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23-Madhu and Kaitabh

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23-Madhu and Kaitabh
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 133-134

Madhu and Kaitabh

Pulastya Jee said - "In that golden lotus, which was as large as several Yojan, Vishnu produced four faced Brahmaa Jee. Maharshi tell the origin of that lotus from Vishnu's navel. The main part of that lotus is Prithvi. There is another lotus inside this large lotus in which Prithvi is supposed to be located in Pralaya waters. There are four seas around this lotus. Gradually Brahmaa started creating world. At the same time two Asur appeared, Madhu from Tamo Gun and Kaitabh from Rajo Gun. Although they were born from Tamo Gun and Rajo Gun but since the effect of Tamo Gun was more, their nature was Taamas. They were very mighty so they started troubling the whole Universe located in Pralaya waters. They had their faces in all directions

Wandering around in the Pralaya waters, when they went to Pushkar, they saw Brahmaa Jee. They asked him - "Who are you? And who is that who has appointed you for creation? Who is your creator and who is your protector? What is his name?" Brahmaa said - "O Asur, Of whom you are talking about, He is only One. He is present in all of them. And He has various names according to His Karm." Hearing this they went to Vishnu and spoke bowing their heads - "We know that this whole Universe has appeared from you. You have created us too. We want a Var from you." Bhagavaan said - "Why do you ask for a Var? Your age is over and still you wish to live, this surprises me." Madhu and Kaitabh said - "We wish to be killed at the place where nobody has ever died." Vishnu said, "So be it." and mashed both of them on His thighs.

Brahmaa Jee got busy in Tapasyaa. But he didn't like to be alone so he created a woman from his half body and then he created his sons who became famous as Prajaapati and Yogee. Brahmaa created five women also - Lakshmee, Saadhyaa, Shubhlakshanaa, Vishweshaa, Devee (Vasu) and Saraswatee, besides 10 Prajaapati. They are regarded higher than even Devtaa. Brahmaa Jee gave these maidens to Dharm. The woman who appeared from Brahmaa's half body could take any form she liked. She came to his presence in the form of Surabhi. He had physical relationship with her and produced 11 sons. They all ran around weeping. Because of weeping and running, all were called Rudra. Surabhi produced cows, Yagya and Devtaa also. Goats, swan and herbs and grains were also born from Surabhi.

Dharm's wife Lakshmee produced Som (Chandramaa or Moon), Saadhyaa produced Saadhya named Devtaa; Devee (Vasu) produced Vasu named Devtaa who followed Devtaa and Dharm's fourth wife Vishweshaa produced Vishwedev. Names of Vishwedev are - Daksh, Pushkar, Chaakshush Manu, Mahorag, Vishwaanug, Vasu, Baal, Nishkal, Rurud, and Bhaaskar.

Maruttwatee gave birth to Maruttwaan named Devtaa - they are 22 in number. Their names are - (1) Agni, (2) Chakshu, (3) Jyoti, (4) Saavitra, (5) Mitra, (6) Amar, (7) Sharvrishti, (8) Suvarsh, (9) Mahaabhuj, (10) Viraaj, (11) Raaj, (12) Vishwaasu, (13) Sumati, (14) Ashwagandh, (15) Chitrarashmi, (16) Nishadh, (17) Aatmvidhi, (18) Chaaritra, (19) Paadmaatrag, (20) Brihat, (21) Brihdroop, and (22) Vishnusanaabhig. ** .

Aditi gave birth to 12 Aaditya from Kashyap Jee. Thus the Creation tradition started.

** If these are the Marut Gan, then who are those 49 Marut Gan who took birth from Kashyap and Diti and whom Indra divided in 49 parts? see 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/7



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