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Story of Raam-3

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Story of Raam-3
Ch 280-284
Branched from  G-4-Van-50;
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In Search of Seetaa

[3-280] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Meanwhile Raam was living on Maalyvant Parvat along with Lakshman seeing the clear blue sky, flowers bloomed around. One day He just remembered Seetaa living in a Raakshas Nagaree. He said to Lakshman - "Go to Kishkindhaa, O Lakshman, and see the ungrateful King of Monkey who looked after his own interest only and now is busy in his own enjoyment. That foolish monkey to whom I installed on his throne, and because of that all monkeys obey him; and for whom I killed Baali. These monkeys are highly ungrateful. He has forgotten that I am suffering here with sorrow. Because of his low-mindedness, I think, he is not interested in fulfilling his promise. You go there, take your bow and arrows and bring him here. Go quickly, don't delay." Lakshman immediately set out towards Kishkindhaa. Sugreev knew that Lakshman was angry, so he came out to welcome him with his wife and duly welcomed with warm heart. Lakshman conveyed Raam's message. Sugreev said to him - "O Lakshman, I am neither wicked, nor grateful, nor without virtue. Listen to what arrangements I have made to search Seetaa. I have sent good monkeys in all direction. They all will come back in one month time. During this one month, they will search the whole Earth along with its forests, mountains and seas, villages and towns. Only 5 nights are remaining in completing one month. Then only you will hear the good news."

Hearing Sugreev, Lakshman got very happy and worshipped Sugreev. He came back to Raam along with Sugreev. He told Raam that Sugreev has already started searching for Seetaa. And soon the monkeys started coming back - from North, East, and West. The group went to South did not come back. The monkeys who had come back, they told that they saw the whole Earth but could not find Raam's Seetaa, but Raam still can rest His hopes on the team gone to Southern direction.

After two  months had passed, several monkeys came to Sugreev - "O King, The son of Pavan, Angad and the other monkeys to whom you have sent towards South, have come back and now destroying Madhu Van which was guarded by Baali before, and is guarded by you, because the servant who have had success in some difficult work can do such thing. Sugreev conveyed this to Raam and said - "From this I guess  that they might have seen Seetaa." They were talking like this that all monkeys had come back. Raam got confirmed seeing the color of Hanumaan's face that he had seen Seetaa. All monkeys bowed to Raam and Lakshman. Raam took His bow and quiver and asked Hnaumaan - "Have you been successful? Will you let me rule Ayodhyaa after having killed my enemy and rescued Seetaa? I do not want to live without Seetaa and without killing my enemy." The son of Pavan said - "I have brought you a good news. I have seen Seetaa. When I was in Southern region, we all got very tired. We came to a cavern. We entered it and found it very huge - extended for many Yojan. It was dark and deep and there were many trees growing there and many insects were also there.

After walking some distance we saw sunshine and a palace. It was the house of Maya. There lived a female ascetic Prabhaavatee. She gave us food and drink and having refreshed there we headed as she guided us. We came out of the cavern and saw the shiny sea, Sahya, Malaya and Dardur. Seeing that vast sea spread up to many Yojan, we got very sad as how to cross it. When we did not find any way we just sat there and decided to die with starvation. we were talking that we talked about vulture Jataayu. Just then we saw a bird, as huge as a mountain, looking like the second son of Vinataa. He asked us - "Why were you taking Jataayu's name? I am his elder brother Sampaati. It is long time ago, once we both brothers flew towards the Sun. My wings were burnt but not of Jataayu. That was the last time I saw him - the King of vultures." When he finished speaking, we informed him about the death of Jataayu and the calamity fallen on you." Sampaati got very sad hearing this news, but asked us - "Who is this Raam, and why Seetaa was abducted and how Jataayu was killed?" We told him about your calamity, and the reason of our vow of starvation. He then urged us to give up our vow and said - "I know Raavan very well. His capital is Lankaa. I can see it on the other side of the sea, in the valley of Trikoot hills. Seetaa must be there, I am sure."

We got up with enthusiasm, and asked him the next question as how to cross the ocean which was 100 Yojan in width. After killing the Raakshasee, I saw Seetaa in Raavan's harem. She was doing penance and was longing to see Her Lord. She was helpless and sorrowful. Recognizing Her I said to Her - "I am the messenger of Raam and a  monkey, son of Pavan. I have come here to see you via skyway. Raam and Lakshman are all right and they both have enquired about your welfare. Sugreev has also asked about your welfare. Your husband will be here soon with other monkeys. Trust me, I am a monkey and not a Raakshas." Hearing this Seetaa pondered a little and remembered Avindhya's words and said - "I know that you are Hanumaan. Avindhya is an old a respectable Raakshas here, He has told me that SZugreev is surrounded  by the counselors like you, You may go now and She gave me an ornament as a token and asked me to remind you the story of Chitrakoot when you shot an arrow of a blade of grass (inspired by Mantra). Then I cause to be seized by Raavan's soldiers and burned the Lankaa."

[3-281] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Raam was sitting on the mountain with Sugreev, and monkeys have started coming there. Father-in-law of Baali, Sushen, came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) apes. The two foremost monkeys, Gaya and Gavaya also came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) monkeys each. Gavaakshya himself brought 6 trillion (60,000 Crore) monkeys. Gandhmaadan who was living on Gandhmaadan Parvat brought 10 trillion (100,000 Crore) monkeys. Panas brought 5.2 trillion (52 Crore). Dadhimukh also brought a large army with him. Jaambvaan brought 100,000 Crore black bears who bore Tilak mark on their forehead, with him. These and many other chiefs brough many monkeys who were running restlessly from place to place.

10 billion (1,000 Crore) - Sushen
10 billion (1,000 Crore) - Gaya
10 billion (1,000 Crore) - Gavaya
6 trillion (60,000 Crore) - Gavaakshya
10 trillion (100,000 Crore) - Gandhmaadan
5.2 trillion (52 Crore) - Panas
10 trillion (100,000 Crore) - Jaambvaan    Large army - Dadhimukh
263,052 thousand Crore

Some of those monkeys were like mountains, while some were like buffalos. Some were of gray color while some were of red color. That monkey army appeared there at Sugreev's command looked like a vast sea at full tide. Raam then told Sugreev an auspicious Muhoort to start their journey to kill all Raakshas. All, Raam, Lakshman, Hanumaan, Sugreev and all monkeys set for their journey in that auspicious Muhoort. Raam and Lakshman were looking like the Sun and the Moon amidst planets. That army protected by Nal, Neel, Angad, Kraath and Mains etc Vaanar was proceeding to do good of Raam. Eating fruits, roots, honey etc that monkey army came to the shores of the sea and stayed there.

Raam said to Sugreev - This army is large, and the ocean is also difficult to cross. What do you think how to cross the ocean?" At this many monkeys shouted - "We can cross the sea." But all could not cross the sea. Some of the monkeys proposed to cross the sea in boats, rafts, but Raam said - "No, This is not feasible. This sea is full 100 Yojan wide and all monkeys would not be able to cross it. And we don't have so many boats also to cross it. Besides, how can we create havoc for merchants? Our army is very large. That is why I will pray to Ocean and suggest some way. I will not eat food and lie down on the seashore, he will surely come to me. However, he does not show me up I will chastise him by my fierce weapon." After saying this, Raam and Lakshman did Aachman and lay down on the bed of Kush grass.

Sea then appeared in Raam's vision with many aquatic animals and surrounded by mines gems and said to Him - "Tell me what can I do for you. I am also born from Ikshwaaku race that is how I am your relative." Raam said - "O Lord of rivers, I desire that you give my troops a way to cross you and kill 10-headed Raavan. And if you do not give me the way I will dry you up with my celestial arrow." Sea said - "I do not want to be hindrance in your work, I am not your enemy. Now you listen to me and do whatever you like. There is a monkey named Nal who is skilled mechanic in your army. He is the son of Tashtri (Vishwakarmaa). Whatever he will throw in my waters, whether wood, stone or grass, I will support it on my surface. Thus you can build a bridge [over which you can pass]." Having said this the Sea disappeared. Raam woke up and called Nal and said to him - "Nal, You build a bridge over the sea, I am sure you alone can do it." And thus Raam built a bridge which was 10 Yojan wide and 100 Yojan long. To this day it is known as Nal's Bridge. After completing the bridge Nal came and stood in front of Raam.

While Raam was on this side of the ocean, Vibheeshan came to Raam along with his four Ministers. Raam welcomed him warmly. Sugreev feared that he might be a spy, but Raam was satisfied with his right conduct. He worshhipped Vibheeshan with respect and crowned him as the King of Lankaa. It was under Vibheeshan's guidance that Raam crossed Lankaa along with His troops. It took Raam one month to cross that bridge. As all arrived in Lankaa, Raam ordered his monkeys to destroy Raavan's all gardens. While Raam's troops were doing this, Raavan's two counselors, Shuk and Saaran, came there as spies assuming monkey's form, Vibheeshan recognized them and seized them. They assumed their real form again, Raam showed His troops and dismissed them quietly. Raam then sent Angad as his messenger to Raavan.

Raam Raavan War

[3-282] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Raam let His army settle down in the forests there. Raavan's city was impregnable because of strong ramparts and gates. It had seven trenches that were very deep and full of water, full of fishes, sharks and alligators. His guards [who guarded the walls] were always well armed with earthen pots full of venomous snakes and resinous powders. They had other kinds of weapons also. Angad arrived on one of the gates and introduced himself to the guards and entered the city without any fear. He came to Raavan who was sitting amidst many Raakshas and started delivering Raam's message - "Raam who is the King of Koshal, has sent this message, listen to it and act accordingly. He has said - "By abducting Seetaa you have injured me and for the same reason you will be cause of the death of many innocent people. In your pride, you have killed many Rishi before and have insulted Devtaa. You have killed many kings and many weeping women. Now I will kill you with your counselors, fight with me. You will see the power of my bow. Free now Seetaa, and if you will not free Her I shall make this Prithvi empty of Raakshas." Hearing these words, Raavan filled with rage. Seeing the signs of their master the Raakshas held Angad tight, but Angad leaped with force from their grip and sat on the terrace of the palace. The Raakshas who were holding him fell down on the ground and got bruised. After that he jumped down and went to his own camp. He informed Raam everything and Raam dismissed him.

Raam then ordered His troops to break Lankaa's ramparts. Lakshman with Vibheeshan and Jaambvant blew up the Southern gate that was the most impregnable. Raam then attacked Lankaa with His 10 trillion (100,000 Crore) monkeys. These monkeys leaped up and leaped down and around. The dust they raise thus, made them invisible. As the monkeys were of multi-color, citizens of Lankaa saw somewhere yellow color, somewhere red color, somewhere white as wax. They all started wondering at this sight. Monkeys started breaking the gem-studded pillars, terraces etc of Lankaa throwing their pieced all around. Seeing this the Raakshas who were guarding the walls fled away in hundreds and thousands. While many other warrior Raakshas came out at the command of Raavan and started fighting with monkeys. Soon they forced monkeys to leave the wall. In this process many monkey chiefs fell down and died. But whoever were fighting, none was ready to give up. Raam also showered many arrows and these arrows killed many Raakshas. Lakshman also killed many Raakshas."

[3-283] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Many troops [of Raam] were taking rest in their places, that many little Raakshas and Pishaach came there in invisible form. They were Parvan, Patan, Jambh, Khar, Krodhvash, Hari, Praruj, Arjuj, and Praghas. As Vibheeshan knew their Maayaa, he broke their Maayaa of invisibility; and once they were visible, they were all slain by monkeys. Raavan could not tolerate this, so he himself headed his troops. Raavan was very skilled in all kinds of warfare, like another Shukraachaarya. Seeing Raavan coming Raam, following the the mode of Brihaspati countered them. Raavan began to fight with Raam, Lakshman with Indrajeet, Sugreev with Viroopaaksh, Nikharvat with Taar, and Tund with Nal, Panas with Patush. Soon the whole fight became like Dev and Asur war. Vibheeshan was fighting with Prahast."

[3-284] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Suddenly Prahast hit Vibheeshan with a fierce mace but Vibheeshan stood like Himvant mountain. Then Vibheeshan hurled his javelin and killed Prahast. Seeing Prahast killed Dhoomraaksh ran to fight with monkeys. Seeing Dhoomraaksh, monkey fled away, so Hanumaan came forward. Seeing Hanumaan in the battlefield, all fleeing monkeys returned. When Dhoomraaksh afflicted monkey army a lot, Hanumaan fought with him as Indra and Prahlaad fought in olden days. Then he seized him, broke his chariot, killed his charioteer, and killed him too. Seeing their leader killed Raakshas feared and fled in Lankaa. They told everything to Raavan. Hearing Prahast and Dhoomraaksh being killed Raavan got very sad. he got up from his seat saying - "Now the time has come to wake Kumbhkarn." So he went and woke him up with the sound of very loud instruments.

When he woke up, Raavan said to him - "You are happy to have this undisturbed sleep, unaware of the calamity which has befallen on us. Raam has crossed the sea by building a bridge and has come to Lankaa with his monkeys. I stole His wife Seetaa, so he has come here to take Her back. Our great warriors Prahast, Dhoomraaksh etc have already been killed by Him. Now there is no other person who can kill Raam. So rise to kill Raam. The two younger brothers of Dooshan, Vajraveg and Pramaathin, will go with you along with their forces." Kumbhkarn then ordered Vajraveg and Pramaathin as what they had to do. All got ready and proceeded to warfield."


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