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4-Chaturth Ansh

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1-Lineage of Vaivaswat Manu

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Lineage of Vaivaswat Manu
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 227-232
see also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1;

Maitreya Jee said - "Now I wish to hear about the royal lineages." Paraashar Muni said - "I tell you about the lineage of Manu whose father is Brahmaa Jee and whose lineage is very holy. The whole world has appeared from Vishnu who Himself has no beginning. First of all Brahmaa Jee appeared from Him, then Daksh Prajaapati appeared from Brahmaa's right thumb. Daksh 's daughter was Aditi, and Aditi's son was Vivaswaan, and Vivaswaan's son was Manu. Manu had 10 sons - Ikshwaaku, Nrig, Dhrisht, Sharyaati, Narishyant, Praanshu, Naabhaag, Disht, Karoosh, and Prishadra.

Once Manu did a Yagya for two Devtaa - Mitra and Varun, with the desire of a son, but because Hotaa read an opposite Sankalp, he got a daughter named Ilaa. But by the grace of Mitra and Varun the same Ilaa became Manu's Sudyumn named son. But he got a Shaap of Mahaadev, and he again became a woman and wandered around Chandramaa's son Budh's Aashram. Budh got attracted to her and produced a son named Pururavaa. After Puravaa had been born, Rishi did several Yagya to bring her manhood back, so she again became Sudyumn. Then Sudyumn had three sons more - Utkal, Gaya, and Vinat. Sudyumn had no right on throne now, but on Vashishth's request Manu gave him Pratishthaan named city. Sudyumn gave the same city to his son Pururavaa. Pururavaa's children spread all over.

Manu's son Prishadhra ate meat of his Guru's cow, so he became Shoodra. Karoosh produced Kaaroosh named mighty Kshatriya. Disht's son Naabhaag became Vaishya and had a son named Balandhan. 

Balandhan's son was Vatspreeti, 
Vatspreeti's son was Praanshu, 
Praanshu's son was Prajaapati - only son,
Prajaapati's son was Khanitra,
Khanitra's son was Chaakshush,
Chaakshush's son was mighty Vinsh,
Vinsh's son was Vivinshak,
Vivinshak's son was Khaninetra,
Khaninetra's son was Ativibhooti,
Ativibhooti's son was Karandham,
Karandham's son was Avikshit,
Avikshit's son was Marutt - He is the same Marutt who did such Yagya that he used all gold pots in his Yagya and donated so much to Braahman that they could not carry all of it and had to leave some there only. In that Yagya, Marut Gan were serving food and Dev Gan were present there in person. [The same wealth which Braahman left there, was used by Yudhishthir to do his Raajsooya Yagya.]

Marutt's son was Narishyant,
Narishyant's son was dam,
Dam's son was Raajvardhan,
Raajvardhan' son was Suvriddhi,
Suvriddhi's son was Keval,
Keval's son was Sudhriti,
Sudhriti's son was Nar,
Nar's son was Chandra,
Chandra's son was Keval,
Keval's son was Bandhumaan,
Bandhumaann's son was Vegvaan,
Vegvaan's son was Budh,
Budh's son was Trinbindu - Trinbindu first had a daughter named Ilvilaa, later Alambooshaa Apsaraa got attracted to him, o he had Vishaal named son from her. He inhibited Vishaalaa named city.

Trinbidu's son was Vishaal,
Vishal's son was Hemchnadra,
Hemchandra's son was Dhoomraaksh,
Dhoomraaksh's son was Srinjaya,
Srinjaya's son was Krishaashwa,
Krishaashwa's son was Somdatt who did 100 Ashwamedh yagya
Somdatt's son was Janmejaya,
Janmejaya's son was Sumati.

Manu's another son Sharyaati had a daughter named Sukanyaa who was married to Chyavan Rishi. He had a son too, named Aanartt. Aanartt had the son named Revat who was the king of Aanartt Desh and his capital was Kushasthalee. Revat's son was Raivat Kakudmee who was the eldest among his 100 brothers. He had a daughter named Revatee.

Raivat went to Brahmaa Jee to ask him as to whom he should marry his daughter. At that time two Gandharv - Haahaa and Hoohoo were singing Divine songs. The song was so melodious that he sat there to listen to it.  When the song was over, he thought that only one Muhoort (half an hour) has passed, while he passed many Yug there. It was because of singing-related Chitraa, Dakshinaa and Dhaatree named Trimaarg change. So when the song was over, Raivat asked Brahmaa Jee about a groom for his daughter Revatee.

Brahmaa Jee said - "Tell me which one you have in your mind?" Then he named his desired grooms and asked him that which one he liked most? To whom he should marry her? Brahmaa Jee smiled and said - "Whichever grooms you have named, even their grandson's children are not there any more on Prithvi, because you have passed several Chatur-Yug here listening to the songs of Gandharv. This is now the end of 28th Chatur-Yug on Prithvi. Kali Yug is going to start. You have been alone now of your kind, therefore give this daughter to somebody else. During this period, your sons, friends, ministers, servants, brothers, army etc all have finished."

Hearing all this Raajaa Raivat got worried and asked Brahmaa Jee - "Then to whom I should marry my daughter?" Brahmaa Jee said with his folding hands - "We don't get whose beginning, middle or end, form, attributes etc, the same is born from his part on Prithvi. Your Amaraavatee-like Kushsthalee Nagaree (city) is now Dwaarakaa Puree. There lives Baladev who is the part Avataar of Vishnu. You may give your daughter to him. They will live comfortably with each other."

Hearing this Raivat came to Prithvi and found the people there short, ugly, weak, and ignorant. He came to his city Kushasthalee, it was completely changed. He gave his daughter to Baladev Jee. Baladev Jee found her too tall for himself, so he pressed her with the front part of his plough and made her height to suit his own height. Thus Revtee also became of shorter stature like other people of that period. After marrying his daughter, Raajaa Raivat went to Himaalaya to do Tapasayaa.



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