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Religious Literature Sites-2

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Religious Literature Sites-2

There are several sites searching materials on Hindu Religion, Mantra and Stotra in several languages. Some of those sites are listed here for the benefit of the readers.

(1) Raamaayan and Mahaabhaarat Sites

(1) Raam Charit Maanas. Gita Press, Gorakhpur. Read it here with Hindi-English.... in PDF form

(2) Mahaabhaarat. By Ved Vyaas. One in English. Other in Sanskrit - both are given side by side

(3) Mahaabhaarat.  By Ved Vyaas.  In modern English
This site gives many religious books in modern English language. See the titles in left pane - Upanishad, Puraan, Brahm Sootra etc

(2) Ved Sites

At Maharishi University Site

Ved Puraan in Hindi

Sanskrit Texts - Vedas, Stotra etc in PDF format , in 10 Indian languages

A great collection of Shlok, Mantra and Ved - script is in all Indian languages, meaning of all Shlok in local language...

In 10 languages, Ved, Stotra etc

(3) Stuti (Prayers) Site

Shiv Mahimn Stotra

The Sanskrit script of this Stotra is available at:

The English transliteration with meaning is available at:

The YouTube link for this is:

Shiv Taandav Stotra

Those interested in listening it can listen to it, or download it following this link:
The Sanskrit version of the Stotra, in Devanaagaree script, with meaning in English, is also available at:

Dharm Books Sites - sells many Hindu Dharm books



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