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46-Krishn Avataar-4

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46-Krishn Avataar-4
2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 982-989

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Marriage of Aniruddh and Ushaa

Mahaadev Jee said - "Hey Paarvatee, Krishn had Pradyumn from Rukminee. He was the part of Kaam Dev. He was very mighty. He killed Shambaraasur. He had the son named Aniruddh from Rukmee's daughter. Aniruddh married Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa. Its story is like this - One day Ushaa saw a blue-complexioned young man in her dreams and talked to him with love. But as she woke up and did not see him in front of her, she said - "Where have you gone leaving me alone?" Now Ushaa had a friend named Chitralekhaa. Seeing Ushaa sad she asked her - "What is the matter?" Ushaa told her everything. Chitralekhaa drew the pictures of many Devtaa, good human beings on cloth. She drew the pictures of Krishn, Balabhadra, Pradyumn, Aniruddh, etc also. Seeing Aniruddh's picture Ushaa said - "This is the one."

Chitralekhaa took many Daitya women and brought sleeping Aniruddh to Ushaa's bed in Baanaasur's palace. When Aniruddh woke up he found himself sleeping on a  very clean and comfortable bed. And near him was sitting beautiful Ushaa. Aniruddh stays there in Ushaa's palace for one month for her happiness. One day some women of inner apartments saw him and informed Baanaasur. Baanaasur was filled with rage. He asked his servants to bring him to him. As the servants came there, Aniruddh pulled up a pillar of the palace and killed them all with it only. Seeing his servants killed, Baanaasur got curious about Aniruddh.

In the meantime Naarad Jee came and told him about Aniruddh that he is the grandson of Krishn. He came to him with the intention to arrest himself. He released Sarp Astra and tied him with it. Naarad Jee told all this to Krishn also. Hearing this Krishn, Pradyumn and Baladev Jee came to fight with Baanaasur with His army. Long before, Baanaasur pleased Shiv Jee by his Tapasyaa and asked him the Var that he should stay in his city as his guard. Shiv Jee accepted his request, so he with his son and Paarshad stayed at his city gate as his guard. So when Krishn came there with His army, he also came out to face them. Seeing Shiv Jee at the gate, Krishn asked His army to stay back and He Himself with Balabhadra and Pradyumn came forward to fight with them.

Once Balaraam Jee hit his Moosal (pestle) on Ganesh Jee's tusk, this broke his tusk and he ran away from there on his mouse. Since then the broken tooth Ganesh Jee is known as "Ekdant" among Devtaa, Gandharv and in this Lok. Balaraam Jee pushed Shiv Jee's all Gan back from the battlefield. Shiv released "Taap Jwar" on Krishn, but Krishn's "Sheet Jwar" took care of it. Both Astra came to Manushya Lok by their order. Who hear the account of Shiv and Krishn's fight, they never suffer with Jwar (fever).

After this Baanaasur came to fight with Bhagavaan, but Bhagavaan cut his arms with His Chakra. Seeing this Shankar Jee said to Krishn - "Prabho, He is the son of Raajaa Bali. I have bestowed him with the boon of Immortality. Please keep my Var in mind and forgive him." Krishn called His Chakra back and freed Baanaasur. After that Shiv went to Kailaash Parvat and Baanaasur greeted Krishn and Balaraam. He freed Aniruddh and married his daughter Ushaa to Aniruddh. All came back to Dwaarakaa and lived happily.

Paundrak, Jaraasandh, Shishupaal and Dantvakra Vadh

Mahaadev Jee said - "Kaashee's King Paundrak Vaasudev did the Jap of my 5-letter Mantra for 12 years in Kaashee. At that time he worshipped my by his eyes. I became very pleased with him and asked him to ask for any Var. He asked me the same form as of Vaasudev. I gave him that - 4 arms with Shankh, Chakra, lotus flower and Gadaa; large eyes, crown, earrings, yellow cloth and Kaustubh Mani etc. So he started deluding people that he was Vaasudev. One day Naarad Jee told him that he could not be Vaasudev without defeating Krishn. Hearing this he invaded Dwaarakaa with his Chaturanginee army. As he arrived at the gate of the city, he sent his messenger saying that he was Vaasudev and had come to fight and without defeating him He cannot be called Vaasudev. Hearing this Krishn came to fight with him riding Garud. He saw Paundrak like Himself. Bhagavaan killed his all army within two Ghadee. Then He threw his head with crown and earrings in his inner apartments. People there got very surprised to see it.

On the other hand Jaraasandh used to trouble Yaadav. So they complained about this to Him. Krishn consulted Bheem and Arjun - "This Jaraasandh has worshipped Mahaadev, therefore by his grace he cannot be killed by any weapon, but anyhow he has to be killed." After pondering a little Krishn said to Bheem - "Make a dual fight with him." So all went to Jaraasandh in disguise of Braahman. Jaraasandh welcomed them, worshipped them and asked them the reason of their coming. At this Krishn said - "We are Krishn, Bheem and Arjun and have come to you for fighting. Accept any one of use for it." Jaraasandh chose Bheemsen for fighting. The fighting began and continued for 27 days. After that Bheem killed him following the hint given by Krishn - ripping his body in two parts. Krishn freed those kings whome Jaraasandh had imprisoned. They prayed Bhagavaan and went to their own countries.

After this Krishn went to Indraprasth and organized Raajsooya Yagya for Yudhishthir. After the Yagya was over, by the order of Bheeshm Jee, Yudhidhthir first worshipped Hari. At that time Shishupaal abused Him a lot. Then Krishn cut his head by His Chakra. He attained Hari's form after taking three lives. Hearing the killing of Shishupaal, Dantvakra went to Mathuraa to fight with Krishn, so Krishn went to Mathuraa to fight with him. The fight continued day and night. In the end, Krishn hit him with His Gadaa and killed him. He also attained Hari's form. Thus Jaya and Vijaya were born three times and were killed by Bhagavaan all the three times. This time they attained Moksh.

After killing Dantvakra, Krishn went to Brij and met with Nand and Yashodaa and other Gop. He gave all of them including animals, birds etc His own form and send all of them to His Param Dhaam.

Prosperity to Sudaamaa

In Dwaarakaa Vasudev, Ugrasen, Sankarsha, Pradyumn etc Yaadav worshipped Krishn. And that Krishn enjoyed His 16,008 queens everyday. Krishn and Balaraam had a class fellow who was very poor. One day he came to Dwaarakaa to see them carrying a handful Chivadaa (beaten rice) got in alms tied in an old rag and stood at the gate of Rukminee's palace. Krishn saw him and considering that a Braahman had come to His home, He took him inside the palace. He was trembling with fear, but Bhagavaan Himself washed his feet taking water from Rukminee's hands. He offered him sweet food and He Himself took that Chivadaa. As He put Chivadaa in His mouth, that Braahman became rich; but at that time He did not give him anything, so when he was going back he was thinking that his friend did not give him anything. When he arrived at his home he found that he had become rich. Then he thought that it was all by the grace of his friend. With that money he enjoyed his life with his wife and did many Yagya. In the end he attained Param Dhaam.

Dhritraashtra's son Duryodhan had taken Paandav's kingdom by cheating and exiled them. So Paandav lived in the forest with Draupadee for 12 years. They had to live in Agyaatvaas for 1 year. This 1 year they spent in Matsya Desh's King Viraat's court. Even after this Duryodhan did not give them their kingdom, so they had to fight for it. A great war took place in Kurukshetra field. In this war, Krishn worked as Saarathee of Arjun. He gave His power to Arjun and his 11 Akshauhhinee army and killed all great warriors of Duryodhan's army. He established Paandav at their place and then came back to Dwaarakaa.

After some time a Vaidik Braahman started crying at the gate of the King's court carrying his 5-year old child's corpse. He blame Krishn for his child's death. First Krishn remained silent. The Braahman continued - "My five sons have died before also. This one is the sixth one. If Krishn will not give him life, I will die here only." At the same time Arjun came to see Krishn and saw that Braahman crying like this. He felt sympathetic to him so he made him fearless and vowed to bring back life to his son. Braahman got happy to hear this. Arjun tried his best - by Sanjeevan Astra etc, but that child did not come back to life.  Seeing his vow fail, he decided to give his life with that Braahman.

Seeing all this krishn came out and said to Braahman - "I will bring your all sons back." He went to Vishnu Lok with Arjun riding His Garud. There they saw Naaraayan sitting with Lakshmee Jee. They both greeted Him. Naaraayan embraced them and asked the reason to come there. Krishn said - Bhagavan, Give me the Braahman's sons back." Bhagavaan gave those sons back to Krishn. Krishn came back to Dwaarakaa and gave his sons back to him. Braahman also blessed Him and Arjun's vow was also fulfilled. After this Arjun went back to Hastinaapur.

Krishn had 10 million (1 Crore) sons. It is said in this regard that Krishn had 10 million and 800 (1 Crore 800) sons. Among all His sons, Rukminee's son Pradyumn was the eldest.

All Yaadav Are Killed

One day Yaadav princes went for fun on the banks of Narmadaa River. Maharshi Kanv was doing Tapasyaa there. The princes disguised Jaambvatee's son Saamb as a woman and tied a Moosal (pestle) to his stomach. Then they came to Rishi and asked him - "Muni, Tell us, does she have a girl or a boy in her womb?" Muni knew everything, so he said in anger - "You will all be killed by this Moosal only." Hearing this all got very sad and worried. They told everything to Krishn. Krishn ordered to throw it in a pond after crushing it into powder. That powder grew in large reeds. A small piece of Moosal remained from being powder. It was like the pinkie finger. A fish swallowed that piece. A Nishaad caught that fish and found that remain of Moosal in its stomach. He made the front part of arrow from that remaining part. After some time all Yaadav were killed  by those reeds while arguing with one another.

Krishn was very sad with this episode, so He was sleeping under a tree. Except Krishn all Yaadav were killed and mingled with their Devtaa form. Thus after killing all by Moosal, Bhagavaan was lying under the shade of Kalp Vriksh. He was ready to leave this world by putting His one foot on His another knee. At the same time that Nishaad, under the influence of Kaal, released the same arrow which he made by the remains of Moosal, at Bhagavaan's feet thinking that it was a deer. When he came near, he recognized Bhagavaan. He started trembling with fear and said - "Naath, I committed a great crime." and fell on His feet.

Krishn lifted him with His own hands and said - "You have not committed any crime." and gave him His Sanaatan Lok. He went to Vishnu Dhaam with his wife and children. At the same time Daaruk came with the chariot. Krishn asked him to call Arjun. Arjun came and sat with folding hands before Him. Krishn said - "I will go to my Param Dhaam, you go to Dwaarakaa and bring my 8 chief queens to go with me." Arjun went to Dwaarakaa and Krishn went to His Param Dhaam. Arjun told everything to Vasudev, Ugrasen and Krishn's chief wives. They all came to the place where Arjun left Krishn. The queens got absorbed in Krishn's form and Vasudev and Ugrasen etc also attained Vaasudev. Revatee entered the pyre taking Balaraam's body and went to her husband's Lok - Sankarshan Lok. In the same way Rukmee's daughter with Pradyumn, Ushaa with Aniruddh, and the wives of other Yadu people went to their husbands. Arjun did the last rietes of all of them. Daaruk also went to Param Dhaam. Sudharmaa court and Paarijaat Vriksh also went to their places. Arjun also came back to his city. Thus Bhagavaan incarnated in Yadu Kul and killed so many Daitya.

This was Krishn's life in short. Whoever reads or listens to or thinks about it, attains good results, Param Pad and gets freed from all kinds of sins. He incarnates in different situations, in different periods, for different purpose. He will incarnate in the end of Kali Yug in a Braahman's house to kill Mlechchh."



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