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Paandav are Ready to Leave the World

After bowing to Naaraayan and Devee Saraswatee and uttering "Jaya" to them [I write this].

Janamejaya asked - "After hearing about the war between Vrishni Vansh and Andhak race what did Paandav do?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this Yudhishthir intended to leave the world. He said to Arjun - "See Arjun, It is Time which prevails over everything. Did you see what has happened because of this Time?" Arjun just repeated the word "Time, Time" fully endorsing him. Hearing this Bheem and Nakul and Sahadev also got ready to leave the world. They brought Yuyutsu, the son of his uncle from his Vaishya wife, and Yudhishthir installed him as a king. They installed Pareekshit also on their throne. Installing him on the throne, Yudhishthir said to Subhadraa with tearful eyes - "This son of your son (grandson) will be the king of Kuru Vansh. The survivor of Yadu Vansh, Vajra, has also been installed as king. Pareekshit will rule in Hastinaapur, while Vajra will rule in Shakraprasth. You should protect him, never try to be unrighteous with him."

After saying this, Yudhishthir offered water oblations to Krishn, old maternal uncle (Vasudev) and Balaraam and others. He donated gems, robes, chariots and many other things to Braahman and servants and fed Vyaas, Naarad, Yaagyavalkya Rishi (of Bharadwaaj race) while performing Krishn's Shraaddh. Kripaa was appointed as the Guru of Pareekshit. Then he called his people and told them about their intentions. They got shocked to hear that, but Yudhishthir persuaded them to agree with him.

He then set up his mind to leave the world and so his brothers. They took off their royal attire and wore barks of trees, performed preliminary religious rites and got ready to go. Women started crying seeing them, they remembered the day when they went to forest after got defeated in dice game from Duryodhan. So the seven, Paandav, Draupadee and a dog, set out on their journey. Royal women and people followed them for some distance but could not pursue them to return so they came back. Uloopee (Arjun's wife - the daughter of Naag chief) entered the waters of Gangaa. Princess Chitraangadaa set out to the capital of Manipur.

Paandav and Draupadee, after their preliminary fast, went facing eastward. (see the note here "Swargaarohan Place"). They crossed various countries, rivers and seas. Yudhishthir was in front, then was Bheem, next walked Arjun, After him were twins according to their birth, and they were followed by Draupadee. While they were going like this, a dog followed them. Walking thus they came to the sea of red waters. Arjun had not yet abandoned his Gaandeev and the two inexhaustible quivers (given by Agni Dev). So now Paandav saw Agni Dev standing in front of them. Devtaa of seven flames said to Paandav - "O Paandav, I am Agni Dev. The forest of Khaandav was burned by me through Arjun and Naaraayan Himself. Arjun should abandon this bow and then should proceed to forest. He does not need it now. That precious Divine disc has also disappeared from he world. When the time will come it will come back in His hands. This bow was procured by me from Varun to be used by Arjun, Give it back to Varun." At this all the brothers asked him to do what Agni Dev said to him. So Arjun threw that bow and quivers in water.

After this they proceeded towards south. Then by the northern shore of the salt sea, they started proceeding towards south-west. Turning next towards the west they saw Dwaarakaa city covered by the ocean. From there they turned north, thus they took a round of the earth."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Then they proceeded towards north and saw Himvant mountain. After crossing it they saw a vast desert of sand, and then saw the Meru Parvat. They were walking quickly engrossed in Yog, that Draupadee fell down from Yog. Seeing her falling down Bheem asked Yudhishthir - "Draupadee never did any sinful act, then why did she fall down on earth?" Yudhishthir replied - "Although we were equal to her, still she had great partiality for Arjun. That is the fruit of that conduct." And Yudhishthir continued his journey. Next Sahadev fell down. Seeing him falling down Bheem asked him again - "He was serving us with great humility, then why did he fall down?" Yudhishthir said - "He was very proud of his wisdom, that is why he fell down." And Yudhishthir again continued his journey leaving Sahadev there.  Nakul loved his family very much, so seeing Draupadee and Sahadev falling down, he himself fell down. Seeing him falling down Bheem asked - "He was unrivalled for his beauty, very righteous and obeyed us sincerely, he has also fallen down." Yudhishthir said - "He was very righteous and very intelligent, but was proud of his beauty. That is why he fell down. Whatever is written in one's fate, one has to endure it."

Seeing all these falling down, Arjun also fell down with great grief. Seeing him falling down, who was energetic like Indra, Bheem said to Yudhishthir - "I don't remember if he spoke any lie in his life, not even in jest, then what did he do so he fell down like this?" Yudhishthir said - "Arjun said , "We could kill all our enemies in one day. He was proud of his bravery. He did not accomplish what he said. He disregarded all bowmen. Who desires for prosperity should never indulge himself in such emotions." After saying so to Bheem, Yudhishthir continued his journey. After a while Bheem also fell down, Bheem asked him - "I am so dear to you. For what reason I have fallen down? Please tell me if you know it." Yudhishthir said - "You were a great eater and boasted for your strength. You never cared for others while eating. It is for this reason that you fell down." saying this Yudhishthir went on without looking back. Now he had only one companion - the dog who was following them since they started their journey."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Then Indra came to Yudhishthir with a loud sound with a Vimaan and asked him to ascend it. Yudhishthir said - "My all brothers have fallen down. I do not wish to go to Heaven without them. Even the delicate Draupadee should also go with me. Please permit this." Indra said - "You will see your brothers and Draupadee there in Heaven. They have already reached there after casting off their human bodies. But for you, as it is ordained for you, you should go with this body only." At this Yudhishthir said - "This dog should also go with me. He is devoted to me." Indra said - "Immortality and a status like mine and prosperity all are yours, leave this dog here. You will not be called cruel." Yudhishthir said - "It is very difficult for me who is a staunch follower of righteousness. I cannot take that prosperity for which I will have to abandon who is devoted to me."

Indra said - "There is no place in the Heaven for the people with dog. Besides, Krodhvash take the merits of such people, so abandon this dog and come with me." Yudhishthir again said - "It is sinful to leave that who is devoted. Its sin is like Brahm Hatyaa (killing of a Braahman), so I am not abandoning this dog for my happiness. Even I will not leave that person who is terrified, or devoted to me, or has sought my protection, or is afflicted, or is destitute, or is weak to protect himself, or is solicitous of life until the last moment of my life."

Indra again tried to convince him - "Whatever gifts are given or whatever is poured in Yagya fire, if a dog sees it, is taken away by Krodhvash, so leave this dog. You will attain good regions. You have already attained region of comforts by abandoning your brothers and Draupadee, then why are behaving like this? When you have abandoned everything, why can't you abandon this dog?" Yudhishthir said - "Everybody knows that there exists neither friendship nor enmity with the dead. When my brothers and Draupadee died, I could not give them life so I abandoned them. I myself did not abandon them till they were alive. A frightened one who has sought protection, the killing of a woman, stealing Braahman's things, and injuring a friend - each of these four is equal to abandoning a devotee of yours."

Hearing this the dog changed his form and assumed the form of Dharm Raaj (Yudhishthir's father) and spoke in soft sweet voice - "You are born in a noble family. You are kind to all creatures. Before also I tested you in Dwait Van when your brothers were lying dead. You did not ask to revive your own two mighty brothers (Bheem and Arjun), rather you prayed to revive Nakul to do good for your stepmother. Today you renounced even the celestial Vimaan for a dog, that is why there is no one who can be comparable to you in Heaven. All kinds of felicities are yours."

Then Dharm Raaj, Indra and Marut took Yudhishthir along with them in that celestial Vimaan to Heaven. Seeing him, Naarad Jee said - "No one has been seen coming to Heaven in his own body except Yudhishthir." Yudhishthir said - "Whether I am happy or miserable, I wish to go with my brothers. I do not wish to go anywhere else." Indra said - "You live here which you have achieved by your own meritorious deeds. Why do you still want human beings' affection? Your brothers have already attained good regions, but human affection is still in your heart." Yudhishthir said - "I do not want to go anywhere else, I just want to go where my brothers are. I want to go where Draupadee is."

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