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Story of Raam-4

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Story of Raam-4
Ch 285-290
Branched from  G-4-Van-50;
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Kumbhkarn Goes For Fighting

[3-285] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Kumbhkarn proceeded towards the battlefield with his troops and saw the monkey troops. He wanted to see Raam but saw Sawmitra, Lakshman taking bow in his hand. Seeing Kumbhkarn coming all Monkey surrounded him and started attacking him with large trees an rocks. Many started tearing his body with their nails. They soon started gaining control over him, so they were very happy, but Kumbhkarn only laughed at them and started eating them. He ate Chal, Chandachal (in Sanskrit version their names are given as Pans and Gavaaksh) and Vajrabaahu monkeys. Seeing the Raakshas eating monkeys like this all other monkeys ran away from the battlefield shrieking. Hearing monkeys' shrieks, Sugreev ran to fight with Kumbhkarn. He hit him with a Saal tree trunk, but it did not affect Kumbhkarn at all, rather he seized Sugreev stretching his arms and dragged him away. Seeing Kumbhkarn dragged by Sugreev Lakshman came to fight with Kumbhkarn. He released a powerful arrow which cut the armor of Kumbhkarn and went through his chest. He released Sugreev. he lifted a huge stone and ran towards Lakshman. Lakshman cut off his arms which were carrying the stone. As soon as Lakshman cut off his arms, double the arms grew on Kumbhkarn's body and each of his arms was holding a stone. After this Kumbhkarn assumed a huge body and had numerous heads, legs and arms. Now Lakshman released his Brahmaastra on Kumbhkarn. Kumbhkarn who looked like another Vritraasur fell down and died. Raakshas warriors fled away.

Seeing Raakshas army fleeing away from the battlefield, the younger brothers of Dooshan, Vajraveg and Pramaathin, ran towards Lakshman. Intelligent Lakshman immediately showered arrows on them. The fight between the Raakshas brothers and Lakshman lasted for a short while. In the meantime Hanumaan came and rushed towards the brothers. In this fight hundreds of Raakshas were slain by monkeys. In fact more Raakshas were killed than monkeys.

Meghnaad Comes to the Battlefield

[3-286] Maarkandeya Jee said - "When Raavan learnt that Kumbhkarn was killed with his followers, and Prahast and Dhoomraaksh of mighty energy were also killed, Raavan said to his heroic son Indrajeet - "O My Son, It is because of you that I have acquired my fame by defeating Indra. You have the power of appearing and disappearing at your will, so you slay my enemies with your celestial weapons whhich you have received as boons. Raam, Lakshman and Sugreev cannot tolerate even the touch your celestial weapons. So what shall I say of your followers? The victory which even Prahast and Kumbhkarn could not bring to me, let it be yours. Killing my enemies will bring me joy today, as you brought it to me before by defeating Vaasav." Indrajeet said - "So be it." He immediately put on his armor, ascended the chariot and proceeded towards the battlefield.

As he came, he challenged Lakshman for a duel fight. Lakshman came forward to fight with him. As they were fighting, it seemed that both had decided to vanquish each other. Both were conversant with celestial weapons. Meghnaad soon discovered that he would not be able to win Lakshman only with his arrows, he started hurling many javelins at Lakshman. However Lakshman cut them all into pieces. Angad also ran towards Meghnaaad carrying a large tree and hit his head with that tree. But Meghnaad took a lance and he was about to throw it on Angad that Lakshman cut it into pieces. So Meghnaad took a mace and hit Angad who was standing beside him. Angad hit him with a Shaal tree. This broke Meghnaad's chariot, killed his Saarathee and horses. Meghnaaad jumped from his chariot and got disappeared by his power of illusion.

Seeing this Raam proceeded towards His army and protected it carefully. Indrajeet used his celestial arrows got in boon at Raam and Lakshman. Raam and Lakshman also faced him with their arrows. Monkeys also flew in the sky carrying stones and trees, but Indrajeet attacked them remaining invisible. They started searching for Indrajeet everywhere in the sky, but they could not see him, still Indrajeet continued to shot his arrows on Vaanar army. Both Raam and Lakshman got pierced by his arrows fell on the ground unconscious as if the Sun and the Moon had fallen down from the sky."

[3-287] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Seeing both the brothers falling on the ground, Indrajeet tied them with the arrows got from boon. After being tied with the arrows, Raam and Lakshman were looking like two hawks shut in a cage. Seeing them lying on the ground like this Sugreev along with Sushen, Maind, Dwivid, Kumud, Angad, Hanumaan, Neel, Taar, Nal and his monkeys surrounded them. Meanwhile, after getting success in the battlefield, Vibheeshan came back to the camp and saw those two heroes lying down. He woke them up using the weapon named Pragyaa and Sugreev extracted the arrows from their bodies. Then by means of Vishalya medicine applied with celestial Mantra they regained the consciousness and got up from the ground. They did not have any pain or fatigue.

Vishalya is a medicinal plant of great efficacy in healing cuts and wounds. It is still cultivated in several parts of Bengal. It's efficacy has been tested and the plant found it to be much superior to either Gallic acid or tannic acid in stopping blood.

When Vibheeshan saw Raam and Lakshman at ease, he said to them - "Guhyak have sent a Guhyak from Shwet Parvat (White Mountain) and he has brought some water from there. This water is a gift from Kuber, so that all creatures that are invisible will become visible to you. This water when applied on eyes will make every invisible creature visible. It may be used by other people also to whom you might give it." Raam said - "So be it." and applied some water to His eyes. Lakshman also did the same. Sugreev, Jaambvaan, Hanumaan, Angad, Maind, Dwivid, Neel all applied that water to their eyes. It so happened as Vibheeshan said and now they could see everything which they could not see without that water.

 In Hindu mythology, the Guhyak occupy a position next only to that of the gods, and superior to that of the Gandharv who are the celestial choristers. The White Mountain is another name of Kailaash Parvat, Shiv's abode.

Meanwhile, Indrajeet, in the pride of his victory, came to his father and told him about his feat, and immediately came back to the battlefield and stood in front of his army. Seeing Indrajeet in the battlefield, under the guidance of Vibheeshan, Lakshman ran towards him to attack. Indrajeet had not completed his daily sacrifice, still he was fighting very fiercely. Both were fighting as Indra and Prahlaad fought in olden days. Indrajeet shot many arrows which hit Lakshman in the vital parts of his body. Lakshman also hit Indrajeet many arrows. Indrajeet went mad and he shot eight shafts as fierce as venomous snakes. Lakshman then killed Indrajeet with three winged arrows, and he dropped on the ground. With one of these, he devoured his arm which was holding the bow; with the second one he devoured the second arm which held the arrows; and with the third arrow, he cut off his head with beautiful nose and earrings. The horse then dragged away the empty chariot into the city. Seeing Indrajeet's chariot without his son and knowing the he has been killed, Raavan was deeply grief-stricken. Under this grief suddenly he thought of killing Seetaa. He took out his sword and proceeded towards Ashok Van where Seetaa was sitting.

Avindhya guessed his bad intention, he said to Raavan - "You are a king of a great empire, it does not look  nice for you kill a woman. Besides the woman is already slain because She is already under your control. She will not be slain just by slaying Her body. if you want to slay, slay Her husband. When you will slay Her husband, She will be slain too. You are more powerful even Indra as you have defeated him several times." By saying such words about his glory Avindhya succeeded in appeasing Raavan. Hearing this Raaavan went back and ordered to get his chariot ready for the battle."

Raavan in the Battlefield

[3-288] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Filled with grief and fury Raavan sat in his chariot made of gold and studded with gems set out to the battlefield. There he rushed towards Raam fighting with many monkey chiefs. Maind, Neel, Nal, Angad, Hanumaan and Jaamvant surrounded him with their troops. They started hitting Raavan and his troops with trees and stones wherever they saw them. Seeing monkeys slaughtering his troops, Raavan started using his Maayaa (illusions). He brought forth thousands of Raakshas equipped with many Kinds of weapons from his body. Raam killed all of them with His one arrow. Then he produced many Raakshas in the form of Raam and Lakshman and they immediately ran towards Raam and Lakshman to kill them. Seeing them coming, Lakshman said to Raam - "Kill these Raakshas who look like you." Raam immediately killed them all.

At the same time, Indra's charioteer Maatali came and said to Raam - "O King of Kakutsth race, This chariot belongs to the Lord of Devtaa (Indra). It is an excellent chariot. Indra has killed many Daitya and Daanav with this chariot, so please ride in this chariot and kill Raavan soon." Seeing Raam not believing Maatali's words, that this was another illusion of Raakshas, Vibheeshan said to Him - "This is no illusion of Raavan. Ascend this chariot quickly because this chariot indeed belongs to Indra." Hearing this Raam got very happy, He immediately ascended the chariot and ran towards Raavan. When Raavan also proceeded towards Raam, a loud wail spread in all the three Lok. This fight was fierce in extreme. Raavan hurled a Javelin at Raam like Braahman curse, but Raam cut it immediately. Seeing thhis most difficult feat, Raavan got very surprised, so he started using many kinds of weapons at Raam. Seeing this illusion, monkeys started fleeing from the field. Raam then set Brahmaastra for Raavan, seeing this all Devtaa and Gandharv started rejoicing. Raam released that Astra and Raavan and his chariot all burnt up in a fire. His all five elements forsook. Raam got very happy to see Raavan killed. His blood and flesh were consumed by the Astra and even his ashes could not be seen."

Raam Returns to Ayodhyaa

[3-289] Maarkandeya Jee said - "After killing Raavan, Raam and Lakshman got very happy. Devtaa and Rishi came to worship Raam uttering blessings and Jaya repeatedly. All Devtaa and Gandharv also showered flowers on Raam and sang His glory. After this they all went back and celebrations were made in all Trilok. Raam bestowed Lankaa to Vibheeshan. The old wise counselor of Raaavan, Avindhya, brought Seetaa to Raam, before him but behind Vibheeshan. With great humility Avindhya said - "O Illustrious One, Accept this Devee of excellent conduct." Seeing them coming Raam came out of His chariot and saw Seetaa bathed in tears, afflicted with grief, besmeared with filth, attired in dirty clothes, Raam afraid of His loss of honor, said to Her - "O Daughter of Videh, Go wherever you like. You are now free. Whatever should have been done by me I have done it. Because I am your husband, it is not that you should grow in the city of Raakshas. That is why I have killed the Raakshas. But how can I, who knows all morality, keep a woman who has lived in another man's house even for a moment? Whether you are chaste or unchaste, I cannot live with you. You are like Yagya Ghee which has been tasted by a dog." Hearing this that girl fell down like a banana tree cut from its root. The color that came on Her face in the expectation of meeting Her husband, quickly disappeared. Not only Seetaa, but also Lakshman and monkeys became like a dead hearing all this from Raam's mouth.

The then Brahmaa Jee came there on his ride, even Indra, Agni, Vaayu, Yam, Varun, Kuber and Dasharath in a chariot drawn by swans also came there. Seetaa rose from the ground and said to Raam - "I don't charge you with any fault, because you know well how to behave with men and women, but you hear me - this ever-moving air is present in everyone, if I have sinned let him leave my body' if I have sinned all the five elements should forsake my body. I have never cherished the other man's image even in my dreams. So you be my Lord." A voice was heard from the skies. Vaayu Dev said - "O Son of Raghu, What Seetaa has said is true, She is sinless, so accept Her as your wife." Agni Dev said - "I live in all bodies. Seetaa is not guilty even for the minutest of the fault, accept Her." Varun Dev said - "O Raam, All bodies take their existence from me. I also say that accept the Princess." Brahmaa Jee himself said - "O Son, You are conversant with all the duties of royal sages, so your this behavior is not strange. Still you listen to me. You have killed the enemy of Devtaa, Gandharv, Yaksh, Daanav etc. You have killed a man who could not be killed by anybody else. That is why I tolerated him for some time. That wicked had abducted Seetaa for his own destruction. And I protected Seetaa from Nalkuber's curse. For the same reason he cursed Raavan like this that whenever he would try to have any woman with force his head would split into hundred pieces. That is why you accept your wife." In the last Dasharath said - "I am very pleased with you. I am your father Dasharath. I command you to accept your wife and rule the kingdom." Raam replied - "If you are my father, I salute you with respect. At your command I shall return to Ayodhyaa."

Maarkandeya Jee continued - "When Raam thus happily answered to His father. His father said to Him - "Now you go back to Ayodhyaa and rule your kingdom. Your 14 years of exile are now completed." Raam bowed to Devtaa, His friends saluted Him, He took Seetaa along and got ready to go. He bestowed a boon to Avindhya and riches and honors to Trijataa. Brahmaa Jee said to Him - "What boon do you want, we shall give it to you?" Raam then requested them to grant Him the adherence to virtues and invincibility from all enemies. He also asked to restore all monkeys who had been killed in this war." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." As Brahmaa Jee said this all monkeys killed in the battlefield rose up. Seetaa also granted a boon to Hanumaan - "Let your life be so long as Raam's fame is and let celestial food and drink should be available to all the time." Then all celestials disappeared from there. Seeing Raam united with Seetaa, Maatali said to Raam - "You have dispelled the fear of all Yaksh, Devtaa, Daitya, Gandharv etc. Till this Prthvi will be there, your name will be there and people will talk about you." After saying this Maatali worshipped Raam, took permission from Him and went away from there.

Raam, along with Seetaa in the van, Lakshman, Vibheeshan, all monkeys returned from the same bridge. He then rode on a beautiful Pushpak Vimaan, which could fly anywhere at the will of the rider and came at that part of the seashore where He lived temporarily. Raam then worshipped monkeys, gave them gifts and dismissed them one after the other. After those monkeys had left, Raam re-entered Kishkindhaa with Sugreev riding in His Pushpak Vimaan showing Seetaa the woods on the way. He installed Angad as the Regent of the kingdom. He came to Ayodhyaa by the same path accompanied by the same friends and Lakshman. He sent Hanumaaan to Bharat as His messenger. hanumaan understood him with his external indications, so he gave him the good news [that Raam was coming]. Hanumaan came back to Raam and all entered Nandee Graam. He saw His younger brother besmeared with filth, wearing rags and seated in front of his sandal. They all rejoiced greatly. Bharat worshipped both. He then handed over the kingdom to his eldest brother. Vashhishth Jee and Vaamdev together installed Raam the King of Ayodhyaa. After that Raam dismissed Sugreev and Vibheeshan too after giving them gifts and whatever was to be done according to the occasion. He worshipped Pushpak also gave it back to Vaishravan. Raam performed 10 Ashwamedh Yagya on the banks of Gomatee assisted by Vashishth Jee."

[3-290] Maarkandeya Jee said - "It was thus Raam also tolerated so much in the woods while He was in exile. So do not grieve for this. You are a Kshatriya. You don't have even a particle of sin. You are following the path on which even Indra and other Devtaa will follow you. It was after so much affliction and with the help of Marut, Indra killed Vritraasur, invincible Namuchi and the Raakshasee of long tongue. What is that which you cannot have who has the brother Dhananjaya. Bheem is also very mighty. The twins of Madravatee are also mighty bowmen. They are all capable of defeating the army of Indra. See, even this Krishnaa, forcibly abducted by Saindhav, wicked-minded by pride of might, has been brought back to you. And Jayadrath was laying before you powerless. Seetaa was rescued by Raam alone, with almost no allies with Him. Although Raam's allies were all monkeys and bears only. So you don't grieve."

Vaishampaaayan  Jee said - "Hearing this Yudhishthir got consoled and he asked MaarKandeya Jee again."

End of the Story of Raam


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