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16-Mausal Parv, 4-6
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Balaraam and Krishn Leave this World

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Babhru, Daaruk and Krishn left that place in search of Raam. They found him sitting reclining his back against a tree in a lonely place. Seeing Raam sitting there, Krishn said to Daaruk - "Go to Hastinaapur and tell him about this great slaughter of Yadu. let him come here quickly." Daaruk started for Hastinaapur. After Daaruk left for Hastinaapur Krishn asked Babhru to go to Dwaarakaa to protect the women and watch for robbers, lest they snatch their wealth. So Babhru also left, but he didn't go far that an iron bolt came from a hunter and killed him, because he was also included in Braahman's Shaap. Seeing Babhru killed, Krishn asked Raam to wait for Him until He had protected women.

He came to Dwaarakaa and said to His father - "You protect all the women of our house until Dhananjaya comes. Raam is waiting for me out side the city. I am going to see him today. I saw Yadu's killing myself, even I saw Kaurav's killing. I cannot see this city without Yaadav, so I am going to woods to do tap with Raam." Saying this Krishn touched His father's feet with His head and left the place. Women started weeping behind Him, He consoled them saying that "Arjun will come and take care of you." As he came back, He saw Raam sitting in Yog position and a white snake was coming out of his mouth. That mighty Naag had 1,000 heads and was as large as mountain. He proceeded towards sea. Ocean himself, rivers etc were there to receive him with honor. There were Karkotak, Vaasuki, Takshak, Prithusrav, Varun, Kunjar, Mishree, Shankh, Kumud, Pundareek, Dhritraashtra, Hrad, Krath, Sitikanth, Chakramand, Atishand, Durmukh, Ambareesh, and Varun himself.

After His elder brother left this mortal world, Krishn, knowing about the future, wandered for some time. Then He sat down on bare Earth. He remembered both Gaandhaaree and Durvaasaa'a words. When Durvaasaa spoke while smearing remaining Kheer he had eaten. Thinking about the destruction of Yaadav and Kuru, He knew that His hour had come. He sat down in Yog position. A Jaraa named hunter came there with the desire to kill a deer. As he saw Krishn, he mistook Him as a deer and pierced His heel with an arrow. Immediately he ran to capture his prey and found a person clad in yellow clothes with many arms. He filed with fear, he touched His feet, Krishn comforted him and ascended upward filling the entire space with splendor. When He reached Heaven, all Indra, Ashwinee Kumaar, Vasu, Vishwedev, Muni, Siddh, Gandharv came to receive Him. He then went to His own Lok and met Siddh, Chaaran, Gandharv etc.

Vaishampaayan Jee further said - "In the meantime Daaruk went to Hastinaapur and told Paandav everything as how Vrishni had killed each other with iron bolt. Hearing this Paandav got very sad, Arjun got set to see his maternal uncle (Maamaa Vasudev). He immediately came to Dwaarakaa with Daaruk. Seeing Arjun coming for their rescue, the women started wailing. Arjun himself broke into tears seeing those beauties, he wept aloud and fell down on earth. Satyabhaamaa and Rukminee also fell down in grief beside Arjun. Then they raised him and Arjun went to see his maternal uncle."

Vaishampayan said - "Arjun saw Vasudev Jee lying on the ground because of the grief of his sons. Arjun touched his feet and he embraced him wailing loudly for his sons, friends, relations etc. He said - O Arjun, I am still alive without my sons. I do not blame anybody - Saatyaki, Kritvarmaa, Akroor, Pradyumn or anybody else. The whole sole cause is Braahman's Shaap behind all this. Who has killed so many mighty people and Raakshas, how could He be indifferent in such a big calamity? You, Naarad, Muni knew that He was immortal, how could he witness the destruction of His own people? Maybe He Himself allowed it to happen. Maybe He did not wish to falsify the words of Gaandhaaree and Rishi. He said to me - "The destruction of this race has at last come. Arjun will come and take care of you. I am Arjun and Arjun is me, so do as he says. He will do everything. Dwaarakaa will sink without delay in the ocean. I will go to some sacred place with Raam." After saying this He went away, I do not know where? So now you take care of everything. I will also die."


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