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6-Chakra to Vishnu

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6-Shiv Gives Chakra to Vishnu

Once many Devtaa came to Vishnu Bhagavaan and prayed him to save them from Daitya. He asked them - "Hey Dev, Tell me what can I do for you?" Devtaa said - "Hey Bhagavan, At this time Daitya are troubling us very much. By the grace of their Guru Shukraachaarya they have become very powerful and they have been defeating us. They have taken our Swarg also. Only you can protect us, that is why we have come in your refuge. Please protect us."

Vishnu said - "Shiv is the protector of all of us. Because of his grace only I establish Dharm and destroy Daitya. I will worship the same Shiv to relieve you from Daitya. I am sure that he will be pleased with my Tapasyaa and find some way to relieve you from those Daitya."

So Vishnu went to Kailaash Parvat to do Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee. He started worshipping him methodically. He offered him daily 1,000 lotus flowers with each of his 1,000 names. Thus this worship continued for 1,000 Divine years. One day Shiv Jee thought to test Vishnu's Bhakti, so one day when Vishnu brought 1,000 lotus flowers to offer Shiv Jee, Shiv Jee hid one flower from them.

Now even Vishnu could not know Shiv's Maayaa. When He started offering lotus flowers, he found that one flower was short. Now he got very surprised to see this and started searching for it. He searched the whole Universe but could not find it. What to do now? Thinking that He is called Kamal-Nayan, because His eyes are like lotus flowers, so He took out His one eye and offered to Shiv.

Shiv Jee immediately got pleased with this offering and appeared before Him. He asked Him - "Ask Vishnu, Ask for any Var. I don't have anything which I cannot give you." Vishnu said - "Hey Naath, You know it already, there is nothing hidden from you. Daitya have made this world a Hell, Dharm is getting destroyed, that is why it is necessary to kill them. My own weapons cannot kill them, that is why I have come to you."

Shiv Jee gave him his Chakra and said - "Take this Chakra. You will be able to kill all types of Daitya from this Chakra." Vishnu took that Chakra, came back and killed all the powerful Daitya from it. All Devtaa got relieved. Thus Vishnu got one Divine weapon from Shiv Jee. Since then He always bears it as one of His four Aayudh - Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, and Padm.



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