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Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-1

[3-93] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "The Braahman who were living with Yudhishthir came to him and said - "You are going to visit Teerth along with your brothers, take us with you because without you we will not be able to visit them, because they are inaccessible to small groups. If we will go with you we will be protected by you. Protected by you we will also cleanse our sins. Bathing in those Teerth we may acquire the regions which Kaartveerya and Ashtak, Lompaad and Bharat have earned. We also wish to see these Teerth. You have regarding us, now we request you for this. Many Raakshas live in these Teerth. They always create problems to ascetics in their Tap. Whatever Teerth Naarad and Dhaumaya have told you, you should go there under the care of Lomash Muni, your all sins will surely be cleansed." Yudhishthir agreed and said - "Let it be so." So all got ready to go.

At the same time Vyaas Jee, Parvat and Naarad Muni came to Kaamyak Van to see Paandav. Yudhishthir worshipped them duly. They said to him - "O Yudhishthir, Bheem and Ashwins, Do not fear, purify your heart and set out for Teerth. Wise have said that observing rules are called earthly vows, while being free from evil thoughts are called spiritual vows. Observing both these vows will surely earn those fruits which have described to you for those Teerth." On the Poornimaa of Agrahaayan when Pushya constellation was ascendant, they all set out for Teerth Yaatraa. They, clad in barks, had all their weapons, accompanied by servants and cooks, set out on their journey facing towards East.

[3-94] Yudhishthir said - "Although I am not without merits, still I am afflicted with so much sorrow. It seems there has never been a king like me." Lomash Muni said - "Grieve not, O King, sometimes sinners prosperous by their sins, but destruction overtakes him to the roots. I have seen many Daitya and Asur who have prospered by sins but later have destroyed. Gods practiced virtue while Asur did not, gods visited Teerth while Asur did not. As king Nrig, Shibi, Usheenar, Bhageerath, Vasumaan, Gaya, Puru, Pururavaa, Ikshwaaku, Muchukund, Maandhaata having practiced penance and visiting Teerth obtained fame, you will also attain the prosperity. While Duryodhan will surely be exterminated."

Paandav Set Off on Their Teerth Yaatraa

[3-95] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So wandering around Paandav arrived in Naimish. Reaching Gomatee and taking bath in it donated cows and wealth. Then they came to Kanyaa, Ashwa and Go and staying at Kaalkoti and the Vishprasth Hills, they arrived at Bahudaa. Next they came to Prayaag, took bath there and practiced penance there. Then they proceeded to Maheedhar and then to Gayashir Hill and Mahaa Nadee with fine banks graced with canes. There is Brahmasar Teerth there on the hill. There lives Dharm Raaj. Agastya Rishi came to see him. Mahaadev also is there. There they practiced Chaaturmaasya and did Rishi Yagya. Here stands the Eternal mighty banyan tree. Any sacrifice performed there gives eternal results. Paandav began to fast there and many Braahman came there who were well versed in all kinds of religious practices. They talked a lot to Paandav on those topics.

Among those Braahman there was a Braahman named Shamath spoke to them about Gaya, the son of Amoorttaraya. he said - "Gaya, the son of Amoorttaraya, was a great royal sage. I tell you about his meritorious deeds, listen to them. He did many sacrifices and distributed many rivers of yogurt, mountains of cooked rice, lakes of Ghee. All this food was clean and pure. After the conclusion of the sacrifices lots of gifts were distributed to Braahman. Chanting of Ved were so loud that was heard up to Heaven. All were satisfied during his sacrifices. But still 25 mountains of food were still to be distributed. Who can sin his praise? Neither one has been, nor is, and nor there will be any like him. As grains of sand can never be counted, drops of rain cannot be counted, as stars cannot be counted, in the same way gifts given by Gaya cannot be counted. King Gaya did sacrifices many times here near this Brahmasar Teerth.

Story of Vaataapi and Agastya Muni

[3-96] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After this Yudhidhthir went to Agastya Muni's Aashram and stayed in Durjaya. Yudhishthir asked Lomash Muni - "Why Agastya Muni slain Vaataapi here?" Lomash Muni said - "Once there lived a Daitya named Ilval in Manimatee. He had a younger brother too named Vaataapi. They both were Kashyap and Diti's sons. Once Ilval pleased Brahmaa jee with his Tap and asked him to give him a son like Indra. But Brahmaa Jee did not grant him his request. At this he got angry and started troubling Rishi and saints. From that day he became the enemy of Braahman. Ilval was very powerful, so with his powers he transformed his brother Vaataapi into a ram. Now Vaataapi was also very powerful and could take any form at will. So Ilval used to offer ram's meat to Braahman, and when they had eaten it, they were slain. For whomsoever Ilval summoned with his voice, he would come back to Ilval even if he is dead. So after the Braahman had been slain, he would call Vaataapi and he would show up again by ripping apart that Braahman's stomach. Thus he was taking Braahman's lives.

In the meantime Agastya Muni saw his ancestors hanging down in a pit. Agastya Jee got very depressed and asked them - "What happened to you? What is the matter?" They said - "It is because of our children. We are your ancestors. if you can have a son then we are saved from this Hell and you will also get a blessed state." Agastya Jee consoled them and considered to extend his family. he started looking for a wife but could not get one as he did not find anyone worthy to take birth from her in the form of a son. Then he created a woman taking all beautiful parts from various creatures and produced a woman. Then he gave that woman to Vidarbh Desh King who was doing intense Tapasyaa to get a child. Thus that most beautiful girl was born in Vidarbh King's line. The King was very happy. The girl began to grow gracefully and Braahman gave her the name Lopaamudraa. When she had grown up, hundred maids and hundred virgins used to wait upon her, and she used to shine amongst them as Rohinee among multitude of stars. As she possessed very good behavior none dared to ask her hand from her father. Seeing this her father was worried as to whom to give this daughter of his?

[3-97] Lomash Muni continued - "When Agastya Muni though proper to ask her hand, he approached the King and said to him - "I ask your daughter's hand for myself." Hearing this from a Muni, the King swooned away. And although he never wanted to give his daughter to a Muni, he could not refuse also. So he went to his queen asked her opinion saying that "if I did not give our daughter to him he might curse us to destroy to ashes". The queen also remained quiet, could not say a word. The then Lopaamudraa came there and said to her father - "Do not worry about me. Bestow me to Muni Agastya and save yourself." So the King gave away his daughter to Muni Agastya with due rites. After the marriage Agastya Muni said to Lopaamudraa - "Take off your royal clothes and ornaments." Hearing this Lopaamudraa took of her costlyy clothes and jewelry and clad herself in bark and deer skin. Rishi came to Gangaadwaar along with his wife and started doing penance. Lopaamudraa also started serving her husband with great respect and love. Agastya Jee also loved her very much.

After a considerable time Agastya Muni pleased with her services, splendor, self control, grace and beauty called Lopaamudraa after her seasonal bath for marital bliss. Lopaamudraa said - "Of course a man marries a woman for children but you show that love to me which I have for you. Approach me on a bed like I had in my father's house. I like that you should be adorned with flowers and I should be adorned with Divine ornaments and clothes that I like. Otherwise I cannot approach you in these rags dyed in red. It is not sinful to wear such clothes and ornaments at such occasions." Hearing this Agastya Muni said - "O Beautiful, I don't have the wealth like your father had." Lopaamudraa said - "You have lots of wealth of your asceticism, you can bring them in just a blink of an eye." Agastya Jee said - "You are right but thhis will take my ascetic powers. Tell me which does not waste my ascetic powers." Lopaamudraa said - "My time will not last long. Nor do I wish to approach you in this attire, nor I wish to destroy your ascetic powers. So do as you wish so that your powers are not lost." Agastya Jee said - "If you say so, it means that you have resolved this in your heart, so stay here as you wish and I go out in search of wealth."

[3-98] Lomash Muni continued - "So Agastya Muni went to Shrutarv to beg for wealth. Hearing that Agastya Muni is coming, he went out of the city to welcome him. On asking the reason of his arrival Agastya Jee said - "Please give me some wealth according to your ability and without harming others." The King said - "You may take any amount of wealth from my own possession." But the Muni thought if he would take anything even from his own possessions, he would harm his style of living. So he took Shrutarv along with him and went to Vradhnashwa. Vradhnashwa also welcomed them and asked the reason of their coming. Agastya Jee said to him the same thing what he said to Shrutshrav - "Please give me some wealth according to your ability and without harming others." He also told him his income and expenditure and said - "Please take whatever you want." Rishi found that if he took anything from it he will harm to other creatures, so he took along Shrutshrav and Vradhnashwa and came to Purukuts's son Trasdasyu who had enormous wealth.

Trasdasyu also welcomed them and asked the reason of their coming to him. Agastya Jee said the same thing to him too as he said to Shrutashrav - "Give us what you can without harming others." He also represented his income and expenditure and said - "Seeing this take what you want."  Rishi again weighed his income and expenditure and thought if he took anything from it, it will harm other creatures. Then all those king said to Rishi - "There is a Daanav named Ilval who possesses enormous wealth. let us all go to him and beg some wealth from him." Lomash Jee continued - "All of them like this suggestion so they all started to beg wealth from him.

[3-99] When Ilval heard that Agastya muni has come with other kings, he went out, welcomed them and worshipped them duly. He offered them meat supplied by his brother Vaataapi. The royal sages became cheerless seeing the mighty Asur Vaataapi, but Agastya Jee consoled them not to worry as he told that he would eat that Asur. Agastya Jee sat on an excellent seat and the Asur started distributing the food to them, but Agastya Jee whole of the meat supplied by Vaataapi. After the dinner was over, Ilval started calling his brother but only some sound came out of the stomach of Agastya Jee and it was very loud. Ilval got worried, the Agastya Jee laughed and said - "How can he come out, I have already digested him."

At this Ilval said to him joining his hands - "What for you have come here, and what can I do for you?" Agastya Jee said - "We know that you are very wealthy, these kings are not very wealthy, and my needs are also great. Give us what you can without injuring others." Ilval said - "If you tell me what I mean to give you, then I will give you." Muni said - "You have promised to give these kings to give 10,000 cows and as many gold coins and to me twice as much and a golden chariot with a couple of horses. If you ask then you will know that your chariot is made of gold."

Ilval enquired and he came to know that his chariot which he intended to give was actually made of gold. Knowing all this the Asur got very sad but he gave everything including golden chariot with two horses Virav and Surav. And that they brought the kings and the Muni to Muni's Aashram within a twinkle of an eye. The kings went to their respective homes and Agastya Jee did all that what Lopaamudraa desired. Lopaamudraa said - "You have done what I wanted, so now you can have child from me." Agastya Jee said - "I am very pleased with your conduct, now listen to me about the child. Would you like to have a thousand sons, or a century of sons each equal to ten, or ten sons equal each to an hundred, or only one son who may vanquish a thousand?" Lopaamudraa answered - "Let me have one son equal unto a thousand. One good and learned son is preferable to many evil ones." "So be it." After she had conceived, the Muni went to forest. After Muni has left the fetus grew for 7 years. At the end of the 7 years they had a highly learned son named Dridhasyu. He was like a Rishi's son as he started reciting Ved and Upanishad etc after coming out of the womb. As a child he used to carry load of sacrificial fuel (Samidhaa) to his father's Aashram and that is how he came to be known as Idmavaha (carrier of Samidhaa). Muni was very happy to see his son. And that is how Muni got a son and Muni's ancestors got good regions and since then this place is known as Agastya's Aashram.

Here Bhaageerathee also flows with sweet music. O Yudhishthir, you take bath in it and then see Bhrigu's Teerth. Bathing here Parashuraam Jee regained his powers which Raam took away. If you will take bath here, you will also regain energy which Duryodhan has taken away from you."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "So all took bath there and offered water oblations there. After taking bath Yudhishthir asked Lomash Muni - "Hey Muni, How Raam took powers of Parashuraam? I wish to hear that."

Story of Raam and Parashuraam

Lomash Muni said - "Listen to the story of Parashuraam. Once to kill Raavan, Vishnu took Avataar as the son of Dasharath. We saw that son of Dasharath in Ayodhyaa. At the same time Parashuraam, the son of Muni Jamadagni from Renukaa, went to Ayodhyaa to check the prowess of Raam, just for the sake of curiosity. He took with him his celestial bow which was fatal even for great Kshatriya, to test the prowess of Raam. Hearing this that Parashuraam Jee has come, the King Dasharath asked Raam to entertain him. As Parashuraam Jee saw Raam standing before him decked with weapons, he said to Him smilingly - "String this bow, if you can. This bow has been made to destroy Kshatriya." Hearing this Raam said - "O Braahman Dev, It is not good to insult me like this. Neither I am deficient in virtues, nor Ikshwaaku Vansh people boast themselves of their prowess." At this Parashuraam Jeee said - "O King, speaker of crafty speech, take this bow." At this Raam, in anger, took the bow from him and strung it without any efforts. Its sound was so loud that all creatures got frightened. Raam said to him - "Here I have strung your bow, what else can I do for you?" Then Parashuraam Jee gave a celestial arrow to Raam and said to Him - "Place this on the string and draw the string to your ear."

Lomash Jee continued - "Raam said - "I have heard you and I have pardoned you. Because of your ancestors you have got this powers, that is why you are insulting me. I give you Divine sight, so see my real form." then Parashuraam Jee saw many Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Saadhya, Pitri, Hutaashan, planets, Gandharv, Teerth, Raakshas etc etc. Then the illustrious Vishnu shot the arrow and the whole Prithvi was filled with sounds of thunder, burning meteors, storms etc and it began to tremble. The arrow filled by the energy by Raam came back to Parashuraam. Parshuraam who had lost his senses, when came back to his senses, bowed to Raam. Then commanded by Raam, Parashuraam Jee went to Mahendra Parvat. After a year, when Parashuraam's ancestors saw him without energy and pride, they got sad and said to him - "Son, Your behavior with Vishnu was not proper. He deserves worship and respect from all of us. Go the river named Vadhusar and bath in all the Teerth that are on it. You will surely gain energy. Your ancestors have also practiced penance there." After having said thus the Pitri went away and Parashuraam regained his energy here."


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