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2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 130 -133
See also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 12/4;

About Yug

Bheeshm Jee said - "I wish to hear again about Vishnu Bhagavaan, creation of lotus flower and Vaishnavee world." Pulastya Jee said - "This Universe is the form of Param Purush Naaraayan. Even my father Brahmaa doesn't know it correctly then how can anybody else know it? Sat Yug is said consisting of 4,000 Divine years, and its Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh are said consisting of 800 Divine years. In this Yug Dharm stands on its four legs and A-Dharm with only one leg. In this Yug all people are religious and peaceful. Tretaa Yug is said consisting of 3,000 Divine years and its both Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh consist of 600 Divine years. In this Yug, Dharm stands on three legs and A-Dharm with two legs. People observe Truth and Shauch (holiness) and perform Yagya etc but only Lobh (greed) affects them. When any unrighteousness comes in behavior according to Dharm, Aashram also get weak. This is the built-in characteristic of Tretaa Yug.

Dwaapar Yug consist of 2,000 Divine years and its Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh consist of 400 Divine years. In this Yug, people are influenced with Rajo Gun, prone to collection of wealth, destroyer of other people's means of living, and mean. Dharm stands on two legs and A-Dharm with three legs. The fourth Yug is Kali Yug which consists of 1,000 Divine years and its both Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh consist of 200 Divine years. This is the Yug of cruelty. In this Yug Dharm stands only on its one leg and A-Dharm with four legs. People are lusty, Tamo Gunee, and mean. Normally nobody is saint, nobody speaks truth, and nobody is ascetic. People are atheist, they do not have devotion towards Braahman, they are proud and do not love each other. Braahman's behaviors are also like Shoodra's in Kali Yug. When the Yug comes to an end, it is difficult to recognize Varn. Thus this 12,000 Divine years is called one Chatur-Yug (or Mahaa-Yug). Such 1,000 Chatur-Yug make up Brahmaa's one day.

Thus when Brahmaa's age is also finished, then Kaal (Death or Time) starts its Mahaa Pralaya (the Great deluge) considering that all beings' age is completed. Soorya sucks all seas, wind starts blowing, nose and its subject smell enter Prithvi, tongue and its subject taste enter water, eyes and its subject beauty enter Agni (fire), skin and its subject touch enter Vaayu (air), ear and its subject hearing enter Aakaash (sky). All this happens in one Muhoort (48 minutes) only. Mind, Buddhi, Chitta and Kshetragya enter Brahmaa Jee, and Brahmaa enters Hari. Panch Mahaabhoot also enter Hari. After the destruction of all Soorya, Vaayu, and Aakaash Hari alone sleeps in Jal (water) for thousands of Yug. Thus no living being can know about that A-Vyakt."

Maarkandeya Muni Witnesses the Great Deluge

"Hey Bheeshm, Listen, At one time, Hari gulped Maarkandeya Muni, so he wandered there in many Teerth for more than 100 years. Then Hari pushed him out. Muni saw that still there was water all over and fog all around. No living being was seen there. In the meantime he saw a child sleeping on branch of a banyan tree. He was surprised to see him. He headed towards him to know about him that who was that child. It seemed to him that he had seen him somewhere. Then he heard a voice - "Welcome O Maarkandeya, Don't be afraid, come to me." Muni thought, "Who is this who is calling me by my name?" The child again said - "My son, I am your grandfather who gave you long age. In earlier time your father Aangiras did severe Tapasyaa to get a son and I gave him Var to get a gracious son like you."

Hearing this Maarkandeya got very happy, he went near Him and greeted Him and said - "Bhagavan, I wish to know about your Maayaa (illusion) fully. How come you are sleeping here in the middle of this water." Bhagvaan said - "I am Naaraayan who is said to have thousands of heads and feet. I am Agni, I am Indra and I am Soorya who has the chariot yoked with seven horses. I am Shesh Naag in serpents and Garud in birds. I destroy everything and I create everything. I am Dharm, I am Tap, and I am Prajaapati. I am Prithvi, I am sky, I am the ten directions, and I am Yog. All appear from me and get absorbed in me. I am the one-letter Mantra and I am the three-letter Mantra. Brahmaa is also my form."

And saying thus He took Muni inside His mouth again. He sat in front of Bhagavaan to hear about Dharm. Later Bhagavaan thought about creating beings and produced a beautiful multicolored lotus flower from His navel. It was shining like Soorya.



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