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Janamejaya Sees His Father

Soot Jee said - "Hearing this story of reappearing and disappearing of his forefathers, Janamejaya got very pleased and asked - "How is it possible that the bodies who have been destroyed can reappear in the very same form?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "This is sure that acts are never destroyed [without their consequences enjoyed and suffered]. Bodies are born of acts, so also are features. The great primary elements are eternal in consequence of the union with them of the Bhagavaan. They also exit as the eternal exists. Accordingly they are not destroyed  when the mortals are destroyed. Actions done without exertion are true and foremost and bear real fruit (help attain emancipation). When the soul is united with the acts which require exertion, then only he experiences pleasure and pain. But still soul is never affected by them. Pleasure and pains come and go but the soul is never destroyed. As the reflection in a mirror comes and goes but mirror is not affected by the reflection, in the same way soul is not destroyed by the acts which cause pleasures and pains.

As long as one's acts are not exhausted [by enjoyment or endurance of their fruits, good or bad], one regards the body to be of self, but the man whose acts are exhausted does not think so and thus is free from taking the body. In the case of ordinary person all the boy parts dissolve away, but Yogee can keep them from dissolution as long as they like. A Shruti of such matter has been heard in the case of slaying the horse in Ashwamedh Yagya. Certain things of embodied creatures (such as life breaths and the senses) are eternal even if they are born in other world. I will tell you what is beneficial to you.

(p 34-not clear) You might have heard about the paths of deities while performing sacrifices. when any sacrifice is made the deities are especially beneficial to you. When deities are sent back, after the sacrifice, they are the Lords in the passage [from this world to next world] of the animals slain (they take the slain animal to next world). When the five elements are eternal, the Jeev (soul) is eternal, he is called Purush..... He who indulges in too much grief at separation, I think, is a foolish person. he who sees evil in separation is should abandon union. By standing alone (not making any relationship with anybody)  no union is formed, and there is no sorrow, because sorrow is born out of separation. Only he who understands the distinction between body and Jeev, becomes free. As regards to creatures, they appear from an invisible state and once more disappear in an invisible state....."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhritraashtra had never seen his children. He saw them for the first time. They looked to him like himself. Dhritraashtra and Vidur were of great wisdom." Janamejaya said - "If Vyaas had given me a boon, I would have asked him to show my father in the form he departed from this world. I would like that sight. I would have believed you what you said to me. I wish that wish should have been granted by those Rishi." Soot Jee said - "As Janamejaya said these words, Vyaas Jee showed up and brought Pareekshit from the other world. Janamejaya was so happy to see his father. Rishi Shameek and Shringee Rishi were also brought there. All the counselors and ministers saw them. He poured the sacred water on his father as well on himself.

After taking the final bath he said to Aasteek of Yaayaavar race, the son of Jaratkaaru - "O Aasteek, This sacrifice has been with many wonderful events, since my father has been sent to me to dispel all my sorrows." Aasteek said - "In whichever sacrifice Vyaas Rishi is present, that performer of the sacrifice should sure conquer both the worlds. You have heard a wonderful story, snakes have already turned to ashes. Through your truthfulness Takshak has escaped with great difficulty. You have seen the end of you father also." Soot Jee said - "Then Janamejaya worshipped the Rishi and asked the Rishi to tell him the later events of Dhritraashtra's life living in the woods."

Janamejaya said - "After seeing their sons and relatives what Dhritraashtra and Paandav did?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing that scene all were very happy. The came back to their place. Vyaas Jee also came there and said to Dhritraashtra - "Now you listen to what I say. You have read many Ved and Shaastra and heard Rishi discourses, now you should not be grieving for anybody. Who is intelligent never moves by ill luck. You have heard the mysteries of Deities from Naarad Jee. You have seen that how happily they were moving. Yudhishthir is waiting for your orders to go back, so permit him to go back to the city and rule. They have been living here for more than a month now. Kingdom should always be guarded."

Dhritraashtra called Yudhishthir and said to him - "I am living here happily. In your company I felt as if I was living in Hastinaapur. Your both mothers are living on fallen leaves and are observing vows similar to mine. I have seen my sons because of the Tap of Vyaas Jee and I have met with you too. Now I wish to observe severe penance. All the after Sanskaar, fame and achievements of our family rest on you now. I don't have to do anything with you." Yudhishthir said - "I don't know how I will live without you. I do not like to go to kingdom. Now we are not so powerful as we were before. All Paanchaal have gone. All others also have been killed by Drone in the battlefield. Look upon us with your auspicious sight, it will be difficult for us to see you again."

Sahadev said to Yudhishthir - "I do not dare to leave my mother. You go back to city, I will stay here practicing penance and serving my two mothers." Kuntee embraced him and said - "Do not say so. I will fall from the path of righteousness because of your affection. Let peace be yours. You all go to the city. Our life is very short." So all took leave from everybody and thy started for Hastinaapur."

Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaaree and Kuntee Die

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After two years of returning from the forest, Naarad Jee came to Yudhishthir. He welcomed him, worshipped him and asked his welfare - "It is after long time that I am seeing you in my court. Are you happy and at peace? Tell me something about the Lok you have been to. What can I do for you?" Naarad Jee said - "I didn't see you for a long time that is why I came here. I have seen many sacred waters and Gangaa River too." Yudhishthir asked - "People living on the banks of Gangaa said that Dhritraashtra was doing most austere penance, have you seen him?"

Naarad Jee said - "I tell you what I have seen there. After you have returned from Kurukshetra, Dhritraashtra moved from there to Gangaadwaar. Then he set for austere penance. He had pebbles in his mouth and subsisted on air alone. He abstained from speech altogether. He was worshipped by all ascetics living there. In six months he was reduced to a skeleton. Gaandhaaree took only water, and Kuntee took a little every 6th day. He did not live at one place and both queens and Sanjaya followed him. Sanjaya was guiding Dhritraashtra and Kuntee was guiding Gaandhaaree.

One day after taking bath in Gangaa, the King turned his face back to his place, and the forest started burning, as also its animals. Animals tried to hide in nearby waters, but the King was not able to move because he was too weak. Then the King said to Sanjaya - "O Sanjaya, You go somewhere else where this fire cannot burn you. We will burn our bodies in this fire." Sanjaya said - "This is not the way to die, at the same time I do not see any means also to move you from here. Tell me what to do." Dhritraashtra said - "This death will not be bad for us, because we have left our house with our own will. Water, fire, wind, abstention from food are laudable means to attain death for ascetics. Therefore you leave Sanjaya, as soon as possible."

After having said this the King concentrated, sat facing East with Gaandhaaree and Kuntee. Seeing this the intelligent Sanjaya circumambulated them and said to the King - "Concentrate, O King," The King acted as he was told. Restraining all their senses he remained like a wooden post. Gaandhaaree and your mother also remained in the same way, and the jungle fire overtook all of them. Sanjaya succeeded in escaping and I saw him on the banks of Gangaa River. Then he proceeded towards Himvant mountain. It was thus all the three met their death. The ascetics who were living there, also saw all this and did not grieve for them. You also do not grieve for them as they themselves chose this way to die." Hearing this loud lamentations rose from all over. The King Yudhishthir wept like a child thinking of his mother. When the lamentations stopped for a while he said this.

Yudhishthir said - "This shows that nobody knows how his death is written. Who knew that the King will die like this. Fie on the kingdom, fie on the power, and fie on our Kshartriya practices. Though alive, we are in fact dead. How come that Kuntee who was the mother of Paandav-like sons, burned to death like this. That deity, the Fire god, whom Arjun gratified by burning Khaandav Van, was useless. How could he burn his mother? He came in disguise of Braahman to beg food from Arjun, fie on that god. This is another incident which has brought a great misery to me. When the fire had approached my mother, she must have called us for help, "O Bheem, save me from this fire." Sahadev was her dearest son, he also could not save her." All five Paandav were weeping like child.

Naarad Jee said - "I heard that the King was not burned by unholy fire. It was heard that when the King returned from Gangaadwaar, he ignited his sacred fire, performed sacred rites and abandoned them all. Then the Braahman cast off that fire in the midst of the jungle and went away. That fire grew in the woods and became the jungle fire. Do not grieve for them. Do the water rites for all of them." All the people went to the banks of Gangaa River clad in a single piece of cloth and offered water oblations to all of them. On 12th day the King performed Shraaddh of deceased relations. Much wealth was given to Braahman. Naarad Jee also went away after comforting Yudhishthir. Thus the old King passed away from this world. After the death of his great uncle, Yudhishthir became very cheerless.

One should hear and read this Parv and after reading and listening one should feed Braahman with Havishya honoring them with scents and garlands.

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