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Dhaumya Describes Teerth

[3-86] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir after the consultation with his brothers and Naarad jee, said to Dhaumya Rishi - "I have sent Jishnu to obtain Divine arms. I know that both Vaasudev and Arjun are Vishnu Himself possessing six attributes, still I have sent him to Indra to take Divine weapons. Bheeshm and Drone are Atirathee. Kripaa and Done's son (Ashwatthaamaa) are invincible. They are the knower of Ved and every kind of weapons and Duryodhan has appointed them as the Chief Commander of his army. They are always eager to encounter Arjun in fight. Karn, the Soot Putra is also a mighty warrior and knows celestial weapons. Because of these weapons he is like another Vaayu Dev. he can consume my army like anything in the battle. Only Arjun is capable of facing in our army. I am sure Vibhatsu will succeed in getting Divine weapons. He alone is equal to all of them, otherwise it is impossible for us to defeat them. When he returns, we will see him equipped with all kinds of weapons. Without him, we and Krishnaa are not at rest in this Kaamyak Van, that is why, please, tell us some other forest where pious people live and we can also pass our time quietly. I do not like to live here without Arjun. We wish to go somewhere else."

Teerth of East

[3-87] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing Paandav sad Dhaumya Rishi said - "I tell you a few places which are admired by us Rishi. Even by hearing them you will earn merits. There is a place called Naimish which is very much regarded by celestials and Rishi. Then there is Gayaa in the same direction. It is praised by royal ascetics. There is a lake there called Brahm Sar which is adored by celestial Rishi. That is why wise say that one should have many sons, so that at least one will go to Gayaa and do Ashwamedh Yagya or donate Neel bull to uplift 10 generations up and down. There flows a great river and there is a Banyan tree in Gayashiraa which is believed to be eternal, because the food offered there to Pitri  becomes eternal. The river is Phalgu River which is very sacred. There is a Kaushikee River also where Vishwaamitra got his Braahmanhood. Nearby it is Gangaa where Bhageerath performed several Yagya. There is a Utpal Van in Paanchaal Desh where Vishwaamitra jee has performed many Yagya with his son and seeing his powers, Parashuraam has also praised him. At Kaamyak Van Vishwaamitra had Som Ras with Indra and then he started calling himself Braahman. Nearby there is Sangam (Prayag) also.

Near Sangam, there is Agastya Muni's Aashram and a Van named Tapas. There is another Teerth there named as Hiranyavind and Kalanjar Hills and Agastya Mountain. Nearby it is Mahendra Parvat where Parashuraam lives. Brahmaa Jee performed Yagya there. Here Bhaageerathee enters a lake named Brahmasar. And nearby it is Matang Muni's Aashram at Kedaar. There is another mountain named Kundod where Nishadh's king Nal rested for a while. There are Dev Van, Bahudaa and Nandaa rivers also there. These are the Teerth in Eastern direction, now you listen to the Teerth in other directions."

Teerth of South and West

[3-88] Dhaumya Rishi continued - "Now I tell you the Teerth of South. There is one sacred Godaavaree River, nearby are Vennaa and Bheem Rathee Rivers. There is a Teerth of royal ascetic Raajaa Nrig - River Payoshni. Even Maaarkandeya Rishi has sung the praises of Raajaa Nrig. We have heard that when Raajaa Nrig was performing a Yagya in Varaah Teerth at Payoshni River, Indra got intoxicated after drinking Som Ras and Braahman got mad after receiving gifts. There is an image of Mahaadev also there. Payoshni River's water is holier than the waters of Gangaa and other Rivers combined. There is a mountain there Varunaasrot where is a woods called Matharaa. It is said that in the north of Pravenee and around the Kanva Aashram there are several forest where many ascetics live. There is Teerth called Surparak where there are two sacrificial platforms of Jamadagni - Paashaan and Punashchandra. There is Ashok Teerth also there. There are Agastya and Varun Teerth in Paandya Desh. Then there are Kumaaree, Taamraparnee Teerth. Here even Devtaa did penance to get Moksh. There is Gokarn lake also. Nearby this lake is Agastya Muni's disciple's Aashram - Dev Sabhaa. There is one Vaidoorya Mountain also. It has lots of gems and is very meritorious. There is Agastya Muni's Aashram where lots of fruits, roots and water are available.

Now I will describe you the Teerth of Suraashtra country (maybe present day Sauraashtra). There is Chamasodbhed named Teerth on the seashore and Prabhaas Kshetra. There is Pindaarak, and a mighty hill Ujjayantaa which gives immediate success. Then there is Dwaaraavatee where the slayer of Madhu (Krishn) lives.

[3-89] Dhaumya continued - "Now I will describe you the Teerth of West in the country of Aanart. There flows a westward river Narmadaa graced by Priyangu and mango trees and thickest of canes. All Brahmaa, other Devtaa, Rishi, Siddh come here to bath in this river. We have heard that Muni Vishravaa's Aashram was here and Kuber was also born here. There is Vaidoorya peak  and there is a beautiful sacred tank full of blown lotus flowers. There flows a sacred river also Vishwaamitra which is related to Vishwaamitra Rishi and has many Teerth on its banks. It was on the banks of this river that Yayaati, the son of Nahush, fell from the Heaven (his story). Here are Punya Lake, Mainaak and Asit mountains and sacred Aashram of Rishi Kakshsen and Chyavan. O Paandav, Here one attains success without much efforts. Then there is Jamboomaarg region inhabited by  birds and deer. Next lie Ketumaal, Medhya, Gangaadwaar and Saindhav. There is a lake named Pushkar also, the favorite abode of Vaikhaanas, Siddh and Rishi."

Teerth of North

[3-90] Dhaumya continued - "Now I tell you the Teerth of Northern direction. There flow Saraswatee, Yamunaa, rivers and there is Plaksh Vataran Teerth there. There is another Teerth Agnishiraa. Here King Sahadev performed a Yagya measuring out the ground by the throw of a Saamya and that is why Indra sang his praise. Here Bharat also performed 35 Ashwamedh Yagya. Sharabhang also satisfied the regenerated ones. Baalkhilyaadi also performed Sacrifices here. Here is a River Drishdwatee also of great merit. Nyaagrodhaakhya, Paanchaalya, Punyak, Dalbhyaghoshaa and Dalbhya are the sacred Aashram there. Here are Etaavarn, and Avaavaran, well versed in Ved, performed sacrifices.

There is one Vishaakhaa Yoop where Devtaa came with Indra and Varun and performed ascetic austerities here. Here is Palasak also where Jamadagni did Yagya. There all the principal rivers came in their embodied form taking their respective waters. And Vibhaavasu (Fire) sang the Shlok - "The river coming to the illustrious Jamadagni while sacrificing unto the gods gratified the Braahman with offerings of honey." Where Gangaa meets the sea, there lies Gangaadwaar Teerth. Gandharv, Raakshas, Siddh visit it frequently, as Kanakhal (that is near to it) gets visited. There is a mountain named Puru where Pururavaa was born and Bhrigu Jee did Tapasyaa. Then comes the Bhrigu Tung and near it is the Badaree area - the highly meritorious Aashram in Three Worlds. before the cool water of Gangaa, near Badaree, was warm and the banks were covered with golden sand. Here all gods, Siddh, Rishi always worship Naaraayan. All Teerth live here.

I have described you all the Teerth of the world. They are all visited by Saadhya, Aaditya, Marut, Ashwin, Braahman, ascetics etc. By visiting them you will be free from your anxiety.

Lomash Muni Talks About Arjun

[3-91] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "At the same time Lomash Muni came there, so Paandav and Braahman sat around him as if Devtaa have surrounded Indra. Yudhishthir asked him the reason of his arrival and aim of his wanderings. he replied - "I travel at will, so I came to Indra Puree to see Indra. There I saw your brother Arjun seated on the same seat with Indra, I was greatly astonished to see this. Indra told me to come to you. Now I tell you which will please you very much. Listen it with Krishnaa and other Braahman who are here too. Paarth has got the Rudra weapon for which you sent him there. That weapon, Brahmshiraa which arose after Amrit and which Rudra got it after austerities, is now with Arjun with all its rules and formalities. He has also acquired Vajra, Dand, and other celestial weapons from Yam, Kuber, Varun and Indra. He has mastered music, both vocal and instrumental, dance and proper recitation of Saam Ved from Vishwaavasu's son. After obtaining all these now he is living with Indra happily. Indra has sent the message for you that Arjun will return soon. Meanwhile you also engage yourself in ascetic austerities with your brothers, because by asceticism only a person achieves great results. I know that Karn is invincible in battle, that son of Soorya resembles the son of Maheshwar himself. You should know that Karn's prowess is not even 1/16th part of Arjun's prowess. So do  not fear for Arjun. About your Teerth Yaatraa, Muni Lomash will tell you and do it in the same way."

[3-92] Lomash Muni continued - "Now you listen to what Arjun has said for you - "Tell my brother that he should go for ascetic austerities because that gives prosperity. Go to Teerth. Pursue my brother to go to Teerth and donate cows. protect him from every adversities. So as Arjun has said and as indra also has said, I will go with you and protect you. I have visited Teerth twice and now I will be visiting them third time. You are like the King Bhageerath, or Gaya, or Yayaati or anyone who is like them."

Yudhishthir got overwhelmed hearing Lomash Muni, he said - "I am very fortunate that I am remembered even by Indra, who has Arjun-like brother, who has company of yours. As for Teerth, I have already made up my mind hearing Rishi Dhaumya, so whenever is the auspicious time we can start." Lomash Muni said - "Be light, this will make your Yaatraa more easily." Yudhishthir said - "Let those Braahman, who are old, cannot walk a lot, need cooked food, stay back. Who have followed me because of loyalty, and I give them stipend, let them go back to Dhritraashtra, he will give them stipend. And if Dhritraashtra will not give then the King of Paanchaal will give."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this some Braahman went back to Hastinaapur and the son of Ambikaa (Dhritraashtra) warmly received them because of love towards Yudhishthir. Now Yudhishthir remained with a very few Braahman. he stayed in Kaamyak Van for three days ."


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