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3-Triteeya Ansh

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4-Maayaa Moh

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4-Appearance of Maayaa Moh
3-Vishnu Puraan, 3-Triteeya Ansh, p 215-

Appearance of Maayaa Moh

Maitreya Jee asked - "I know about other types of people but I do not know about "Naked" people. Please tell me who are "Naked"? Paraashar said - "Three Ved - Rig Ved, Yajur Ved and Saam Ved are the cover of all Varn people. Who abandon them because of Moh, that sinner is called as "Naked". Paraashar said - "Three Ved - Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, and Saam Ved, are the cover of all Varn. Who abandons them because of Moh, that sinner is called Naked. Vashishth Jee said something to Bheeshm in this regard, so listen to that.

In ancient time, once Devtaa and Daitya fought for 1,000 Divine years. Hlaad, Prabhriti etc Daitya defeated Devtaa. Devtaa went to Vishnu and prayed Him [Stotra, p 216-217, Shlok 11-34 ]. Vishnu appeared before them. They said - Please protect us. Daitya have taken our Yagya share. They do Tapasyaa, they follow their Dharm and Ved, therefore they cannot be killed by us. Tell us some way to kill them." Hearing this Vishnu produced Maayaa Moh from His body and gave him to Devtaa and said - "Take him. He will delude Daitya, they will abandon the path of Ved, then you can kill them."

They all went to the place where Daitya were living. Maayaa Moh saw that Daitya were doing Tapasyaa. He asked them - "Hey Daitya, Why are you doing this Tapasyaa? What do you want to achieve out of this worldly or Divine pleasures?" Daitya said - "WE are doing this with the desire to get Divine fruits. What do you want to say in this regard?" Maayaa Moh said - "If your desire is Mukti, then do as I say. This Dharm (duties) is tho door to Mukti." Thus he misguided them from the path of Dharm. They asked other Daitya to follow the same. In a short time they abandoned all Vedic activities.

Then one day Maayaa Moh wore red clothes and went to them and said - "If you desire for Moksh, then do not kill animals, do not do any evil Karm and acquire knowledge. This whole world is scientific. It is not based on anything. Soul is just wandering here, thus you should know and understand." By hearing this Daitya abandoned their own Karm. Nobody among them even talked about Ved, even some started talking ill-will about Ved. Some started talking bad about Devtaa, Yagya Karm, Braahman etc. and saying that it is not possible to do Dharm by killing. If Indra has to eat Shamee Wood then animal who eats grass, is better than him. If feeding other people can satisfy somebody else, then why to take food at the time of traveling to far places. Sons can do Shraaddh at home only.

Now this war started again between Devtaa and Daitya. Before Daitya had the the armor of Dharm that won, but this time it was not there, so they lost the war. So Hey Maitreya, At that time who followed Maayaa Moh, they were called "Nagna" (naked) because they took off the Ved cloth. Who does not do appropriate Karm even although he has the capacity to do them, he falls from his status on the same day.

There are only four Aashram - Brahmcharya, Grihasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyaas. Who does not adopt Vaanprath or Sanyaas after Grihasth Aashram, that sinner is also "Nagna". Who does not do his Daily Karm, even his sighting is a bad omen. From which house Devtaa, Rishi, Pitar just go taking sighs, that house is of sinners. Who eats without offering the food to them, one shouldn't even speak to them.

It is heard that in earlier times, there was a king named Shatadhanu. His wife's name was Shaivyaa who was very religious. Once both worshipped Janaardan. They worshipped, did Yagya, gave donations everyday. One day in Kaartik Poornimaa, when they came out after taking bath in Gangaa River, they saw a Paakhandee coming towards them. This Braahman was the friend of archery teacher of the king, so with the idea of respect to his Guru king treated him like a friend, but his wife didn't speak to him and then thinking that she was doing Vrat, she did Darshan of Soorya Dev. Later they completed their daily activities. After some time the king died and his wife became Satee with him.

Since the king had the conversation with that Paakhandee during the Vrat period that is why he was born as a dog, but Shaivyaa was born as the daughter of king of Kaashee. She was very knowledgeable and had the knowledge of her previous life. Her father wanted to marry her, but she refused to marry to anybody.

Later she knew with her Divine sight that her husband has been born as a dog in Vidishaa Nagaree. She went there and fed him with love and affection. Dog also got very happy to eat the food of his liking. She reminded him of his previous life and asked - "Don't you remember that after having talked to that Paakhsndee you have got this low level species?" He remembered his previous life so he left his dog body outside the city.

In next life he was born as jackal. Then also his wife reminded of his past life and he left his that body also by not taking any food. After that he was born as a wolf, he left that body also after being reminded by his wife. Then he was born as a vulture. His wife again reminded him of his past life. Then he was born as a crow, then as a peacock. At that time his wife served him very well. When Raajaa Janak did Ashwamedh Yagya, he gave bath to that peacock. After this he was born as Janak's son.

Then his wife asked her father to organize a Swayamvar for her, and in that Swayamvar she chose her husband again. He enjoyed with his wife for long time. He did many Yagya, he donated much wealth. After that he died and his wife became Satee with him. Thus after getting pure he got the fruits of his Punya. He sinned of talking to a Paakhandee and got the Punya of getting bath in Ashwamedh Yagya. Therefore one must not do all those activities which are prohibited at the time of Yagya, Vrat etc.

Even seeing a Nagna can destroy everything, and talking to him can destroy Punya of one day. Who keep matted lock

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