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Page 25: Sarg 60-64

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Sarg 60-Raam Meets Chyavan Rishi

Next day when Raam came in Royal court, Sumantra came and said  to Raam - "Hey Raajan, Maharshi Chyavan has come to see you along with some Tapaswee." By the order of Raam, Sumantra brought them in. Those Tapaswee were more than a hundred in number. They brought holy water from various Teerth and various fruits. Raam welcomed them and asked them - "Tell me anything which I can do for you." I am at your service along with my life. I will surely obey you." Rishi said - "Hey Raajan, We went to several glorious kings, but nobody could do our work and you have promised to do that without listening to it, therefore it seems, only you will do our work."

Sarg 61-Rishi Pray to Kill Lavanaasur 

Chyavan Rishi said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, We have a great fear, listen to the reason of that fear. In Sat Yug, there was a Daitya Madhu, Leelaa's son, who was very intelligent and protector of the people who asked for shelter. Pleased with his Tap, Shankar Jee took out a Shool from His own Shool and gave it to him and said - "Whoever will fight with you, this Shool will burn him and come back to you. But if you will fight with Braahman, or Devtaa then this Shool will not be with you."

Madhu said joining his palms - "Hey Prabhu, Kindly give me this Vardaan that this should be with everybody whoever is in our Vansh." Rudra said - "Only your son will have this Trishool, after that it will not be there. Any living being will not be able to kill your son till he will have this Shool in his hand." Hey Raajan, Later he had an evil son named Lavan. Madhu found his son very sinful so Madhu left this Lok and went to Varun Lok. But he told everything to his son about the Shool given by Rudra and the secret along with the Vardaan before he left. Now that Lavanaasur is troubling all three Lok, Hey Raam, you have killed raavan, now please protect us by killing him also. We have been to all kings of Prithvi, but nobody got ready to kill him."

Sarg 62-Shatrughn Proposes to Go to Kill Lavanaasur 

Hearing all this Raam said to Rishi - "What type of nature he has? What does he eat?" Rishi said - "Normally he eats anything, but his main food is Tapaswee. He lives in Madhu Van and eats thousands of lions, deer, birds and Tapaswee every day." "We will kill him in fight, you do not worry about it." Saying this to Rishi, Raam said to His brothers - "Who among you will kill this Raakshas?" Bharat said - "This is mine, I will kill him." Hearing Bharat, Shatrughn said - "Brother Bharat has already tolerated a lot of troubles. He wore Jataa and Sanyaasee like clothes, slept on floor [while you were away]. Therefore please do not give this job to him, I will do this work."

Raam said - "Hey Shatru, You are mighty and intelligent, you are good in administration also, so you go, kill Lavanaasur and establish your kingdom on the banks of Yamunaa. One is sinner if somebody kills a Raajaa and then does not administer that country. That is why you go there and rule this kingdom properly. You need not have any objection in this because you should obey me. So accept this kingdom. Gurudev Vashishth will do your Raaj Tilak.

Sarg 63-Raam Prepares Shatrughn to Kill Lavanaasur 

Shatrughn said - "It is not proper for a younger brother to have his own Raajya Abhishek, the elder brother being alive, still I will obey you. This is Ved word that "It is A-Dharm to have younger brother Abhishek in the presence of elder brother." I asked only the permission to kill that Rakashas intercepting Bharat, this is the result of the same. I should not have intercepted Bharat, nor I should have said anything to you also about your orders, but I replied so I will have to bear its result."

Raam collected all materials for Shatrughn and performed his Abhishek. Public rejoiced the occasion. Kaushalyaa. Sumitraa, Kaikeyee and other queens of Dasharath sang auspicious songs. Raam said to Shatrughn politely - "Hey brother, Take this divine arrow and kill Lavanaasur with this arrow. Bhagvaan Vishnu created this at the time of Mahaa Pralay. Bhagvaan killed Madhu and Kaitabh from this arrow only and then created the world. I did not use it at the time of fight with Raavan. 

Shankar Jee gave one trident to Madhu, the same trident is now with Lavanaasur. He has kept that in his house and wander around for food. When he faces any enemy, he burns him with that trident. That is why as Lavanaasur goes out of his house you stand at the door of his house, so that he cannot reach to his trident. If he gets to his trident, then you will not be able to kill him. Because Rudra's trident cannot fail.

Sarg 64-Raam Teaches Shatrughn War Tactics

Raam further said - "Hey Shatrughn, If the army is happy and pleased, you can take many kinds of work from them, that is why it is always god to respect them besides your own brothers, friends, wives etc. You yourself are intelligent, you know all these things very well. You take 4,000 horses, 2,000 chariots and 100 elephants, secretly and fearlessly. Just keep in mind that fight with Lavanaasur only when he doesn't have his trident in his hand [otherwise you cannot kill him]. You may camp your army on the banks of Gangaa, and then you go alone carrying bow and arrow.

Hearing this Shatrughn called his army chiefs and instructed them to camp on the banks of Gangaa until further orders. Then Shatrughn did Pranaam to Kaushalyaa, Sumitraa, Kaikeyee, Raam, Lakshman, Bharat, Vashishth etc and started his journey.




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