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Who Knew Brahmaastra and Used It
Brahmaastra is a very powerful weapon and is not easy to get it. It needs lots of discipline and skill to use. So who are those people who knew Brahmaastra and used it too.

(1) Vibheeshan
Vibheeshan knew it by boon from Brahmaa Jee without having its formal learning. We don't find any reference him using it anywhere.

(2) Meghnaad
Meghnaad knew it and used it on Hanumaan when Hanumaan went to Lankaa in search of Seetaa Jee and destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa. Raavan sent Meghnaad to bring the monkey to him. He used Brahmaastra, seeing which Hanumaan got unconscious to give honor to Brahmaa Jee and then Meghnaad tied him with Naag Paash and took him to Raavan's court.

(3) Lakshman
Raam's story described in MBH, Stories, 4-50-Raam-4  says that Lakshman also knew it and he used it on Kumbhkarn. Raamaayan says that Kumbhkarn was killed by Raam, not Lakshman.

(4) Arjun
Arjun knew it and used it on Ashwatthaamaa when Ashwatthaamaa had killed Draupadee's five sons in sleep and ran away. Both Arjun and Ashwatthaamaa were ordered to call it back, Arjun had called it back, but Ashwatthaamaa could not call it back as he did not know how to call it back. Then he had to redirect it to Uttaraa's womb.

(5) Ashwatthaamaa
Ashwatthaamaa also knew it partly, as he knew how to release it and he did  not know how to call it back. Then he had to redirect it to Uttaraa's womb.

(6) Bheeshm
Bheeshm knew it and wanted to use it on his Guru Parashuraam, when he came to fight with him on the issue of Ambaa, then stopped doing so, as Brahmaa Jee intervened their fight and asked Bheeshm to respect his Guru.

(7) Kuvalaashwa (Dhundhumaar)
Kuvalaashwa who killed Dhundhu Daitya also knew it and used it to kill the Daittya.
[MBH, G-4-Van/38]

(8) Dronaachaarya
Dronaachaarya knew it. He taught it to Arjun. When Ashwatthaamaa wanted to learn it, he did not want to teach it, but then he taught it only to release it, but not to call it back; that is why when he used it on Arjun and later when both were asked to call it back, Arjun called it back but he could not call it back as he did not know bow to call it back, so he directed it towards Uttaraa's womb. He himself wanted to use it during the last moments of his life,  but many Rishi came and requested him not to use it against innocent people.

What Maya Daanav Built For Whom?
Maya Daanav built many things for many people and Daitya, what were they and for whom they were built?

Tripur City for Taarak's Three Sons
he built three city-like Vimaan for three Daitya - Taarak's three sons - Taarakaaksh, Kamalaaksh and Vidyunmaalee. One was of gold, one was of silver and one was of iron. Later Shiv killed the Daitya and destroyed the cities.

Golden Lankaa for Kuber
He built golden Lankaa for three Daitya - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyaaan. When Maalee was killed in a battle, Maalyavaan and Sumaale abandoned it and ran away to Paataal. Later it was given to Kuber. Later Sumaalee's daughter married Vishravaa Muni and had three sons and one daughter from him. Raavan was the eldest. After the three brothers did Tapasyaa and got the Var, Raavan defeated Kuber, his half brother, and started living there.

Pushpak Vimaan for Kuber
He built Pushpak Vimaan also for Brahmaa Jee who gave it to Kuber when he appointed him as the Digpaal. It was wish-driven, automatically adjusted to size, and with the speed of  mind. Later Raavan won it from Kuber. After he was killed by Raam, it came to Vibheeshan and Vibheeshan gave it to Raam. Raam also sent it back.

Royal Court for Yudhishthir
He built a royal court for Yudhishthir to show his gratitude to Arjun who saved his life from the fire at the time of burning Khaandav Van. It was the same court where Duryodhan fell in the water thinking it dry floor and Bheem and Arjun etc laughed at him.

Saubh Vimaan for Shaalv
He built this Vimaan for Shaalv on the recommendation of Brahmaa Jee. This Vimaan could not be broken by Devtaa, Raakshas, human beings, Gandharv, and Naag; could go anywhere and proved to be unfortunate for Yadu Vanshee.

Dwaarakaa Puree for Krishn
Vishwakarmaa built Dwaarakaa Pure for Krishn. krishn inhabited with Mathuraa dwellers after running away from Jaraasandh's 17th attack.

Who Got Divine Garlands

(1) Baali
Sugreev's brother Baali had a divine garland from his father Indra. By the virtue of that garland he used to draw half of his opponent power and thus reducing his power automatically.

(2) Uparichar Vasu
Uparichar Vasu got a special divine garland of unfading lotus flowers which if worn in battlefield, would not let him wound.

Who Got Special Vimaan?

(1) Uparichar Vasu
Uparichar Vasu got a special Vimaan, crystal Vimaan from Indra which was like the Vimaan of Devtaa. he could go there in that Vimaan with his mortal body.

(2) Kuber
Kuber got Pushpak Vimaan which could go anywhere at will, could contain any  number of passengers and could be of any size.

(3) Shaalv
Shaalv got Saubh named Vimaan  from Brahmaa Jee. This Vimaan could not be broken by Devtaa, Raakshas, human beings, Gandharv, and Naag; could go anywhere and proved to be unfortunate for Yadu Vanshee.

(4) Taarak's Three Sons
Taarak had three sons - Taarakaaksh, Kamalaaksh and Vidyunmaalee. They got them as a boon from Brahmaa Jee. These Vimaan were as big as cities. One was of gold, one was of silver and one was of iron. Later Shiv killed these Daitya and destroyed their cities.

Which Daitya Worshipped Whom
Normally most Daitya worshipped Shiv, but some worshipped Vishnu too, who were they?

Shiv's Devotee
Raavan,    Meghnaad,    Hiranyakashyap,   

Vishnu's Devotee
Prahlaad for whom Vishnu came as Narasinh
Vibheeshan to whom Raam gave Lankaa's kingdom

Who Could Shoot Shabd-Vedhee Baan?
Shooting Shabd-Vedhee Baan is not easy. One needs lots of practice for it, still there are cons of it. Since this arrow is shot at the sound one must be very good in recognizing in sounds, otherwise one has to suffer. In India's ancient history, here are only very people who could shoot Shad-Vedhee Baan. Here are some --

Raajaa Dasharath used to shoot Shabd-Vedhee Baan. For its evidence, there is the story of Shravan Kumaar. Once he was carrying his blind parents for pilgrimage in a scale (Kaanvar). At one place, near Sarayoo River, he stopped to bring water for them. As he was filling his pitcher, Dasharath was practicing Shabd-Vedhee Baan. He heard the sound of water, he thought that some animal had come to drink water, so immediately shot the arrow in the direction of the sound. The arrow hit Shravan Kumaar and he died. When Dasharath came to take his game he found that it was not an animal, but a man. He was very very sorry, but could not do anything except bagging a curse from his parents.

Paandu was well-versed in shooting Shab-Vedhee Baan. Once when he was in a forest, he shot a Shabd-Vedhee Baan at the sound of deer. In fact the sound was of deer, but unfortunately they were a Rishi and his wife in deer form. What could he do? It was just his bad luck. He got the curse from te Rishi and had to die in his wife Maadree's arms.

Karn was a very good archer. He could also shoot Shabd-Vedhe Baan.

Arjun also could shoot Shabd-Vehee Baan. When Paandav were in exile and Jayadrath took Draupade in his chariot, Arjun heard the sound of the chariot, shot the arrow and stopped his chariot.

Some Special Armors
We give here account of some special and unusual armors and the harm done in the absence of those armors.

(1) Krishn
You must be wondering that did Krishn also have an armor on His body? But it is true that He also had an armor on His body. His this Kavach was like of Karn's. Once Durvaasaa Muni visited Dwaarakaa and yoked Krishn and Rukminee like horses to a chariot to test Him and whipped them along. Then he ordered a dish of hot rice pudding and proceeded to smear it all over Krishn's body. As he was doing it, when he came to smear His feet, He stopped him from doing so. Durvaasaa Muni told Him that that pudding was an impenetrable armor and since He refused to get smeared His feet from it, He had doomed Himself, as His feet were now unprotected. That is why when Jaraa hunter shot Him in His foot, He died because of that injury only.

(2) Karn
Karn was born with his armor (Kavach) and earrings (Kundal) to protect his body. But No one remarks on the fact that Karn's skin-armor was only to protect his chest and presumably his head (by the ear-rings). He is never hit in other exposed parts of his body. Even Kevin McGrath does not look into this in his recent research work on Karn (EJ Brill, Leiden).

(3) Duryodhan
--First time Drone put on a Kavach on Duryodhan's body in MBH war to save him from Arjun. Arjun shot many arrows at his various body parts but none worked. He was intelligent, he understood that Guru had put a specific armor on his body that is why his arrows were not working. At the same time there was a flaw in that armor, that armor did no cover the front part of the wearer's fingers, so Arjun then shot many arrows at the front part of his fingers and removed him from the battlefield.

--When Gaandhaaree came to know that Bheem had fulfilled his vow taken in he Dice Game court that "I will kill Dhritraashtra's all 100 sons", she was very worried about Duryodhan. She became confirmed when she hard that all her 99 sons were killed by Bheem only. There was no doubt left in her mind then that he would kill Duryodhan also. So she asked Duryodhan to take bath in Gangaa River and come to her so that she could put on an armor of her Tapasyaa for the next day battle with Bheem. But as Krishn got this information, He deluded him that since he as a grown-up an he should not go to her completely naked, at least he should wear a loin cloth. So he did and when Gaandhaaree opened her eyes, she found that he was not naked. She beat her head, and said that since her gaze did not fall on the covered part of his body, it remained weak. Bheem had to break his thigh, so he broke it and killed him too.

(4) Achilles
There is an idiom also on his name - "Achilles' Heel". Achilles was dipped into the deathly river Styx by his mother Thetis to make him impenetrable, but for his ankle by which she held him upside down in the river. And it is in the ankle that Paris shot his mortal arrow. The hero was invulnerable, but for one weak spot in his body, is a standard mythic image.

(5) Samson
In the same way, Samson had his armor in his hair. Samson is a Biblical Herculean figure, who was granted tremendous strength by God to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats unachievable by ordinary humans, such as wrestling a lion, slaying an entire army with only a jawbone of an ass, and destroying a temple.



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