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See also    Shambaraasur  as how Pradyumn killed him

Prabhaavatee was the daughter of a great Asur Vajranaabh.

Once she overheard in her palace that Pradyumn had killed the mighty Asur Shambaraasur. Another woman said - "But he was only a boy when he killed him?" "First it was his father, now it is his son." Prabhaavatee thought - "It seems that their superior than ours." Those women continued their talks - "Our Prabhaavatee has grown now, Now it is time that he should be married." "Yes, Her father has given her permission to select her groom herself." "Many boys were very mighty and handsome, and some of them had gone back because she had refused to marry them." "I don't know what she is looking for?" Prabhaavatee had moved from there and went to see her cousins Chandravatee and Gunavatee. When she was going to them she passed her father's room. She heard some man's voice so she stopped a bit just to see who he might be.

In fact he was Naarad Jee. Her father was asking him - "How does this Yaadav get his power? After all he is merely a mortal. Naarad Jee said - "He is not Mortal, He is Vishnu Himself who has come here on this Earth to live with men." "Oh, So he is Vishnu himself? Then He must have come to help Devtaa and destroy lour race." Hearing this Prabhaavatee moved on and thought, "Oh, So Pradyumn is the son of Vishnu. I wish he should have come her as a suitor for me." In the meantime Naarad Jee went away and Vajranaabh sat down worried. He thought, "These Yaadav will surely come this side also to attack me, so I should make some arrangement for our protection." So he went to Sumeru Parvat and did penance for Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee got pleased with his penance and appeared before him and asked him to ask for a boon. He said - "Please make my inaccessible city of Vajra that even air should not enter my city unless I permit it." "So be it." saying this Brahmaa Jee disappeared.

Krishn and Indra
Now several years passed making his city safe. Even many suitors came for Prabhaavatee but Prabhaavatee did not approve any one of them. her friends asked her to whom she wanted to marry, but she felt shy to tell them that she wanted to marry Pradyumn.

Now Pradyumn was busy in making arrangements for an Ashwamedh Yagya which Vasudev Jee was doing. At the same time he saw a divine chriot descending from the sky. It was Indra's chariot. He said - "Krishn has to help me?" Krishn welcomed Indra in His palace saying, "I suppose you have come to attend the Yagya." Indra said - "No Krishn, But I am in trouble. I have come to ask for your help." "What is it about?" Indra said - "Vajranaabh has attacked my kingdom and as the son of kashyap he is claiming his right on Swarg. Even his brothers Sunabh and Nikumbh are also helping him." Krishn consoled him that as soon His father's yagya will be over he will go and and help him. At this Indra said - "It is difficult to fight with him, as by Brahmaa's boon, not even air can enter his city unless he permits it."

At he same time Pradyumn came there, greeted Indra and informed them that everything was ready. Indra thought, "What a handsome youth he is?" Krishn said - "Come and see the performance of Bhadra." But Bhadra's performance could not bring a smile on Indra's face. When Bhadra had finished his performance he came to greet sages, so sages said p- "You deserve a boon. What do you want?" Bhadra said "Grant me the boon so that I can assume any form I want at my will and wander all around without any obstacles." Sages said - "let it be so." Indra was hearing all this. He said to Krishn - "I have found the way."

Later Indra said to Krishn - "I think you told me before that Pradyumn killed Shambar with his Maayaa that was taught to him by Maayaavatee." "Yes." "And here is Bhdra' new boon from sages that he will be able to roam around without any obstacles at his will. So Pradyumn and a few Yaadav can enter Vajranaabh's city in the guise of Bhadra and kill Vajranaabh." Krishn aid - "But what will I say to Pradyumn?" Indra then suggested Krishn - "Vajranaabh has a beautiful daughter who is still unmarried, but Vajrab=naabh must know Bhadra's talent before he goes there, and Prabhaavatee should also know about Pradyumn's valor." Indra said - "Leave that to me. There are some swans who visit Vajra's garden often to bring Asur's news to me, so they can also do this work for me." Krishn said - "Then there is no problem. Pradyumn can do this work." Indra went back to Swarg. Indra called his divine swans and said to them - "Till now you have not spoke because of us, but now you use your power of speech." and explained them what to do.

Swans in Vajranaabh's City
Swaans came to the city of Vajranaabh. Seeing them coming again, Vajranaabh said that even the divine swans liked their city more than Swarg. Swans said - "You are right, O Asur King." Vajranaabh got surprised to see them speaking and asked them where di dgthey learn speaking? The swans told them that they learnt it here in his kingdom. Vajranaabh was so happy to hear them that he took them in his inner apartments to talk to women. When swans saw Prabhaavatee, they said - "How come that you, such a beautiful girl, is still unmarried?" Prabhaavatee said - "Oh no, Many people came  but I rejected them." One of the swans said - "Then it is useless to talk to you about Pradyumn." "What? Pradyumn?"

"Yes." "Do you know him? He is my chosen man, tell me something about him." Swan said - "Better you tell your father that whatever wonders I have seen in this world, it is difficult even for Asur to see them." Prabhaavatee told all to her father. Vajranaabh came to Soocheemukhee swan and asked him what wonders he had seen? Swan said - "I have seen Bhadra who has surprised even Devtaa." "Yes, I have heard about him. I also wish to see him." "He should be here soon as he can travel anywhere at his will." She said to her companions that they should fly now to Dwaarakaa and inform all this Indra. They all flew to Dwaarakaa and told Pradyumn that Vajranaabh's beautiful daughter wanted him only. Pradyumn got very happy to hear this but then how to enter his city?

Pradyumn in Vajranaabh's City
The then a messenger came to him that Krishn wanted to see him. As he went to Him, He told him that Vajranaabh has a beautiful daughter, go there and marry her. "But how will I enter his city?" "He is eager to see Bhadra, so assume the form of Bhadra and enter the city. Gad, Saamb and other Yaadav will go with you. Bhadra will assume your form, so nobody will suspect anything." o they all went o Vajranaabh's city and performed there. Vajranaabh invited them in his court. In the meantime Soocheemukhee met Prabhaavatee and told her that Pradyumn soon would come there and take you from here. Prabhaavatee thought how it would happen. The then a maid came and informed her that Bhadra is in the town and palace women can also see his performance. Pradyumn performed well and retired to his apartment. Soocheemukhee flew in and advised him to tell Prabhaavatee that he would marry her to night. Pradyumn thought first let me test her whether she loves me or not.

The then he saw a mid taking a flower garland. He asked her where was she taking it. She told him that she had to take to the Princess before the night falls. Pradyumn changed himself into a beetle and hid himself in a flower. Later he left the flower and flew behind her. He saw the Princess, the princess was indeed beautiful. The princess sent the maid away. Soocheemukhee appeared and told her that Pradyumn will be there soon. Pradyumn also appeared there and Prabhaavatee got very happy to see him but she could  not speak anything. Pradyumn went away. next day Prabhaavatee told her fiends that she was married to her chosen man. Everybody felt jealous. Prabhaavatee told them if they wanted she could request him to find the boys for them too. Pradyumn got agreed. Gad married Chandraavatee and Saamb married Gunavatee. After a few days Pradyumn sent a message to his father that he had married Prabhaavatee. Soocheemukhee took the message and returned with the message that Pradyumn should continue living there. When the time came the three princesses gave birth to three children.

Vajranaabh went to Kashyap Jee to ask Indra to hand over Swag to him, but Kashyap Jee said - "Indra is eldest among you that is why he is entitled to rule Swarg." Vajranaabh threatened to kill Indra but Kashyap Jee warned him not to do so. But Vajranaabh did not agree with him and got ready to attack on Swarg. At that time his guards saw three people going around and guessed them as Yaadav. One of them said - "One of them looks like the killer of Shambar, because I was in his palace on that day when he killed him." He informed the King and the King got very surprised to hear this as how did they enter his city.. He ordered them to kill. When Prabhaavatee heard this she got worried about their sons. But the sons assured her that nobody harm them till he was there, but if they had to fight they will have to those Asur. Prabhaavatee ordered Pradyumn to fight them with Asur and gave him the sword.

Pradyumn proceeded for the fight. With His Maayaa powers he created a charikot with a charioteer of 1,000-headed Naag. Soocheemukhee went to inform this to Krishn. Krishn could not come as Vasudev's Yagya was not yet finished. Pradyumn created millions of images of his own and started killing Asur army. In the meantime Krishn also came on His Garud and blew His Paanchjanya conch. Pradyumn's charioteer said to Pradyumn - "Gad had killed Suabh, now you kill Vajranaabh riding on Garud." Pradyumn rode on Garud and Krishn sent His Chakra to him and Pradyumn killed Vajranaabh with Krishn's Chakra.



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