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Religious Sites-1

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Religious Sites-1

There are several sites searching materials on Hindu Religion, Mantra and Stotra in several languages. Some of those sites are listed here for the benefit of the readers. - Hundreds of Mantra and Stotra

Shankar's Nirvaan Shatakam -  to view youtube with lyrics in Sanskrit with English transliteration) and meaning, and to download the audio track.



Harekrishna Site


On Hinduism - Many Hindu and other religious books.

Shivashakti - Information about Shiv Jee
Shaivism - Lots of information on Shiv, Shaivism, and on Shiv Stotra etc.

Temples of India - Attempts to provide information about all temples of India, plus other information too. - For Indian Culture, Thought and Travel - Popular Hindi books. PDF Hindi ebooks for free download. Hindi stories, dictionary, grammar. Indian.  - lots of religious information\mantras.htm

Following sites have plenty of materials as well as links to other useful sites related to Sanskrit texts ---
http://sa.wikibooks .org/wiki/ Main_Page
http://sanskritdocu learning_ tools/learning_tools.html
http://www.aryasamajjamnagar. org/
http://sanskrit. sai.uni-heidelbe
http://www.gatewayf articles/ old_articles. htm

Bhoo Varaahswaamee Ashtottar

Other Sites

Vaidic Chants ( 19)
Shiv Stotram (37)
Shree Rudram Laghu Nyaasam
Shree Rudram Namakam
Shree Rudram Chamakam
Shiv Ashtakam
Chandra Shekharaashtakam
Kaashee Vishwa Nadh Ashtakam
Shiv Panchaaksharee Stotram
Nirvaan Shatakam
Shivaanand Laharee
Dakshina Murty Stotram
Rudra Ashtakam
Jagannaath Ashtakam
Shiv Ashtottar Shat Naamaavalee
Kaal Bhairavaashtakam
Shiv Maanas Poojaa
Shiv Sahastra Naam Stotram
Umaa Maheshwar Stotram
Shiv Ashtottar Shat Naam Stotram
Shiv Taandav Stotram
Shiv Bhujangam
Dwaadash Jyotirling Stotram
Ardha Naareeshwar Ashtakam
Shiv Kavacham
Shiv Mahimna Stotram
Shree Kaalaa Hasteeshwar Shatakam
Nakshatra Sooktam (Nakshatreshti)
Manyu Sooktam
Panchaamrit Snaanam
Shiv Mangalaashtakam
Shree Mallikaarjun Mangalasasanam
Shiv Shadaaksharee Stotram
Shiv Aparaadh Kshamapan Stotram
Daridrya Dahan Shiv Stotram
Shiv Bhujang Prayata Stotram
Vishnu Stotram (29)
Devee Stotram (50)
Ganesh Stotram (13)
Hanumaan Stotram (4)
Shree Venkateshwar Swamy  (119)
Soorya Bhagvaan  (4)
Saaee Baabaa (8)
Shree Krishn Stotram (27)
Durga Stotram  (38)

Some Good Videos

Religious Pluralism  - Talk - Hinduism and Science, Part 1, 2 & 3. Jay Lakhani is a well-known speaker on Religious Pluralism. He is writer of books 'Hinduism for schools, and 'Primary Hinduism'. He is Physics (Quantum Mechanism) man.

Sanaatan Dharm in 4 parts



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