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Boons in Mahaabhaarat

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Some Odd Boons in Mahaabhaarat

There are a few boons which were unbelievable, but the people who were granted them had faith in the boon giver and thus enjoyed their fruits. Surprisingly all these boons were given by Shiv Jee.

(1) Shiv to Ambaa
When Bheeshm reused to accept Ambaa as his wife, Ambaa filled with rage and went or Tap. She pleased Shiv Jee and asked a boon from him that she should be the cause of Bheeshm's death. Shiv Jee granted this boon to her. She asked - "But how I will remember it and how I will go in the battlefield, I am a woman." Shiv Jee said - "You will remember everything and you will be born as a woman but will get manhood later and will be the cause of Bheeshm's death." She gain asked - "But how I will know that who is going to kill him?" Then he gave her a ever-fresh flower garland and said - "You will put this garland in whoever's neck, he will be the killer of Bheeshm." She tried several people but as everybody was scared of Bheeshm, nobody dared to wear it. So she hung it on Drupad's gate and died.

(2) Shiv to Drupad
With reference to above - Drupad did not have a child, so he pleased Shiv Jee. Pleased with his worship when Shiv Jee appeared before him, he asked for a son. Shiv Jee said, "So be it." Later a child was born to Drupad, but it was not a boy, it was a girl. Drupad got surprised, but had faith in Shiv's boon so he brought her up as a son. Nobody knew that she was not a boy. Even Drupad married him to a girl. That girl went back to her house and told her father that the man she was married to was not a man but was a girl. At this girl's father was asked to send some courtesan to test the manhood of Shikhandee. Hearing this Shikhandee ran away from the house and when she was afflicted with sorrow, a Yaksh was going through skyway. He was cursed by Kuber, so he kindly gave her his manhood on the condition that after a year he would take it back.

After getting the manhood, Shikhandee came back and proved himself as a man. Meanwhile Kuber did not pardon his Yaksh so he did not need the manhood and thus Shikhandee remained a man afterwards.

(3) Shiv to Ashwatthaamaa
When Bheem broke Duryodhan's thigh and Paandav left him on the banks of the pond, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and kritvarmaa came to him and asked him what he wanted them to do. He appointed Ashwatthaamaa as his Chief Army General and asked him to bring five Paandav's severed heads. Ashwatthaamaa went to Paandaav's camp along with Kripaa and Kritvarmaa. As he reached the gate he saw a gigantic man standing (he was Shiv). He showered many arrows at him and his all arrows were exhausted. Seeing this he thought to take shelter of Shiv. He promised him to sacrifice his five elements in fire, so a golden altar appeared with a fire upon it. He started offering his body parts in it. Shiv appeared before him and said - "Nobody is so dear to me as Krishn. Till now I have protected Paanchaal on His request, but now their Kaal has come." After saying this Shiv himself gave him a polished sword and entered into his body. Ashwatthaamaa felt a new energy in his body. Thus he killed Ddraupadee's five sons, all Paanchaals including Dhrishtdyumn, Uttamaujaa, and Shikhandee. (read  G-6-War/41)



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