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Story of Raam-2

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Story of Raam-2
Ch 276-279
Branched from  G-4-Van-50;
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Raavan Abducts Seetaa

[3-276] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Seeing Raavan coming to him Maareech welcomed him and offered him fruits and roots. Raavan took his seat, rested for a while, Maareech talked to him - "The color of your face is faded, is everything all right in your kingdom? O King of Raakshas, What have you brought here? Do your subjects pay the same respect to you what they paid before? What business has brought you here, know that it is already fulfilled even it is difficult to do it." Raavan who was feeling too humiliated described him the acts of Raam and then what he wanted to do. Hearing this Maareech advised him not to provoke Raam because he knew His strength. Nobody was ale to tolerate that arrow which Raam used on Maareech. At this Raavan said to him - "If you will not obey me, I will kill you." Maareech thought - "when death is inevitable, I should obey him. It is better to die at Raam's hands than this Raakshas." So he said - "All right I will do so as you will bid me." Raavan said - "You go and tempt Seetaa taking the form of a deer of golden skin and golden horns. When Seetaa will such a beautiful deer, She will surely ask Raam to hunt for it. As Raam had gone to hunt for you, I will control Seetaa, I will carry Her away; and then Raam surely will die of grief at the loss of His wife. So you help me in this way."

Maareech performed his Poojaa and followed Raavan. Raavan brought him to Raam's Aashram. They both as was arranged before. Raavan assumed the form of an ascetic with shaven head, a Kamandal in his one hand and a staff in his another hand. And Maareech assumed the form of a golden deer and came in front of the Princess of Videh. Impelled by fate, She was attracted to the deer and sent Raam to bring the deer. Raam immediately picked His bow and went to bring that golden deer to please His wife as in olden days, Rudra followed the stellar deer*.

In olden days, once Brahmaa Jee followed his daughter with lust assuming the form of a deer. When Rudra saw it, he followed the deer with his trident and struck off the deer's head. The deer-head of Prajaapati, severed from his trunk, became the Mrigshiraa star or constellation. This story has been taken from the notes of KM Ganguly's MBH, 3/276. And it is already known that Daksh had 60 daughters and he married his 27 daughters from them to Chandramaa and later they all became stars / constellations. These two incidents do not tally.

Maareech took Raam away from His Aashram sometime appearing and sometimes disappearing. When Raam, at last knew who the deer was - that he was a Raakshas, He took out an infallible arrow and shot at him. Hit with Raam's arrow, Maareech cried in great distress in Raam's voice calling Seetaa and Lakshman. When Seetaa heard Raam's voice in so distress, She urged Lakshman to go for Raam's help. Lakshman told Her that She should not be alarmed  by this voice because who was so powerful who could harm Raam? She will soon see Raam. Hearing this the timid Seetaa even doubted Lakshman and began to weep aloud. She harshly said to Lakshman - "Whatever you like in your heart will never be yours. I would rather kill myself, or jump from the hill top, or in a fire than with a wretch like you." Lakshman loved his brother very much, so he shut his ears and set to go in search of Raam without even looking back at Seetaa.

As Lakshman left the Aashram, Raavan came there in the guise of the ascetic to take Seetaa forcibly with him. Seeing an ascetic, Seetaa welcomed him, offered him a seat to sit; fruits and roots to eat. Raavan did not accept them, rather he assumed his original form and spoke to Her - "O Seetaa, I am the King of Raakshas and my name is Raavan. My beautiful city's name is Lankaa which is on the other side of the ocean. I have many other beautiful women there, you also live with me there. You leave your ascetic husband Raam and become my wife." Hearing this Seetaa shut Her ears and said to him - "The Heaven may fall down, Earth may be broken into fragments, fire may become cool, but how can a she-elephant live with a hog? How can a woman after tasting the wine prepared from honey and flowers can taste the drink made of rice?" and She entered Her cottage. Raavan followed Her and scolded Her, hearing which Seetaa swooned away. Raavan seized Her by Her hair and rose up in the air. The then a vulture named Jataayu came there and saw a helpless lady crying and calling the name of Raam and being carried away by Raavan.

[3-277] Maarkandeya Jee said - "That king of vultures Jataayu whose brother was Sampaati and whose father was Arun, was a friend of Raajaa Dasharath. Seeing his daughter-in-law in the hold of Raavan, he ran towards him and said - "Leave the Princess of Mithilaa, I say, leave Her, when I am alive. If you will not free my daughter-in-law, you will not be able to escape from me." And saying this he starting afflicting Raavan with his wings and beak. He stroke his body at hundred places, so much so that blood started flowing from his body to do good to Raam. Raavan took out his sword and cut his wings and rose higher in the sky carrying Seetaa in his lap. Seetaa used to drop Her ornaments wherever She saw a group of ascetics. Once She saw five monkeys on a top of a mountain, so She dropped a piece of Her cloth. The cloth fell among those monkeys like a lightening from a cloud. Raakshas soon became disappeared from monkeys' eyes. Soon that Raakshas came to his city of many gates, Lankaa, carrying Seetaa.

Raam's Search for Seetaa

While Raavan was taking Seetaa, Raam was coming back quickly after killing the deer, that He saw His brother Lakshman [coming to Him]. Seeing Lakshman there, Raam said to him - "Lakshman, How could you come leaving Vaidehee alone in this dense forest that is haunted by Raakshas?" Raam thinking about that Raakshas in the form of deer filled with agony asked him - "Do you think we will find Seetaa alive? I think She is no more." Lakshman told Him what Seetaa told him, especially the unbecoming language She told him. Raam ran towards His Aashram. On the way He found a vulture like a mountain. Raam ran to him with His bow drawn thinking him a Raakshas. The vulture said to Him - "I am the king of vultures and a friend of your father Dasharath." Hearing this Raam and Lakshman kept their bows aside and said  - "Who is this who is calling our father's name in this forest?" And they saw a bird without his wings. The bird told them that Raavan had done this to him, and he has taken Seetaa also. On asking in which direction he had taken Seetaa, he just nodded his head and died. Raam understood from his sign that Raavan had taken Her towards South. Considering Jataayu His father's friend, Raam performed his last rites and proceeded on Southern path.

Both Raam and Lakshman were going through woods, uninhabited Aashram of Rishi and Muni, broken water pots, hundreds of jackals etc. Soon they saw a headless Raakshas. He was dark as clouds and huge as a mountain and his arms were gigantic. He had his large eyes on his chest and the opening of his mouth was on his large belly. he seized Lakshman by his hand without any difficulty. Now Lakshman became just helpless. The Raakshas started drawing Lakshman towards his mouth. Lakshman shouted - "See O Raam, First loss of kingdom, then death of our father, then the abduction of Seetaa, and finally this disaster. Alas, I will not be able to see your return to Ayodhyaa with Vaidehee and your ruling the world. Only those people are fortunate who will see your face." Raam said - "Do not grieve, O Lakshman. What is this thing when I am here? You cut his right arm and I cut his left arm." And immediately Raam cut his left arm, seeing this Lakshman also cut his right arm. Besides cutting the arm Lakshman started beating him in his ribs and that huge Raakshas fell on the ground and died.

As he died a celestial being arose from his body. Raam asked him - "Who are you? When did this happen to you?" That celestial being replied - "I am the Gandharv named Vishwaavasu. Because of a curse of a Braahman I had to assume this form and the nature of a Raakshas. As for you, Seetaa has been taken by Raavan, the king of Lankaa. You go to Sugreev from here and become his friend. There is lake named Pampaa near Rishyamook Parvat. There lives Sugreev with his four counselor monkeys. he is the the brother of monkey King Baali who wears a gold necklace. Tell him about your plight, he will assist you. At this moment I can say only this. You will surely find Jaanakee. Those monkeys surely know that Raavan." After saying this that Gandharv disappeared.

Raam Meets Sugreev

[3-278] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Raaam was too grieved with the sorrow of abduction of Seetaa. He did not have to walk much before he came to Pampaa Lake full of various kinds lotus flowers. He felt cool air there, so He remembered Seetaa and started lamenting for Her. Lakshman said - "You who respect others, it does not seem right to you. You have got the information about Raavan and the princess of Videh. Free Her now with exertion and intelligence. We should go to Sugreev who is living on the mountain top. Keep patience when I your disciple, slave and ally am here." Hearing this Raam came to Himself, took bath in Pampaa lake, and both set out to Rishyamook Parvat. As they arrived near the mountain, those five  monkeys saw two heroes coming towards them, Sugreev sent his intelligent counselor Hanumaan to receive them. Hanumaan first talked to those two brothers, and then brought them to Sugreev. Raam and Sugreev became friends. When Raam told him His story, Sugreev showed Him the cloth, Seetaa had dropped while Raavan was carrying Her away. Raam installed Sugreev the King of all the monkeys of the Earth and promised him to kill his brother Baali.

They all came to Kishkindhaa with the desire to fight with Baali. Sugreev roared to challenge Baali. Unable to tolerate Sugreev's roar, Baali came out of his house, but Taaraa stood in his way and said - "It seems from the roar of Sugreev, that he has found some support, so I request you not to go out." Baali who was wearing a gold necklace said to beautiful Taaraa - "You understand the language of all the creatures. Then think and tell me whose help he has got?" Taaraa pondered over a little and said - "O Foremost Monkey, Sugreev has got the help of Raam, the son of Dasharath, whose wife has been abducted and who has allied with Sugreev. Raam's mighty and long armed brother, the son of Sumitraa, is also standing beside Him for the success of Sugreev. And Maind, Dwivid and Hanumaan, the son of Pavan, and Jaambvaan, the King of bears are all beside Sugreev as his counselors. All these are great intelligent and mighty and they all depend on the intelligence and might of Raam. Now they have come here to destroy you." Baali did not believe Taaraa's words and he thought that Taaraa also liked Sugreev, so he went out of the cave and where Sugreev was standing. He was standing by the side of Maalyavant.

Baali came there and spoke to him thus - "You have bee defeated by me several times, and you have been allowed to escape because of our relationship. Why do you want to die so soon?" Sugreev replied as he wanted to tell all this to Raam too - "After you have robbed my wife and kingdom, what do I have in my life? That is why I have come here." and their fight started. They were showing like Kinshuk flowers. As they were fighting with each other there seemed no difference between them, so how to differentiate them? Then Hanumaan placed a flower garland in Sugreev's neck. Now Raam could recognize Sugreev. As they were fighting Raam released an arrow at Baali's heart. He saw Raam and Lakshman standing by his side. Reproving Him Baali fell on the ground. Seeing Baali falling on the ground Taaaraa also fell on the bare ground. After Baali's killing, Sugreev became the King of Kishkindhaa and took control of Taaraa also. Raam lived on Himvant for four months.

Seetaa and Raavan

meanwhile Raavan kept Seetaa in Ashok garden like Nandan Van. It looked like an abode of Rishi. Seetaa started passing Her days there living on fruits and roots, practicing ascetic austerities, keeping fasts, and getting thin day by day. Raavan had appointed many Raakshas women with several kinds of weapons to guard Her. Some of these women had two eyes, some had three some had eyes on their forehead and some had only on eye. Some had long tongues and some had none. Some  had three breasts, some had only one leg, some had three braids on their heads. Some were very large eyed and some had very harsh tongue. Some were like lotus leaves and some were of blue complexion. Sometimes they used to say "Let us eat Her up." Then Seetaa said - "Yes, Eat me up. I have no desire to live without my husband. I don't want any other person than the descendant of Raghu. So do whatever you want to do." Hearing this they went to Raavan to tell this to him.

One of them was Trijataa who was very agreeable in speech, she consoled Seetaa - "Listen to what I say to you, believe in what I say. Don't fear. There is one old Chief of Raakshas named Avindhya. He always wishes Raam's good, he has told me what I am going to say to you, he has said - "Assure Seetaa and tell Her in my name that Her husband is well and Lakshman is always there to serve Him.. Raam has extended His friendship with Sugreev, the King of monkeys and is ready to act for you. Be happy and don't get worried because of Raavan because everybody in the world hates him. You are safe from because Nalkuber's curse, he was cursed before him for misbehaving with his daughter-in-law Rambhaa. Because of that curse he cannot take any woman by force. Your husband will soon come along with Sugreev and Lakshman and will take you from here." O Lady, I have had most terrible dream indicating the destruction of Pulastya Muni's race. he is very cruel and terrorize people. I have seen that this Raavan, with shaven head, wearing red garland, his body smeared with oil, and dancing on a chariot drawn by mules. I have seen Kumbhkarn completely naked, with shaven head, wearing red garland and running towards South.

Vibheeshan alone, umbrella on his head, graced with a turban, is wearing white garland. His four counselors are also adorned in the same way. It seems that these five people will be saved only. I saw your husband spreading His fame, and Lakshman sitting on a heap of bones and drinking honey and eating Kheer (rice pudding); and you have been running towards Northern direction along with your husband and your brother-in-law." Hearing this from Trijataa, Seetaa began to have some hope to see Raam. Now those Raakshas women had come back and found Seetaa sitting with Trijataa as before."

[3-279] Maarkandeya Jee said - "While Seetaa was passing Her days there in grief with only one single jewel (on Her marital thread on her wrist), all the time weeping, sitting on a stone, Raavan came to Her dressed in royal attire, wearing beautiful garland and crown. He was looking like a Kalp Vriksh in Nandan Van or Saturn in the presence of Rohinee. He said to Seetaa - "You have shown too much concern for your Lord, now have mercy on me, and accept me as your Lord. Take the first place among all the women in my household. There are many daughters of celestials and also Gandharv, Daanav and Daitya. 140 million, twice as many man-eating Raakshas (280 million), and thrice as many Yaksh (420 million) serve me. Some of them serve my brother Kuber too. In my hall, many Gandharv and Apsaraa serve me as they serve my brother. I am the son of Rishi Vishravaa, besides I am the 5th Regent of the Universe. I have as much food, edibles and drinks as the King of celestials (Indra). Now you leave living in forest and become my wife as Mandodaree."

Hearing this Vaidehee turned Her face from him regarding him inferior than even a straw, replied him. At that She was weeping and tears were flowing from Her eyes continuously - "It is all my ill-luck that I have to hear your these words. Be blessed, Let your heart withdrawn from me. I am the wife of another man, I am devoted to Him, so I am unable to be possessed. I am very helpless woman, I cannot be a fit wife for you. What joy can you get from a woman who is unwilling? You are a son of wise Braahman, born of Brahmaa. Why don't you observe virtue being equal to the Regent of the Universe. You are disgracing your brother who is the King of Yaksh, a friend of Maheshwar; why don't you feel shame?" Having said this Seetaa again started weeping. She covered Her face with Her cloth. Hearing this rejection from Seetaa, Raavan tried once more - "O Lady, Let Vishnu burn me, I will never approach you till you are unwilling. What can I do for you who still regards for Raam who is only a human being, and therefore is our food." Saying this Raavan went from there and Seetaa continued to live there in grief served by Trijataa."


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