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Time Indicated in MBH

The following texts prove the time spent and ages of some personalities in MBH

Ved Vyaas Jee wrote MBH after Paandav died.

4 years for Kaurav to be born
Gaandhaaree gave birth to her children in four years - 2 years, in womb and 2 years outside in pitchers.
Besides, they all were born within one month. [G-1-Beginning/6]

Yudhishthir was born in Abhijeet Muhoort, when the Jyeshthaa star was with Moon Ascendant, on Kaarttik Shukla 5,. (G-1-Beginning/8)

1 year in Baaranaavat
Paandav lived in Baaranaavat for 1 year.  (G-3-Youth/2)

1 Year in Kaampilya after Marrying Draupadee
Paandav lived with Drupad for 1 year after marrying Draupadee. (G-0-Prolog/12)
Arjun's 12 years of Exile
1 Night with Uloopee
Arjun passed only one night with Uloopee.

3 years with Chitraangadaa
Arjun lived in manipur with Chaitraangadaa or 3 years

1 Year in Dwaarakaa
He passed 1 year in Dwaarakaa after marrying Subhadraa. (G-3-Youth/14)

1 year in Pushkar
he spent his last year of exile in Pushkar. (G-3-Youth/14)
5 years - 5 sons of Draupadee
Draupadee's five sons from five Paandav were born with the interval of one year each. (G-3-Youth/14)

15 Days Khaandav Van Fire
Khaandav Van fire continued for 15 days
and spared 6 creatures - Maya Daanav, Ashwasen, and 4 birds - Shaarngakaah. (G-3-Youth/16)

13 years in Exile
5 years in Swarg
Arjun spent 5 years in Swarg, and Paandav spent 4 years in Kuber's Garden. Paandav mentioned that it was their 11th year. It means that before Arjun went to Swarg Paandav had spent only 2 years in the forest (then Arjun spent 5 years in Swarg + all spent 4 years in Kuber's garden) (G-4-Van/30) - [3-ch 175]

1 Year in Vishaakh Van
After returning from Kuber's place Paandav stayed in Vishaakh Yoop Van for 1 year (G-4-Van/30) - [3-ch 176]

When Duryodhan did his Vaishnav Yagya, Paandav were living in Dwait Van.
After Duryodhan's Vaishnav Yagya had finished they had completed 1 year 8 months.
Then they moved to Kaamyak van. [G-4-Van/47]  - By this time Paandav had spent 11 years of their 12-year exile in forest

Bheem  -  Bheem was 60 years old when he was passing the 13th year of their exile in Viraat's city  (G-4-Van/59) - [Viraat Parv, 4/13]
Keechak saw Draupadee in the 10th month of the 13th year.  (G-4-Van/60)  [Viraat Parv, 15]

Draupadee met Bheem with the intention to punish Keechak 15 days before their 13th year was to finish.  (G-4-Van-61) [Viraat Parv, 4/21]
Draupadee asked permission from Sudeshnaa to live in Viraat Nagar for 13 days more.

If Duryodhan received the news of Keechak's killing on the next day, Trigart left for Matsya Desh to abduct their cows, and Susharmaa left for Matsya Desh on the Krishn 7th for seizing the cows. And on the Krishn 8th Kaurav left for Matsya Desh to abduct their cows..

Arjun  -  In G-4-Van/64, Arjun says to Uttar that he had his Gaandeev bow for 65 years. This shows that at that time he must be at least 80 years old, because certainly he did not get it on the day of his birth as a gift.  See the Note in G-4-Van/64.

Uttar  -  There Uttar mentions that he had not heard of Paandav since they got defeated in Dice game. It means he had not heard of them for 13 years. And to know about them, to remember about them he should have been about 10 years old, so it means that at that he should be around 23 years old - G-4-Van/64.

The day Arjun fought with Kaurav, was his first day of the end of their 13th year.
After War
War happened in 3139 BC
Yudhishthir reigned Hastinaapur for 36 years and 8 months
The day Krishn left for His heavenly abode, Kali Yug came the same day
And the catastrophic rain, storm and sea deluge lasted for 7 days and it totally drowned Dwaarakaa Puree
This catastrophic even is recorded in Babylonian's ancient town Ur (mythologized in the West as Noah's Flood and the ancient Maayan records. The dates of both events are the same.

Pareekshit ruled for 60 years. He was the first king of Kali Yug. (G-0-Prolog/10)
His son Janamejaya ruled for 1,000 years. (G-0-Prolog/10)



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