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21-Dandak Van

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21-Dandak Van
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 119-129

Origin of Dandak Van

Pulastya Jee said - "Hearing Agastya Jee, Raam asked him - "Hey Muni, How did that forest become without living beings and terrible?" Agastya Jee said - "In earlier Sat Yug, Vaivaswat Manu was ruling this Prithvi. His son's name was Ikshwaaku (see his lineage). Manu appointed him the king of Prithvi and instructed - "Now you protect your people with the help of Dand (rod), but never use it without reason. Only appropriate reason to use it takes a king to Swarg." Now Ikshwaaku thought about producing sons. So he did many Yagya etc by which he got many children. But among all of them his youngest son was very qualitative so Ikshwaaku named him Dand and appointed him the king and gave him a city named Madhumatt situated in between the two peaks of Vindhya mountain. Dand ruled there for many years.

At one time, after spring season, he went to Bhaargav Muni's Aashram. There he saw his beautiful daughter roaming around. He went to that girl and asked - "Where have you come from? Whose daughter are you? I am your servant, please accept me." The girl said - "Raajan, You should know this that I am the daughter of Bhaargav Vansh - elder daughter of Shukraachaarya. My name is Arajaa. I am his daughter, and you are his disciple. With this relation I am your sister, therefore you should not say such words to me, rather if other people try to misbehave with me, you should protect me from them. If my father will come to know this, he can burn you to ashes with his Shaap."

Dand said - "O beautiful, Even if I am killed after getting you, I am ready for that, but please accept me." And the king embraced her and had her forcefully. After this Dand immediately went back to his city. Arajaa came to her father but he had gone to take bath. He came back soon and knew the whole incident. He became very angry and gave Shaap to Dand - "This sinful king will be destroyed along with his country, servants, army and conveyances. Indra will rain dust in his 100 Yojan kingdom for seven days and seven nights. This dust rain will destroy everybody in his kingdom."

Then he told his disciples to take the people away from Dand's kingdom so that they could be saved. Shukraachaarya then said to his daughter - "You live and meditate here, on this 4 Kos lake, only for 100 years." Thus Dand's kingdom got destroyed within one year. Since then this forest is called Dandak Aranya or Dandak Van. Now is the time for Sandhyaa, let's go for it. Raam slept that night in Agastya Aashram. Next day Raam came back to Ayodhyaa. He arrived there in afternoon, called Bharat and Lakshman and let them know that He would build some temples. First He would establish Vaaman idol in Kaanyakubj Desh."

Establishing Vaaman Idol

Bheeshm asked - "Hey Rishi, How Raam established Vaaman idol? And where did He get his idol?" Pulastya Jee said - "One day Raam thought that Vibheeshan rules in Lankaa, so I should go there and tell him something good for him, so that he should rule there without any trouble for long time." At the same time Bharat came there and asked Him as what He was thinking. Raam said - "I wish to see Vibheeshan as how does he behave with Devtaa because I had killed Raakshas only for the good of Devtaa. So I want to go there." Bharat also got ready to go along with Him. Raam asked Lakshman to take care of the kingdom and set to go to Lankaa in PushpakVimaan (airplane).

First of all that Vimaan went to Gaandhaar Desh where they saw Bharat's both sons. Then they went in East and met Lakshman's both sons. They stayed there for six nights and then came to South. There they met Bharadwaaj Muni in Prayaag at the Sangam of Gangaa and Yamunaa. Then they met Atri Muni and came down to Janasthaan. Raam showing it said to Bharat - "Bharat, This is the place where Raavan abducted Seetaa after killing Jataayu. Jataayu was our father's friend. And here we fought with Kabandh. When we burned him after killing, at the time of dying he told us to go to Rishyamook Parvat and extend friendship with Sugreev. And this is Pampaa lake where Shabaree lived. This is where I killed Baali for Sugreev.

Then they came to Kishkindhaa Puree and met Sugreev and other Vaanar and Roomaa and Taaraa etc. Sugreev asked their purpose to come there. Bharat told him that they were going to Lankaa, so Sugreev also got ready to go to Lankaa. Vimaan came to the seashore. Raam said - "This is the place where Vibheeshan came to me with his four ministers. At the same time Lakshman coronated him as the king of Lankaa. I waited here for three days for Saagar (because of being the son of Sagar it is called Saagar) to appear that being my relation he would help me, but then fourth day I had to take a Divine arrow and was about to shoot to dry it that he appeared in person and forgiving him I shot it in Maru Desh.

At Saagar's advice I built this bridge over this sea. It was completed in three days only - first day up to 14 Yojan, second day up to 36 Yojan and third day up to 100 Yojan. See this is Lankaa. That is its boundary wall which is made of all gold. Here we killed several Raakshas. Brahmaa Jee came to talk to me along with Shankar and Paarvatee. Our father Dasharath also came here from Swarg Lok. Seetaa entered Agni to purify Herself. With the permission of Agni Dev I accepted Seetaa and came to Ayodhyaa."

When they were talking like this, Raakshas informed Vibheeshan about their coming. Vibheeshan immediately came out and greeted them with Saashtaang Pranaam. He brought them inside and made them comfortable in the best palace he had. He said - "I have nothing to offer you because only you gave me all this, so whatever is here including me, I offer you all. Please accept it. Raam stayed there for three days.

When Raam was about to leave, Kaikasee asked Vibheeshan to let her meet Raam along with her daughters-in-law. She said to Vibheeshan - "Raam is Vishnu, Seetaa is Lakshmee. Your elder brother could not recognize Him. Your father had already told this to Devtaa that Raam would incarnate in Dasharath's house, and He would kill Raavan." But Raam Himself went to see Kaikasee considering her as His own mother. He met Vibheeshan's wife Saramaa too. Kaikasee said - "My husband had said to me that Vishnu will take Avataar in Raghu Vansh. He would kill Raavan and give this kingdom to Vibheeshan. He would kill Baali and build the bridge also on sea. Remembering his words, I recognized you. Seetaa is Lakshmee, you are Vishnu and Vaanar are Devtaa. May you be glorified."

Vibheeshan's wife Saramaa said - "Bhagavan, I served Seetaa Jee here in Ashok Vaatikaa for one year. She lived here comfortably. I daily remember Her feet and think when will I be able to see Her. Why didn't you bring Her along with you?" As Saramaa was talking to Raam, Bharat thought, "who is this woman who is talking to Raam", then Raam introduced her to him.

Raam said to Vibheeshan - "You should act according to Indra, never go against him. If somehow any human being comes in Lankaa, the Raakshas should not kill him, rather they should respect him as they would respect me."

At that time Vaayu Dev came there and said to Raam - "Here is an idol of Vaaman Bhagavaan. You take it and establish it in Kaanyakubj Desh." Vibheeshan adorned that idol with all kinds of gems and gave it to Raam. He said - "When Meghnaad defeated Indra, he brought it from Indra Lok as a mark of victory. Now you take it and establish it at appropriate place." When Raam was about to go, Vibheeshan said - "I will obey your all orders but human beings will trouble me coming here using this bridge, what should I do in this situation?"

Hearing this Raam broke the bridge in two pieces then divided it in three parts and destroyed the middle part of 10 Yojan fully. After that He destroyed one Yojan bridge more at another place. Then they came to Vela Van (present Raameshwaram), established Mahaadev and worshipped him. Rudra appeared and said - "Till your bridge will be here, I will also live here." Then Raam prayed him. Shankar asked Him to establish Vaaman idol on the bank of Gangaa River. He further said - "You have finished Devtaa's work. Now you divide this Prithvi in eight parts and give them to your sons and come back to your Lok." After saying this Shiv went away.

Then Raam came to Pushkar Jee. There His Vimaan stayed still. He asked Sugreev to find out the reason of this. Sugreev came back and told that Brahmaa Jee was there along with Devtaa, Siddh and Brahmarshi etc, that was why the Vimaan could not cross them. Raam got down from the Vimaan, greeted Brahmaa Jee sitting with Gaayatree and prayed them. At the order of Brahmaa Jee, He came to Mathuraa, met Shatrughn and his sons. Shatrughn immediately offered everything at Raam's feet. Raam stayed there for five days and returned everything whatever Shatrughn gave to Him and asked him to coronate his two sons in Mathuraa kingdom. Then He came to the banks of Gangaa River in Mahodaya Teerth, established Vaaman idol there, sent Sugreev back to Kishkindhaa and came back to Ayodhyaa. He then sent Pushpak Vimaan back to Kuber.



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