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Vrishni and Andhak are Killed

(16-1) After bowing to Nar and Naaraayan and Devee Saraswatee "Jaya" must be uttered. [I write this].

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When 35 years passed after the battle, Yudhishthir saw many unusual omens. They created a fear and danger in his heart. After some time he heard the Vrishni's battle of iron bolt and that only Raam and Krishn could escape that. He consulted his brothers as what they should do. He was very sorry to hear that such a big episode had occurred because of Braahman's Shaap. Hearing the incident of iron bolt they all became sad."

Janamejaya asked - "How come that Andhak and Vrishni and Bhoj met such a destruction right in front of Vaasudev?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "In fact after the 36 years of war a great calamity fell on Vrishni and they were all killed in the name of iron bolt." Janamejaya asked - "Who cursed them? Tell me in detail." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "One day Vrishni people including Sarana saw Vishwaamitra, Kanv and Naarad in Dwaarakaa. By the inspiration of Devtaa, they disguised Saamb as a woman and went to those Rishi and asked them - "This woman is the wife of Babhru, she desires for a son. Can you tell us what child she will give birth to? Those Yogee knew that those people were deceiving them so they said to them - "This son of Vaasudev, named Saamb, will give birth to an iron bolt which will destroy the whole Vrishni Vansh except Raam and Krishn. Raam will enter the ocean casting off his body and a Jaraa named hunter will pierce Krishn while He will be lying on the ground."

After saying this they went to see Keshav. As Keshav knew what has happened, He called all Vrishni and told them about this. He knew as what will happen how, still He told only this to them that "what is destined will surely happen", and He went to His palace. He did not want to interfere in this. Next day Saamb really brought forth an iron bolt which had a terrible look. This was told to Ugrasen. He ordered his people to grind it in a fine powder and throw it into the sea. At the order of Aahuk, Janaardan, Raam and Babhru it was declared in the kingdom that no one would manufacture wine and liquor, thus it was stopped in the whole kingdom."

(16-2) Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "While the Vrishni were trying to avoid any kind of opportunity for a fight among themselves, the Time was wandering around in a terrible human form. Sometimes Vrishni saw him and shot hundreds of arrows at him but none seemed to touch him, because he was none other than the destroyer of all. Day by day bad omens were increasing. Seeing that the New Moon day coincided with 13th and 14th, Hrisheekesh called Yaadav people and said to them - "The 14th day has been the 15th day once again by Raahu, such a day had happened once before when Mahaabhaarat war happened. This one seems for our destruction." Krishn understood by those omens that the 36th year had come and that was the year which Gaandhaaree had fixed for their destruction, when she was burning with grief for her own children. The present time was exactly similar to that time when Mahaabhaarat war broke. So he asked Vrishni to go to some holy place - the sea coast for bathing."

(16-3) Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "At that time Dwaarakaa women were seeing a dark complexioned woman with white teeth going around all houses laughing aloud and snatching their sacred thread from their hands. Even Krishn's Chakra which was given to Him by Agni Dev had gone to sky in front of Vrishni people. Krishn's chariot was taken away by horses in front of Daaruk. Those horses took away the vehicle with the speed of wind dragging it along the surface of the ocean. The two standards of Krishn's and Raam's chariots - one with Garud and the other one with palmyra, were taken away by Apsaraa who were constantly telling Vrishni and Andhak to go to pilgrimage on the sea coast. Seeing such bad omens Vrishni and Andhak decided to take up this journey. They prepared lots of delicious food, wines and meats and set out in chariots, on elephants and horses. Yaadav set out to Prabhaas area and settled there in temporary residences which were assigned to them. They all had plenty of food and drinks.

Hearing this intelligent Yogee Uddhav went there to take leave from Krishn. Krishn welcomed him and seeing him bent upon leaving the world and knowing that Vrishni were going to be destroyed, did not stop him. Vrishni and Andhak saw him proceeding on his final journey filling the whole sky with his splendor. Vrishni gave away the food which was cooked for Braahman, to monkeys, and started drinking wine. Raam also started drinking in front of Krishn with Kritavarmaa, Yuyudhaan (Saatyaki), and Gad. Babhru also did the same.

Saatyaki started insulting Kritavarmaa - "What kind of Kshatriya is that who kills men in their sleep who are already like dead? Therefore Yaadav will never tolerate what you have done." Pradyumn endorsed Saatyaki's statement. At this Kritavarmaa pointed towards Saatyaki with his left hand and said - "You claim that you are a very great hero then why did you kill Bhoorishravaa who was praying?" Hearing this Krishn got angry and cast an angry glance at Kritavarmaa. At this Saatyaki told Krishn that how Kritvarmaa behaved with Satraajit while taking away Syaamantak Mani from him.

As Satyabhaamaa heard the narration about Syamantak Mani, she went to Krishn and enhanced His anger towards Kritavarmaa. Saatyaki said angrily - "I swear, O Beautiful, I will kill him soon to follow Draupadee's five sons, Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee. His life's days are over now." And Saatyaki rose and cut the head of Kritavarmaa and ran to kill others. Krishn tried to stop him. By the inspiration of Time, all others together faced Sinee's grandson (Saatyaki). Knowing that their Time had come Krishn stood quietly. They were beating with the pots in which they were eating. Seeing him beaten, Pradyumn got very angry, he went to rescue Saatyaki but both of them were killed.

Now Krishn got very angry seeing His own son killed, so He took up some Erakaa grass which grew there. That grass got filled with power of iron bolt - this was all because of Braahman's curse. he killed all of them whoever before Him. Nobody cared for his son or father, everybody was killing everybody. Every blade of grass was piercing even that whatever it could not have pierced normally. Surprisingly nobody thought to run away from the fight also. Saamb, Chaarudeshn, Pradyumn, Aniruddh and Gad were already being killed, so Krishn in anger killed Vrishni and Andhak. Then Babhru and Daaruk said to Krishn - "You have already killed so many people, check, where is Raam? We wish to go there where he has gone."


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