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9-Ganesh Jee and Raavan

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9-Ganesh Jee and Raavan

As Ganesh Jee stopped Talaasur's atrocities, he dealt with Raavan too. Raavan was the King of Lankaa. He was very strong and was doing many atrocities to Rishi, Saadhu, women and even kings. Raavan was an ardent devotee of Shiv Jee.

Once he did an intense tap for Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee appeared before him and asked him to ask for a Var. Raavan asked him to give him his "Aatm Ling". Aatm Ling is the reflection of Shiv Jee himself in the form of Ling. The presence of this Ling with him was as good as Shiv himself. It was Raavan's thought that if he had that Ling, the power of Shiv, he would not be defeated by anybody. Shiv Jee was bound to his words so he had to give his "Aatm Ling" to Raavan but he warned him that if he would keep it on ground even for a moment he would lose it and he would never get it back. After saying this Shiv Jee disappeared.

Seeing that "Aatm Ling" in Raavan's hand, Devtaa trembled with fear. Now they were in great danger. They did not know to who to go for help. Then they remembered their leader Ganesh Jee. They went to him and explained their troubles to him. Ganesh assured them that they should have no fear. He would not allow Raavan to have his father's "Aatm Ling" for ever. He sent them back and he himself followed Raavan to carry out his mission.

Raavan was carrying Shiv's "Aatm Ling" in his hands to his capital Lankaa. He came to west coast. By that time the evening fell so Raavan thought to do his Sandhyaa. Now what should he do? How should he do that? Because in that process he would have to keep "Aatm Ling" on ground, and if he kept it there, he would lose it forever.

Ganesh Jee was following him. He understood the problem of Raavan so he appeared before him in the form of a little boy. Raavan got very happy to see that boy. He called him and said - "O boy, Please hold this Ling in your hands till I do my Sandhyaa, after I finish it I will take it back." Ganesh Jee said - "It seems quite heavy, why don't you keep it on the ground and do your Sandhyaa."

Raavan said - "No, It should not be put on the ground, so you hold it in your hands till I come back." Ganesh Jee said - "If it seems too heavy to me, then?" Raavan said - "You look clever boy, please hold it in your hands, I will come back soon." Raavan gave him the "Aatm Ling" with a warning that he should never put it on the ground and went away.

After a while, when Raavan had started his Sandhyaa, the boy started crying out that the Ling was very heavy for him. Raavan could not have come back without completing his Sandhyaa as he had already started it, so he also shouted from there - "Please hold it in your hands for some time more. Do not put it on ground." And Ganesh kept saying that it was too heavy for him. At one point Ganesh Jee said - "O Raavan, I can no longer hold it in my hands, I put it down." And he put that Ling on the ground and ran away.

Raavan tried to finish his Sandhyaa quickly and came back to take it but it was too late by the time he came to that boy. The boy has already put it on the ground and run away from there. The Ling had got firmly stuck in the ground and he could not take it out from the ground. Thus Ganesh Jee helped Devtaa.

Another Version
In another version - When Devtaa went to Ganesh Jee to ask for his help, he decided to fill Raavan's stomach with water. So he took the water of Gangaa, Yamunaa and Saraswatee and filled his stomach with their water. Now Raavan felt the nature's call to urinate. He was desperate to answer the call but he could not keep the Ling on the ground, so he was looking for somebody to hold that Ling for him. The then Ganesh Jee appeared before him in the form of a boy. Seeing the boy Raavan got very happy, he called him and asked him if he could help him to hold the Ling for some time, so that he could answer the Nature's call, and during this time he could not keep the Ling on the ground.

Ganesh Jee agreed and said that if he would get tired of holding the Ling, he would his name three times and if he did not come back to take his Ling back from him he would keep the Ling on the ground. Raavan agreed and went.

Now it so happened that Raavan could not stop his urine and continued urinating. He himself was surprised the how could he hold so much water in his stomach, but what he could do. In the meantime Ganesh Jee got tired holding that Ling, so he called Raavan the first time. But Raavan was not yet ready to come so he asked him to wait for a while more. After a while Ganesh Jee called him again, but Raavan had not finished his work yet, so he requested him again to hold it for some time more. After a while Ganesh Jee called him again. Now Raavan was so restless that he just wanted to run away from there but how could he? He could not finish his work. Ganesh Jee waited for him for a few moments more then he kept the Ling on the ground and went away.

As Ganesh Jee kept the Ling on the ground, Raavan finished his work. he ran towards the boy to take the Ling, but by then the boy had already kept the Ling on the ground. Raavan tried his best to lift it but could not take it out. That Ling is called Mahaabaleshwar. In fury Raavan ran after the boy to beat him. Ganesh Jee changed his form from the boy to his true form.



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