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Whatever the Mahaabhaarat Serial on TV has produced for the people, that is not we are talking about here, but some of its dialogs are very beautiful and powerful, even some are so good that one needs to follow them in their lives. Here are some dialogs from the same.

Shantanu-Bheeshm Dialog
Shaantanu asked Devavrat - "Putra, Share your knowledge with me." Devavrat said - "Father, Knowledge brings humility, humility brings ability, ability helps in getting wealth, wealth helps to fulfill Dharm activities, and Dharm activities give pleasure and comfort and happiness."

Shaantanu asked - "What Vashishth Jee taught you?" Devavrat said - "I learned from him that as a bird can fly only with two wings, in the same way a human being also needs two wings to fly: his one wing is Karm (actions) and the other wing is Gyaan (knowledge). If any one wing is absent, he cannot fly. It means he cannot get Mukti by one wing only."

Devavrat further said - "If you start any project, then take rest after finishing it only, otherwise the project will finish you." Shaantanu asked - "And what Shukra ethics says about this?" Devavrat said - "Only the result of the project can tell you that the beginning of the project was auspicious or inauspicious?"

Shaantanu asked - "And what Parasahuraam Jee taught you?" Devavrat said - "He said that to obey father's orders is the highest Dharm."

Anger's biggest drawback is that it destroys logic, thus an angry person cannot differentiate between faulty and non-faulty, good and bad, right and wrong and thus cannot behave as he should behaved.

Four Physical Appetites
There are four physical appetites - Aahaar (food); Nidraa (sleep), Maithun (sex), and Bhaya (fear).

Knowledge and Wisdom
Knowledge is quantity. Knowledge can be quantified - you can measure it - BA, MA, Ist Div, IInd Div etc.
While Wisdom is quality. It cannot be quantified - there is no way to measure it, and it is eternal."

Knowledge is intellectual
Wisdom is intelligence

For those who are self-centered - there is no fear, no shame;
For money-mongers - there is no Guru or vulnerable ones, no relatives;
For lust-mongers - there is no fear, no shame;
For food-mongers - there is no taste, no cooking;
For education-mongers - there is no comfort, no sleep.

To maintain relationships, sometimes one has to separate himself from the person from whom you want to maintain good relationship.

Rights cannot be taken like that, one has to pay price for them. Sometimes to obtain even one right one has to do several duties.

Shame is the creature of sin and can never be there where there is purity of intention.



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Created by Sushma Gupta On 5/27/04
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