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4-Chaturth Ansh

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2-Lineage of Ikshwaaku-1

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2-Lineage of Ikshwaaku-1
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 232-242
see also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/3   Maandhaataa and Saubhari Rishi

Paraashar Jee further said - "When Raivat was with Brahmaa Jee, Punyajan named Raakshas destroyed his Kushasthalee city. Raivat's hundred brothers ran away in fear of those Raakshas. Their descendants spread all over. Among them there was one Dhrisht whose descendant was Dhaarshtak named Kshatriya. Naabhaag had a son named Naabhaag, Naabhaag had the son named Ambareesh, Ambareesh had the son named Viroop, Viroop had the son named Prishdashwa, Prishdashwa had the son named Ratheetar, and Ratheetar's descendants were called Aangiras in spite of being Kshatriya. That is why they were called 'Kshatropet Braahman' also.

Once Manu had a sneeze which produced a son named Ikshwaaku. He had 100 sons, among whom three were main - Vikukshi, Nimi, and Dand. [He was the same Dand on whose name was Dandak Van where Raam lived for many years while He was in exile.] His Shakuni etc 50 sons ruled over Northern part of the country, and the other 48 sons ruled over the southern part of the country.

Once Ikshwaaku performed Ashtakaa Shraaddh, so he asked his son Vikukshi to bring the meat for that Shraaddh. He went to forest and killed many deer, but because of being tired and hungry he ate one Shashak (rabbit) from them and brought the remaining meat for his father. Ikshwaaku gave that meat to his Purohit Vashishth Jee, at this he said - "What was the need of this unholy meat? Your son has already eaten one Shashak out of it." Since then he was called "Shashaad" (because he ate the Shashak - rabbit). His father abandoned him. After his father died he ruled this Prithvi according to Dharm. Shashaad had a son named Puranjaya.

Puranjaya had an other name also - Kukutsth. There happened a Dev-Asur war in one Tretaa Yug. Asur defeated Devtaa, so Devtaa prayed Vishnu Bhagvaan for help. Vishnu said - "I have known the purpose of your coming. Listen to about it. I myself will destroy Asur with my part in Shashaad's son Puranjaya. Therefore you prepare him to kill Asur. So Devtaa came to Puranjaya and requested him for his assistance in killing Asur. Puranjaya said - "If I can fight with Asur sitting on the shoulder of Indra, then only I can help you." Devtaa agreed for this. Indra assumed the form of a Vrishabh (bull) and Puranjaya defeated Asur sitting on his back. That is why he was called Kukutsth. 

Puranjaya's son was Anenaa.
Anenaa's son was Prithu
Prithu's son was Vishtraashwa
Vishtraashwa's son was Chandra Yuvanaashwa
Chandra Yuvanaashwa's son was Shaavast - he inhabited Shaavastee city.
Shaavast's son was Brihadaashwa
Brihadaashwa's son was Kuvalayaashwa - He had Vishnu's grace. He, with his 21,000 sons,
    killed Dhundhu named Daitya who misbehaved with Maharshi Udak, therefore he was called
    Dhundhumaar also. His all sons, except three sons - Dridhaashwa, Chandraashwa, and
    Kapilaashwa - died by the air coming out of Dhundhu's mouth.
Dridhaashwa's son was Haryaashwa
Haryaashwa's son was Nikumbh
Nikumbh's son was Amitaashwa
Amitaashwa's son was Krishaashwa
Krishaashwa's son was Prasenjit
Prasenjit's son was  Yuvanaashwa 

Yuvanaashwa was childless, so he went to Muni's Aashram. Some Muni pitied on him and did a Yagya to get a son for him. After mid-night, Muni slept keeping the Yagya water Kalash (pitcher) in Vedee (place of sacred fire). Raajaa got thirsty in the night. He did not wake up Muni and drank water from that Kalash. When Muni woke up, they asked - "Who drank this Abhimantrit water? Yuvanaashwa's wife can give birth to a son only after drinking this water." Raajaa said - I drank it unknowingly." So Yuvanaashwa got pregnant and when the time came the child came out bursting Raajaa's right eye, but Raajaa did not die because of this.

Muni said - "Now how he is going to survive?" At the same time Indra appeared there and said - "He will survive upon me." Therefore he was named Maandhaataa, Indra gave his index finger in his mouth, and he started sucking on it. Because of sucking Amrit from that finger he grew up in one day only. So from the same time he starting ruling the seven-Dweep (island) Prithvi. It is said about him that "From where the Sun rises, and where he sets, the whole region belongs to Maandhaataa." Maandhaataa married Shatbindu's daughter Bindumatee and had three sons from her - Purukuts, Ambareesh, and Muchukund; and 50 daughters.

Maandhaataa and Saubhari Rishi

At the same time Bahvrich Saubhari stayed in water for 12 years. There, in that water was Sammad named king of fish who had many children. All his children and grandchildren used to play around him and he also loved to play with them all. Thus Saubhari Rishi saw that king of fish like this, so he thought, "This lowly born creature is very lucky that in spite of being born in such a low species he is enjoying his children and grandchildren, and developing jealousy in my heart. I will also enjoy my children and grandchildren like this on Prithvi. Thinking thus he came out of the water and came to Maandhaataa with the idea to have his daughter as his wife.

Maandhaataa welcomed him, worshipped him and asked the reason to come there. Saubhari Rishi said - "I wish to marry a girl, so give me your one daughter. Nobody goes empty-handed from this family. Although are other kings also who have princesses but only your family is respectable. You have 50 daughters, give me only one. I am afraid lest you refuse my request."

Hearing this Raajaa started thinking something. Saubhari Rishi said - "Why do you worry? I have not asked anything which you don't want to give. One day or the other, you will have to give these daughters to somebody, then why don't you oblige me?" At this Maandhaataa got scared of Rishi's Shaap, so he said politely - "Bhagavan, We have a tradition that our daughter chooses whichever groom, she is given to the same person. Your request is beyond our wishes, I don't know how this has sprung up?"

Saubhari Rishi thought, "This is another way of saying "No" to me, that he is old, even mature women will not like him, leave alone young girls. Raajaa has told me this thinking thus, so I will have to behave in the same way." He said to Maandhaataa - "If this is your tradition, then ask your any eunuch guard of girls' palace to let me in. If any girl will like me, then only I will marry her otherwise there is no use to marry at this age." Scared of Muni's Shaap, Raajaa allowed him to go in. When Muni was going inside, he assumed the form of a very handsome young man - more handsome than a Gandharv. After entering the palace, guards said to those girls - "Your father Maandhaataa has ordered that "this Maharshi has come to me and I have promised him that whoever girl would like to marry him, I would marry her to him." Then all those girls chose him saying "I alone choose him as my husband" and did not allow others to choose him as their husband. The guards told the whole account to king."

Paraashar Jee further said - "How did it happen? What is he saying? What should I do?" etc questions arose in Maandhaataa's mind, but keeping his promise he married all his daughters to him. After the marriage ceremony was over, Saubhari Rishi took them to his Aashram. There, like other Braahman, he called Vishwakarmaa and ordered him to build separate palaces for each of those girls. Anivaaryaanand named Siddhi stayed there in those palaces. This helped the princesses to live happily there.

One day Maandhaataa thought to check on his daughters that whether they were happy. When he came to the Aashram of Rishi, he saw several palaces in a line. He entered a palace and saw one of his daughters there. His eyes filled with water because of affection. He asked her - "Dear daughter, Are you happy here? Does Saubhari Rishi love you? Do you any time remember our home?" The daughter said - "Father, This palace is very beautiful. Everything is available here. Our family life is also very comfortable, still who doesn't remember his birthplace? Although everything is fine, but one thing doesn't seem to be right, that Maharshi never goes out of my palace. He always lives with me, so my sisters must be very sad seeing this. This is the only reason of my sadness."

Maandhaataa went to his other daughters and asked their welfare. They said the same thing what his first daughter said to him [that Saubhari Rishi did not to go her other sisters, he was always with her]. Raajaa got very happy to hear this. He worshipped Saubhari Rishi and said - "This is all because of your Yog and Siddhi. I have never seen such glory in anybody else." He stayed there for some time and then came back to his capital. Time passed and Rishi had 150 sons from those 50 princesses.

Saubhari Rishi always used to think about his children. Then one day he thought, "What I have started thinking? Why have I fallen in this Moh (intense love)? These wishes will never end and cannot be fulfilled even in thousands of years. Now I have understood that all wishes cannot be satisfied anyhow; and the heart that is full of wishes cannot do any Paramaarth. I wasted this part of my life because of company of that king fish. To live even one life is sorrowful, and I have made it 50 times more sorrowful. Because of too many sons, that Moh has increased a lot."

Paraashar further said - "Thinking thus, Saubhari Muni abandoned all - sons, palaces, Aashram etc and went to forest with all his wives and started living life of a Sanyaasee. He devoted himself to Bhagavaan Hari and got Moksh. Whoever remembers, reads and tells, or hears or preaches this, he frees himself from all kinds of Moh for six lives.



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