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7-Story of Gajmukhaasur
[From Shiv Puraan]

Why Shiv Jee sent a part of himself to Lord Vishnu when He incarnated as Raam? Because it was an eternal promise to Vishnu which was to be fulfilled. What was it?

There was a Gajamukhaasur named Raakshas who did great penance for Shiv Jee. Pleased with his penance Shiv Jee appeared before him and asked him to ask for a Var. Gajmukhaasur requested Shiv Jee to live in his belly. Since Shiv Jee had promised to fulfill his wish, he had to live in his belly. Now lots of time passed and Shiv Jee was not seen anywhere.

When Shiv Jee did not return for some time, Goddess Paarvatee Jee sought the help of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu dressed himself as a flutist and took along with him Nandee, the steed of Shiv Jee, and wandered on the streets. Wandering around He came to Gajmukhaasur's palace.

Nandee was made to perform funny dances in front of Gajamukhaasur's palace to the soulful music provided by Lord Vishnu (this type of bull dancing to the tune of music is still prevalent in South India). Gajamukhaasur was very pleased with the whole performance and expressed his wish to gave a boon to Vishnu, without knowing Him that who He was. Vishnu requested him to release Shiv. When Shiv came out of Gajmukhaasur's belly, his belly got burst and the Asur died. That is how Vishnu freed Shiv from the clutches of Gajmukhaasur and killed Gajmukhaasur also.

It was then Shiv Jee promised Vishnu that he would serve Vishnu in one of His future Avataar and will help Vishnu the same way He did for him now. So when Vishnu incarnated as Raam, Shiv sent his one of the 11 forms as Hanumaan to help Him, serve Him and protect Him.



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