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14-Ashwamedh Parv, 11-15
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Krishn Consoles Yudhishthir

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Vyaas had finished, Krishn said to Yudhishthir - "All crookedness of heart leads to destruction, and all polity leads to Braahman. if this is the aim of true wisdom then what mental distraction can do to him who understands this? I tell you the story of the war of Indra and Vritraasur, as I have heard it. In olden times Vritraasur used to rule over Prithvi, so the environment became polluted. Indra got very angry at this and threw his Vajra at him. Vritraasur entered the waters and destroyed their property. As he seized the water, its liquid property was gone. Indra again hit him with his Vajra, this time he entered the Jyoti (luminous property) and its color and form were gone, at this Indra hit him third time and this time Vritraasur entered Vaayu (air) and absorbed its property. Indra again hit him and he entered Aakaash (space) and took away its property - sound. Indra again hit him with his Vajra, this time he entered Indra's body and took away his essential attributes. Indra was filled with illusions. We have heard that in such situation Vashishth Jee consoled Indra and Indra killed Vritraasur by an invisible Vajra. This mystery was told by Indra himself to sages and they told it to me."

Krishn continued - "There are two types of afflictions - physical and mental. They are produced by the mutual action of the body and mind on each other; and they never arise without the interaction of the two. The ailment which is in the body is called physical illness, and the illness which is relate to mind is called mental illness. Sat, Rajas and Taamas are the attributes of the soul. When they are correct proportion, it represents the good health of mind. Happiness is overcome by sorrow and sorrow is overcome by pleasure. Some people remember past sorrows while they are enjoying pleasures presently; while some like to remember past happiness when they are grieved presently. But you don't want to remember either sorrows or pleasures. You do not wish to remember Draupadee standing in the assembly hall in one cloth to cover her body, or your departure from the city, or your exile period, fight with Jataasur etc. This is the time now that you each must fight with your mind, therefore you also must with your mind, and if you got defeated in this fight, it will be very sad state for you."

Krishn continued - "You cannot attain Moksh by giving up outward things like kingdom, but those things which are dear to the body. There is a word with two letters "Mrityu" (death) and a words with three letters "Shaa-shwa-t", means Brahm, means eternal. The consciousness that "this thing is mine or yours", or attachment to the worldly things is Mrityu; and the absence of that feeling is Shaashwat. Both these are in everybody's soul and remaining unseen wage war with each other. And if it be true, that no creature is ever destroyed, then one is not guilty of another's death by just destroying his body. What matters to a man the most that even after attaining the sovereignty of the whole Earth he is not attached to it and not engrossed in pleasures. While a man who lives in forest on grass, roots and fruits and still longs for worldly pleasures or is addicted to them, he may be said to bear Mrityu in his mouth.

There is no act without Kaam (desire) at its root; that is why wise men control their desires that is the root of all true virtue. Such people do not engage themselves in charity, Vedic learning, asceticism, Vedic rites whose objective is to attain worldly prosperity. This truth is illustrated in Kaam Geetaa, you listen to it - Kaam says - "No creature can destroy me without proper methods (by controlling his desires and Yog etc). If somebody wants to prevail on me by saying prayers, I delude him with the belief that I am the subjective ego within him. If he wants to destroy me by means of sacrifice and many gifts, I deceive him by appearing in his mind as a most virtuous creature of the world. If somebody wants to kill me by studying Ved and Vedaang, I seem to him as the soul of virtue amongst all immobile creation. If he wishes to kill me by sticking to truth or to patience, I overpower him by appearing as his mind so that he does not perceive my existence.

If somebody wants to destroy me by asceticism, I appear in his mind as asceticism, so that he does not know me. if a man of learning wants to destroy me by the desire of salvation, then I laugh at him. I am immortal." For this reason you also divert your desires to virtue so that you may attain whatever is good for you. Make preparations for Ashwamedh and other Yagya to get fame. You cannot see those people died in battle again."

After all these speeches by his brothers, Krishn, Braahman, Rishi etc, Yudhishthir got consoled and regained his kingdom. He said to Naarad and other Rishi - "Now I am at peace, so I will perform sacrifices with your assistance. You will guide me to do these sacrifices." The saints disappeared towards Himaalaya to make preparations for sacrifice and Yudhishthir etc got busy in doing last rites of Bheeshm and other Kaurav etc.

Janamejaya asked - "What did Arjun and Krishn do after Paandav had regained their kingdom?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They got retired and traveled with great pleasure. They passed some time in great assembly hall of Indra Prasth. Krishn again consoled Arjun on the death of his sons and relatives. Krishn said - "Yudhishthir has won this Prithvi relying on your power. He is enjoying all this relying on your might only. I am very happy to see you here. But it has long time passed since I have seen Vasudev, Baladev and my other relatives, so I wish to go to Dwaarakaa. When Yudhishthir was afflicted, Bheeshm and I told him so many things which in spite knowing all he heard them all with due attention. Now you tell him that I wish to go to Dwaarakaa, I do not want to do anything which displeases him, even if death comes to me. I do not see any reason also to stay here also as all your enemies are dead, the Earth is yours, except my affection for you." Arjun got sad hearing this but said, "Be it so".


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