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Arjun Takes Away the Women of Dwaarakaa

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun said to Vasudev - "O Maamaa, We all, including Draupadee, cannot see this earth without Krishn and our other kinsmen. The time for our departure is also near. Let us move from here to Indraprasth first." Then he asked Daaruk to bring the chief of Vrishni people. Sudharmaa and other people came and surrounded him. He said to them - "This city is going to sink son, so gather your things and come with me. Krishn's grandson Vajra will be your king at Shakraprasth. On the morning of the 7th day from today we will set out, so get ready by then."

All people started making preparations for their safety. Arjun stayed in Krishn's palace. Next day morning Vasudev left his mortal body by Yog. A loud wail was heard from his palace. Devakee, Bhadraa, Rohinee, and Madiraa fell down on his body. His last rites were performed and his four wives ascended the pyre along with his body to become Satee with him. Arjun burned his body. After this Arjun went where Vrishni were killed. He performed last rites of all of them. He assigned a skilled person to perform the last rites of Raam and Krishn's bodies.

On the 7th day he got ready to leave Dwaarakaa. Women, queens, elders, children all followed him. As they left the ocean covered the city with his waters. People got surprised to see this scene that they just got out in time. They walked faster and faster, but after they were out of the city completely they got slow. They came to the country of five rivers and set their camps there. Seeing hem alone robbers, Aabheer, got tempted to rob them. They thought there was only one bowman, rest are only children, women and old people. So they rushed towards them in thousands. Although Arjun threatened them but they disregarded his threat and fell upon Arjun.

Arjun had great difficulty in picking up his celestial bow and string it. Some how he succeeded in stringing it, but then he could not remember his weapons. Seeing that furious battle, loss of power of his arms and non-appearance of celestial weapons, Arjun got very ashamed, Even Vrishni warriors failed to chase those robbers. Robbers took away the women. Arjun could use some of the arrows but soon his arrows got finished. Before his arrows never finished. seeing this he became very worried. He took it as the work of Destiny. he came to Kurukshetra with whatever remained with him.

He established them at different places. He established the son of Kritvarmaa at Marttikavat with the women of Bhoj king. He established the remaining people in Indraprasth. Vajra was given the kingdom of Indraprasth. Son of Saatyaki, with old men, women and children, was established on the banks of Saraswatee River. Widows of Akroor Jee retired to woods. Vajra asked them repeatedly to stay with him but they didn't agree with him. Rukminee, the princess of Gaandhaar, Shaibyaa, Hemaavatee and queen Jaambvatee ascended the pyre. Satyabhaamaa and Krishn's other dear wives retired to woods and lived on fruits and roots. Going beyond Himvant, they settled in Kalaap Graam.

After Arjun had finished everything, he went to Ved Vyaas Jee."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Arjun saw Rishi seated in a lonely place. He went there and said "I am Arjun." and waited, Vyaas Jee said, "Welcome. Have the seat." He saw Arjun very cheerless and in despair so he asked his welfare and tell him everything if he felt so. Arjun said Raam and Krishn have left this world and have ascended the Heaven. Vrishni and Andhak are destroyed by iron bolt by Braahman's Shaap in Prabhaas Kshetra. They killed each other fighting among themselves. All of them were killed by Irakaa grass blades. Thus 500,000 people have died. Thinking about this I am not at peace. The death of Krishn is for me like drying up an ocean, a displacement of a mountain, or the cooling fire.

Another incident is more painful than this. In front of my eyes thousands of Vrishni womes were carried away by Aabheer of the country of five rivers. I couldn't use my bow, my arms didn't work, my celestial weapons failed, even my arrows were finished. Krishn has left us, what will I do without Him? I am not at peace. Tell me what is good for me now, because my heart is empty now? Vyaas Jee said - "Vrishni and Andhak have died because of Braahman's Shaap. You need not to grieve for them. Whatever has happened was already ordained for them. It was their Destiny. Krishn Himself could change the course, then what was the need of Braahman's Shaap? Who used to be in front of your chariot, He was the ancient Rishi. He has lightened the burden of earth and now He has gone. By the help of all of you also, Devtaa have accomplished a great work. Now your time has come to leave this world. When the bad days come good things disappear. Time is the root, Time is the seed of the Universe. Your weapons after finishing their job have gone to the place where they came from. They will come again when you will need them. Now the time has come for you to attain the highest goal."

Hearing this Arjun came back to Hastinaapur and reported all whatever happened to Yudhishthir.

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