Pareekshit's Birth

In the meantime Krishn also arrived in Hastinaapur along with Pradyumn, Yuyudhaan (Saatyaki), Chaarudeshn, Saamb, Gad, Kritvarmaa etc headed by Baladev. Subhadraa also came with them. Dhritraashtra and Vidur welcomed them. When Krishn was living there, then your father Pareekshit was born. The prince afflicted by Ashwatthaamaa's Brahm Astra, was lying still and motionless after coming out of the womb. People were happy with his birth but were sad at his condition. Krishn and Yuyudhaan entered the inner chamber, and they saw Kuntee coming out plunging into grief. Behind her were Subhadraa and Draupadee. Kuntee said - "Now this family depends on you for their Pind Daan. The child has been born but slain by Ashwatthaamaa's weapon. Revive him as you vowed to revive him if he was born dead. The time has come now, please come to our rescue. Arjun's son (Abhimanyu) said to Uttaraa - "Your son will go to my maternal uncles to learn weaponry, so make his words true." and she fell down on ground. Krishn raised Kuntee and comforted her saying thus.

Subhadraa said - "Alas, The boy is born but he is dead because of a blade of grass converted into weapon by Ashwatthaamaa to kill Bheem fell upon Vijaya, Utaaraa and me. He was loved by all, please revive him. If only you wish, you can revive even the three worlds (if dead), then what to say about your sister's grandson?

Hearing all this Krishn loudly said, "So be it". All people standing there became very happy and got relieved. Krishn entered the chamber where Pareekshit was lying. Several pitchers were kept there filled with water, mustard seeds, charcoal soaked in Ghee etc. Many aged women were standing there with Uttaraa. As Krishn entered the room, He said "Excellent, Excellent". Hearing this Draupadee immediately went to Uttaraa and said to her - "Here comes your father-in-law, Krishn." Uttaraa said - "We, Abhimanyu and myself, both are slain. I bow to you, please, revive my child slain by Ashwatthaamaa. What benefit he has by doing this cruel act. Now I ask you to revive this child. I thought, that if Abhimanyu will fall in the battle, I will also follow him, but I did not, because of this child, and now this child is also dead. If I die now the what Abhimanyu will say?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Uttaraa fell on the ground. She was deprived of her son and her body was uncovered. After a while Uttaraa got up, took her child in her lap and lamented, "First my husband went and now my son, what I am doing here? With the permission of Yudhshthir I will take some poison or jump into the blazing fire. Rise, O my child." and she fell down again. Krishn touched water, withdrew the force of Brahm Astra and said to Uttaraa - "I never speak untruth, my words will be true, I shall revive the child, and I have never turned back from battle. So by merit of those acts let this child revive. As righteousness is dear to me, as Braahman are dear to me, then this boy should revive. As Kans and Keshee were killed by me, with that truth this child should revive today." And the child began to move slowly.

The room was filled with light, Brahm Astra went back to Brahmaa Jee, your father got back his life breath, all women, Kuntee, Draupadee, Subhadraa and Uttaraa, were filled with joy. Krishn gave valuable gems to the child. Krishn said - "Since the child is born at the time when this Kuru Kul was nearly finished, let this child's name be Pareekshit. When your father was one month old Paandav came back to Hastinaapur. Many offerings were given in many temples, city was adorned, the entire kingdom rejoiced."


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