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Page 31: Sarg 76-79

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Sarg 76-Angad Kills Akampan, Shonitaaksh

When Baali-Putra Angad came to Akampan, Akampan hit him with his Gadaa. Angad got shaken for a moment, then he threw a Parvat on him. Akampan got killed and fell on the ground. Seeing Akampan dead, Shonitaaksh came to fight with Angad and started showering arrows. Angad destroyed his chariot, arrows, bows etc. He caught him, snatched his sword and cut him with the same sword. Then Angad started attacking other Raakshas.

Then came Yoopaaksh and Prajangh to attack Angad. Mayand and Dwivid came to help Angad. Both armies fought very bravely. Vaanar threw trees and rocks on Raakshas, and they cut them before they hit them. Then Prajangh came with his sword. As Angad threw a tree on Prajangh, his sword fell down from his hand. Seeing this Prajangh hit Angad with his fist. Angad got shaken for a moment. Then he also hit Prajangh with a fist and Prajangh died of that.

Seeing Prajangh dead, Yoopaaksh ran to Angad and attacked him with his sword. Dwivid hit Yoopaaksh with his fist and caught him. Shonitaaksh also hit Dwivid, Dwivid got hurt, but snatched his Gadaa. At the same time, Mayand came to help Dwivid, then both fought with Yoopaaksh and killed him.

Raakshas army got afraid after both army-chiefs were killed. They started running away. Then Kumbh called them back to fight and he started showering arrows. Dwivid fell down with the hit of those arrows. Seeing his brother fall down, Mayand threw a rock which Kumbh broke with his arrows in the way, and shot one arrow at Mayand. Mayand fell down.

Angad started showering stones on Kumbh, but he cut them all. Then Kumbh showered arrows on Angad and wounded him, but he did not move from there. Seeing this, Kumbh shot one arrow at Angad's eye which caused it bleeding. Angad could not see, so he put one hand on his eye and hit him with a tree with his other hand. Kumbh cut that tree also. Angad got sad and fell down.

Seeing this Raam sent Jaambvaan etc chief Vaanar to rescue Angad. They hit Kumbh with trees and stones, but he made all of them useless. So Sugreev came near him, snatched his bow and arrow and broke them. He said - "Your archery is admirable. You are as mighty as Indrajeet, but I have not killed you because you are tired fighting for so long. You need some rest, go and take some rest and come again, then I will kill you."

Hearing this Kumbh came down and had a dual fight with Sugreev. Sugreev threw him in the sea. He went to the bottom of the sea. Later Kumbh came and attacked Sugreev. Sugreev hit him with his fist which killed him. All remaining Raakshas ran away in fear.

Sarg 77-Hanumaan Kills Nikumbh

Hearing the killing of Kumbh by Sugreev, Nikumbh came into battlefield with Parigh in his hand. Seeing him coming, Hanumaan stood up before him. Nikumbh hit Parigh in Hnumaan's chest. Hanumaan's chest broke into hundred pieces and went into sky, but Hanumaan still stood up on the ground itself. He took a huge form and hit him with a fist. This broke Nikumbh's armor and he bled. A little later Nikumbh caught Hanumaan and walked away with him. Hanumaan hit him with his fist again and got released from his hold. Then he caught Nikumbh, made him lie down on the ground and climbed on his chest. Nikumbh's chest ripped off. Hanumaan broke his head and thus he died.

Sarg 78-Khar's Sons in Battlefield

Hearing Kumbh and Nikumbh's killing, Raavan went out of his mind. In fury he ordered Khar's sons - Vishaalaaksh and Makaraaksh to kill Raam and Lakshman. So both came to battlefield. On the way they instructed their army to kill Vaanar, and that they themselves would go to kill Raam and Lakshman as per Raavan's orders. While going in their chariot, the whip fell down from their Saarathee's hands, chariots' flag also flew, horses started weeping, but under the spell of Kaal they didn't pay any attention to them and they arrived at the place where Raam and Lakshman were there.

Sarg 79-Raam kills Makaraaksh

Seeing Raakshas' army coming, Vaanar got ready to fight. This fight was very fierce. Both armies were wounding and killing each another. Raakshas' weapons terrified Vaanar army. Vaanar were in trouble with the shower of arrows by Khar's sons. Very soon Vaanar started running here and there. Raakshas got very happy to see this and roared with happiness.

Seeing this Raam intervened. He showered arrows on Raakshas because of which they slowed down. Makaraaksh said to Raam - "Today I have to kill you. Since you have killed my father in Janasthaan, I have been burning with fury and revenge. Today I will cool it down by killing you." Raam said smiling - "You are only boasting. What is the use of it until you show your bravery and might in the battlefield? And this you know very well that 14,000 Raakshas were there with your father when he came to fight with me in Janasthaan. I killed them all with my arrows only. And when I will kill you today, your flesh will satisfy only vultures and jackals."

Hearing this Makaraaksh showered arrows on Raam, but Raam made it all useless. Both fought fiercely. Even Devtaa came to see this fight in their Vimaan. The whole battlefield was filled with their arrows. Raam killed his Saarathee and horses with His eight arrows. Makaraaksh jumped down from his chariot and fought from the ground. He picked his Shool (spear type weapon - this Shool was given to him by Rudra - Shiv). As he took his Shool in his hand, all Devtaa ran away. He threw his Shool on Raam. Raam cut it in two. Makaraaksh shouted - "wait". In the meantime Raam shot an Agni Vaan (fire arrow) at the chest of Makaraaksh, and he immediately died.



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