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45-Krishn Avataar-3

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45-Krishn Avataar-3
2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 975-982

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Defeat of Jaraasandh, Dwaarakaa, Kaalayavan Vadh, Muchukund's Mukti
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Mahaadev Jee said - "Hey Paarvatee, Vasudev Jee performed Upanayan Sanskaar under the guidance of Garg Aachaarya. They went to Saandeepan Muni to obtain education. They learned Ved from him and paid Guru Dakshinaa by bringing his dead son back. They came back to Mathuraa. Hearing the news of killing of Kans by Krishn, his father-in-law Jaraasandh came to invade Mathuraa with his several Akshauhinee army. Krishn remembered His Saarathee Daaruk who immediately came there with His Sugreevpushpak chariot. Divine and Sanaatan horses were yoked in it, and all kinds of weapons were kept in it. Krishn assumed His 4-armed form, embarked on His chariot with Balaraam. He came forward to fight with Jaraasandh and in a few moments He killed all his army. Seeing his army killed, Jaraasandh came to fight with Balaraam. A great fight took place between them. Balaraam was about to kill him that Krishn stopped him - "Brother, Do not kill him." Balaraam came back and both brothers went back to Mathuraa.

Jaraasandh went to Kaalayavan. Kaalayavan had a very large army. There he told him about the bravery of both the brothers. Kaalayavan got very angry hearing this, he gathered his army of Mlechchh and attacked Mathuraa. At the same time He asked Saagar to give Him some land to protect the people of Mathuraa. Saagar gave him 30 Yojan land where He built Dwaarakaa Puree which was even better than Indra's Amaraavatee. Bhagavaan lifted all the people of whole Mathuraa sleeping and pit them in Dwaarakaa. All of them found themselves in golden palaces. Krishn and Balaraam came out to fight with Kaalayavan. Krishn killed his most army with His Shaarng bow. Then He fought with him with His Gadaa. At last He ran away from the battlefield.

Kaalayavan also ran after Him saying, "Stop, Stop" but He continued to run and entered a cave of a mountain. There was sleeping Muchukund. Krishn stood at a place where Kaalayavan could not see Him. As Kaalayavan entered the cave he saw Muchukund sleeping on the floor. He kicked him taking him as Krishn. Muchukund woke up and as he looked at Kaalayavan with anger, he got burnt to ashes. Then he saw Bhagavaan standing before him, he got up and said - "Oh, It is my good luck that I am seeing you." He then prayed Him. Krishn asked him to ask for any Var. He asked for Moksh which Krishn readily gave to him. Muchukund left his human form, assumed Hari's form and went to Sanaatan Dhaam riding on Garud."

Sudharmaa Sabhaa and Rukminee's Marriage

Mahaadev Jee said - "Paarvatee, Krishn then came out of the cave. Hearing the killing of Kaalayavan, Jaraasandh came again to fight with Krishn and Balaraam. Krishn again killed his almost all army and he himself fell down unconscious. This time he could not dare to fight with Balaraam. He considered them invincible and ran away to his capital. After this Krishn and Balaraam went to Dwaarakaa. Indra sent Vaayu Dev and present Him Sudharmaa named court. That court was made of diamond and Vaidoorya Mani (Lahasuniyaa).

In those days, there was a King named Raivat born in Ikshwaaku lineage. He had a daughter named Ravatee. He married his daughter to Balaraam Jee. In Vidarbh Desh, Bheeshmak named King was ruling. He had Rukmee etc several son and had a beautiful daughter named Rukminee. She was born from the part of Lakshmee. In Raam Avataar time whoever was Seetaa, the same was Rukminee in Krishn Avataar times. In earlier time whoever were Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh, the same were born as Shishupaal and Dantvakra in Krishn times. Both of these were born in Chedi Vansh. Both were very mighty. Prince Rukmee wanted to marry his sister Rukminee to Shishupaal, but Rukminee did not want to marry him. So Bheeshmak started preparation to marry Rukminee to Shishupaal. Rukminee sent her Purohit to Dwaaraka sending a message that she wanted to marry Him.

Purohit went to Dwaarakaa and told everything to Krishn. Krishn called His Saarathee and he took Krishn and Balaraam to Vidarbh Desh. On the day of her marriage, in the evening Rukminee came out to worship Durgaa Maa. Krishn arrived there at the same time. Krishn lifted Rukminee from her chariot and set off towards Dwaarakaa. When Jaraasandh, and Rukmee etc heard this they followed them. Seeing this Balabhadra got down and started killing enemy's army with his Pestle. All became afflicted . Rukmee was fighting with Krishn. Krishn picked His Shaarng bow and killed his Saarathee, broke his chariot and killed his horses with one arrow only. He came on the foot to fight. Krishn took one sharp knife and shaved his head and freed him. Rukmee got very ashamed and did not go to Vidarbh Desh and started living outside the city. Krishn brought Rukminee to Dwaarakaa and married her. Nand Jee, Yashodaa, and other Gop women and Gwaal Baal also came in this marriage. Everybody celebrated the marriage with great pomp and show."

Krishn's Other Marriages, Syaamantak Mani, Narakaasur Vadh
It is very similar to Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u7-10

Mahaadev Jee said - "Paarvatee, King Satraajit had a daughter who was born from the part of Bhoo Devee, her name was Satyaa (Satyabhaamaa). Satyabhaamaa was the second wife of Krishn. His third wife was Soorya's daughter Kaalindee who was born from Leelaa Devee's part. Then Krishn married Vindaanuvind's daughter Mitravindaa bringing her from her Swayamvar. There He tied 7 bulls who were very difficult to control, with only one rope., and thus married her. The King Satraajit had a Syaamantak Mani (gem) which he had given to his younger brother Prasenjit. One day Krishn asked that Mani from Prasenjit. Prasenjit replied rudely - "This Mani gives me gold daily equal to 8 Bhaar, therefore I cannot give this to anybody." Krishn got silent.

One day Krishn, Prasenjit and some Yaadav went to hunt in a forest. Prasenjit alone went inside that forest leaving others behind. There a lion killed him and took that Mani from him. Jaambvaan killed the lion and took that Mani from him. Soon he went to his cave. There lived Divine women. When evening fell, Vaasudev also set off to come back to His home. On that day it was Chaturthee (Chauth), and He saw that Chauth Moon and entered the city. All people started saying - "It seems that Krishn has killed Prasenjit and taken that Mani; and after that He has come to Dwaarakaa." When Krishn heard this, He again went to the same forest with some Yadu people. There He found the dead body of Prasenjit, which He showed to everybody. Thus He saved Himself from the blame that He killed Prasenjit.

Then He asked His army to wait there only and He Himself entered the forest alone. There He saw a huge cave, so He entered that cave. Inside that cave there was a big house which was illuminating by various kinds of Mani. There He saw that Mani  hung from a string over a swing in which Jaambvaan's son was lying. His caretaker was singing a lullaby for him - "Prasen was killed lion, lion was killed by Jaambvaan, O beautiful child, do not weep, this Syaamantak Mani is yours only." Hearing this Vaasudev blew His conch and Jaambvaan came out Then both fought for 10 nights. When Jaambvaan felt weak, he remembered Raam's word. He thought, "It seems that He is my Lord Raam. He has come here to fulfill my wishes." Thinking this he stopped the fight and asked Krishn - "Who are you? And how have you come here?"

Krishn said - "My name is Vaasudev and I am Vasudev's son. You have brought my Syaamantak Mani, give me that Mani immediately otherwise you will be killed." Jaambvaan got very happy to hear this He immediately prostrated before Krishn and said - "Prabhu, I am blessed by your Darshan. I am your servant from the first Avataar. In earlier times I wished for the fight, so You have fulfilled it today. Forgive me for this fight with my Lord."

After falling on Krishn's feet repetitively, he seated Him on a gem-studded throne and worshipped Him. Then he gave Him his daughter Jaambvatee as His wife along with many valuable Mani and Syaamantak Mani. Krishn married her happily and gave Moksh to Jaambvaan. He came out of the cave with Jaambvatee and came back to Dwaarakaa. There He gave that Mani to Satraajit and Satraajit gave that Mani to his daughter Satyabhaamaa. If somebody sees Bhaadrapad Shukla Chauth Moon, he is blamed for nothing; therefore one should not see Moon on that day. If somehow one sees it, he should listen to this Syaamantak Mani's story. This clears him.

Madra's King had three daughters - Sulakshmanaa, Naagnjitee, and Susheelaa. These three chose Krishn in their Swayamvar, and Krishn married them the same day. Thus Krishn had 8 chief queens - (1) Rukminee, (2) Satyabhaamaa, (3) Kaalindee, (4) Mitravindaa, (5) Jaambvatee, (6) Naagnjitee, (7) Sulakshmanaa and (8) Susheelaa.


There was a Raakshas named Narakaasur who was born from Bhoomi. He defeated all Devtaa and took Devtaa's mother Aditi's earrings. Besides he took Devtaa's various Mani, Airaavat elephant, Uchchshraivaa horse, Kuber's Mani, and Padmnidhi named conch also. He wandered in sky and lived in a city in sky. One day all Devtaa went to Krishn and told Him their saga. Krishn made them fearless and remembered His Garud. He rode him with Satyabhaamaa and went to Narakaasur's city. Even Devtaa could not enter that city. It had several coverings. Krishn cut all of them together with His Chakra. All Raakshas came out of the city and were killed by Krishn. Then Krishn blew His Paanchjanya conch. Hearing conch's sound, Narakaasur came out of the city and a great fight started between them. Krishn released a Divine Astra which pierced his heart and he fell down. Then at the request of Bhoomi, He went to him and asked him to ask for a Var. Narakaasur said to Krishn sitting on Garud - "O Lord of all Bhoot Krishn, I don't need any Var, still I ask you one think for other's welfare, that whoever people should take auspicious bath on my death day, they should never attain Narak (Hell)." Krishn said - "So be it." and Narakaasur died. He got Bhagavaan's form.

Krishn entered his city and returned all things he took from Devtaa to Devtaa. He had taken 16,000 princess of various kingdoms after winning them, they all were imprisoned in his palace. Seeing beautiful Krishn, they all wished to marry Him, so He married all of them in the same Lagna. All the sons of Narakaasur came to Krishn with Prithvi Devee and at the request of Prithvi He crowned them to rule Narakaasur's kingdom. Then He sent all the women to Dwaarakaa by Indra's Vimaan and He Himself went to Swarg lok to see Devtaa's mother Aditi with Satyabhaamaa. Krishn greeted Aditi and Aditi seated Him on a beautiful Aasan. Then she worshipped Him.

Satyabhaamaa went to Shachee's palace. Indraanee seated her on a comfortable Aasan and worshipped her. At the same time her maid brought some Paarijaat flowers. Shachee took those flowers and tucked them in her hair and ignored Satyabhaamaa. She didn't give those flowers to her thinking "That these flowers are only for Devtaa and Satyabhamaa is a human being, and she is she is not supposed to use them." Satyabhaamaa left Shachee's place in anger. She said to Krishn, "That Shachee is very proud of her Paarijaat flowers. She tucked them in her hair without offering to me." Hearing this Vaasudev uprooted that tree, kept it on Garud and set off to Dwaarakaa. Seeing this Indra got very angry and he started showering weapons on Janaardan, but he could not stand for long in front of His Chakra and Garud's feathers.

Frightened Indra got down from his Airaavat elephant and said to Krishn - "Krishn, This Paarijaat is for Devtaa. In earlier times only you gave this to us. How it will stay in Manushya Lok?" Krishn said - "Dev Raaj, Shachee has insulted Satyabhaamaa in your house. She did not give them to her and tucked them in her hair only, that is why I have taken this tree. I have promised to Satyabhaamaa that I will plant this tree in your palace, therefore, at least today, you cannot get this Paarijaat. Till I will live there, Paarijaat will also stay there in my palace." And Krishn came back to Dwaarakaa. He planted this tree in Satyabhaamaa's palace and enjoyed His all wives in their palaces.

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