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Naarad Describes Teerth-3

[3-84] Pulastya Jee said - "After this one should proceed to Dharm Teerth where Dharm Raaj practiced austerities, that is why he made it a Teerth and named it on his own name. Then go to Jana Paavan, then to Saugandhik Van - here live celestials with Brahmaa, Siddh, Chaaran etc. As soon as one enters this Van (forest) he is cleansed with all sins. proceed to Saraswatee River which is known as Plaksh here. Its water comes out from an anthill. There is another Teerth here, very near to Plaksh, named Ishaandyushitaa. Proceed to Sugandhaa, Shatkumbh and Panch-Yaksh, then come to Trishoolkhat and Devee Teerth Shaakaambaree. Here Devee subsisted upon herbs for 1,000 celestial years, that is why it is named on her name. If somebody .lives here for three nights on herb, it is equal to living living for 12 years on herbs. Then come to Suvarnaa - here Vishnu worshipped Rudra and obtained many boons difficult to get even for Devtaa. Then come to Teerth Dhoomaavatee. Fast here for three nights and get everything you wish. To a little south to this Teerth, there is another Teerth named Rathaavart. After circumambulating it, proceed to Dhaaraa Teerth. Bow to the great mountain Himvant here and proceed to the source of Gangaa - take bath here in Koti.

Then come to Sapt-Gangaa, Tri-Gangaa and Sakravart. Take bath in Kanakhal and fast there for three nights. Then come to Kapilvaat, then to Naag Teerth, then come to the Teerth of Shaantanu named Lalitikaa Teerth. Then take bath at the confluence of Gangaa and Jamunaa here. Come to Rudravart and bath at the confluence of Gangaa and Saraswatee. Then come to Bhadra Karneshwar Teerth, then  to Kuvjamrak and then come to Arundhateevat - take bath here in Samudrak and fast for three days. Then proceed to Yamunaa Prabhav (source of Yamunaa). Arrive then at Darvi Sankraman Teerth. Come to Sindhu Prabhav (source of Sindhu) and stay here for five nights. Proceed to the inaccessible Teerth Vedee, then to Rishikulyaa and Vashishth. In Rishikulyaa, stay for a month, live on herbs. Then come to Bhrigu Tung, and then to Vipra Moksh and then come to Krittikaa and Maghaa. Then come to Vidyaa, take a bath in evening and get all types of knowledge here. Then come to Mahaashram and stay here for one night taking a single meal. If one stays here for a month of Mahaalaya and fast for three nights, he is cleansed of all sins and gets the fruits of giving away lots of gold.

Then come to Vetasik, and then to Sundareek, then to Brahmaanee, then come to Naimish. One should stay here for a month. Who renounces his life here fasting he enjoys happiness in heavenly regions. Next proceed to Gangodbhed and fast here for three nights. Come to Saraswatee, then to Bahudaa and stay there for one night. Then come to Ksheervatee, and then to Vimalaashok and stay here for one night. Then proceed to Gopraatra in the Sarayoo River where Raam renounced His body. Then come to Raam Teerth at Gomatee River, and then to Shat Sahastreek, and then come to Bhartri Sthaan. After this proceed to Koti and worship Kaarttikeya there. Then go to Vaaraanasee where Shiv lives, take bath in Kapil-Hrid. Then come to A-Vimukt Kshetra. Then come to Maarkandeya Teerth, then go to Gayaa. There is an Akshaya Vat (immortal banyan tree) there. Whatever is offered here to Pitri becomes inexhaustible. One should take bath there in Mahaanadee.

Then come to Brahm-Saar Teerth. In that lake, Brahmaa Jee had erected a pillar, by going round the pillar one attains the merit of Baajpeya Yagya. Then one should go to Dhenuk Teerth and donate sesame and cow. Kapilaa cow used to graze here with her calf. So one may still see her hoof marks. Then one should proceed for Gridhravat Teerth. It belongs to Shiv, so one should rub some ashes to one's body. If a Braahman vows there for 12 years, he is free from all kinds of sins. Then one should come Udyaant Mountains. You can still see the footprints of Saavitree (Satyavaan's wife). There is famous Yoni Dwaar. Who goes there, he becomes free from this world. then one should go to Phalgu and then to Dharmprishth. There lives Dharm Raaj. There was the hermitage of Matang Muni. By entering the asylum one attains the merits of Gavayaan sacrifice, and just by touching the image of Dharm Raaj one gets the fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. Next one should go to Brahm Sthaan (Brahmaa's place) and then to Raajsooya Teerth. By bathing there one lives happily as Kakshiyaan Rishi. One should take the Prasaad offered to Yakshinee there daily, this frees one from all sins.

Then proceed to Mani Naag Teerth and stay there for one night. If one eats anything relating to Mani Naag, he does not get affected by any kind of snake's poison. Stay there for night and your all sins are cleansed. Then proceed to Gautam forest and take bath in Ahalyaa lake. There is Janak well also, if taken bath in it, one ascends to Vishnu Lok. Then one should go to Veenaasan. Then head towards Gandakee which is produced by the water of all Teerth. Next go to Vishaal River, and next to Adhibang and then to Kampan River. Proceed to Maheshwaree stream, then to Somapad, bath in Maheshwarpad there. There dwell 10 million Teerth. A wicked Asur, in the shape of a tortoise, was carrying it away, that Vishnu recovered it from him. Then one should proceed to the place of Naaraayan where Brahmaa, Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra all adore Janaardan and Vishnu's wonderful deeds have known as Shaal Graam. Four seas ever present there. Take bath there. Have Darshan of Mahaadev in Jaatismaar.

Proceed to then Maheshwarpur, keep fast, worship Maheshwar; then proceed to Vaaman. Worship there Hari, and proceed to Kushik Teerth. Come to Champak Van from there. Stay there for one night and then come to Jyeshthilaa, pass one night there and have Darshan of Vishweshwar with his consort. Arrive in Kanyaa Saamvedya Teerth. Rishi say about it that who give away rice or any other gift becomes eternal. Then come to Nishchar Teerth which is asylum of Vashishth. proceed towards Devakoot where celestial Rishi dwell. Then go to Kaushik lake where Kushik's son Vishwaamitra obtained success. here one should reside one month. Who resides in the Teerth Mahaa-Hrid becomes immune to misfortune. Come to Veeraashram and have Darshan of Kaarttikeya and come to Agni-Dhaaraa and have bath there. Come to Kumaar-Dhaaraa stream which falls from Brahmaa Jee's tank. Fasting in there for three days one gets cleansed from all kinds of sins.

Then one should go to Gauree Parvat and touch the waters of Stan Kund. Have a bath there too. Come to Taamrarunaa which is frequently visited by gods. Then take bath at the confluence of Keertikaa and Kaushikee Rivers with Arunaa. Fast there for three nights. proceed then to the Teerth Urvashee and then to Somaashram. Bath at Kumbhkarn Aashram. The ancients knew that if somebody touches the waters of Kokaamukh with steady vows and leading Brahmcharya mode of life, one can remember his former life. Then come to Nandaa River, and then to the island called Rishabh. Bath in Saraswatee there. proceed next to the Teerth Auddaalak which is frequently visited by Rishi, then come to Dharm Teerth which is visited by Brahmarshi; then come to Champaa and bath in Bhaageerathee there. It is near Dandparn. Then come to Lalitikaa.

[3-85] Pulastya Jee said - "Then come to Saam Vedya Teerth in the evening, touch its waters and obtain knowledge. Then come to Lauhitya Teerth, then to Karatoya River. Fast there for three nights. Cross over Gangaa and reside there for three nights, and proceed to Vaitaranee River. Then come to Virajaa Teerth and have bath there. Resie then at the confluence of Son and Jyotirathee Rivers, then touch the waters of Bans-gulm which is the source of both rivers - Son and Narmadaa. Then come to the Teerth Rishabh in Kosal and take bath in Kaal Teerth. Take bath then in Pushpvatee and fast there for three days. then come to Badarik Teerth. Bathing there one attains long life and go to Heaven. Then come to Champaa and bath in Bhaageerathee and have Darshan of Dand. Then one should go to Lapetikaa, and from there come to Mahendra Parvat where Parashuraam lives. Bath in the Raam Teerth there. Here is Matang Teerth called Kedaar. Take bath there and go to Shree Parvat where Shree lives and Mahaadev also lives with his consort. Take bath in Dev Lake there.

Then proceed to Mountain Rishabh in Pandyaa, then to River Kaaveree, frequently visited by Apsaraa, then come to Kanyaa Teerth on the shores of sea. Proceed next to Gokarn and worship Eeshaan there fasting there for three nights. By staying there for 12 nights one is cleansed from all sins. Then proceed to Gaayatree Teerth, stay there for three nights. A strange phenomenon is seen there that a Braahman, whether he is bron from a Braahman woman or not, if recites Gaayatree there, the recitation becomes rhythmical and musical; while a non-Braahman cannot adequately hymn it at all. After this one should go to Braahman Rishi Samvart tank. Then go to Ven Teerth, then to Godaavaree. Here by taking bath in it, one goes to the regions of Vaasuki Naag. Next take bath at the confluence of Vennaa, next take bath at the confluence of Varadaa and now come to Brahmsthoon Teerth. Stay there for three nights. Next come to Kushplavan and stay there for three nights.

Next come to Dev-Hrid whose water is supplied by Krishn Vennaa, then to Jaatismaar-Hrid, then take bath in Sarv Dev Hrid, then taking bath in Payoshni, come to Dandak Van. Here visit the Aashram of Sharabhang Muni, Shuk Dev, Suraparak where Parashuraam lived. Take a bath here in Suraparak and come to Sapt Gadaavar Teerth, and then to Dev-Hrid. B y taking bath here one gets the fruits of Devasatra Yagya. Then come to Tungak forest where in olden days Muni Saaraswat taught Ved to ascetics. When Ved got lost (Muni forgot them), Angiraa's son pronounced the word "Om" and the ascetics recollected what they had forgotten. All Devtaa and Brahmaa appointed Bhrigu Jee to officiate at a Yagya. Agni Dev gopt very pleased with the way Bhrigu Jee's offering Aahuti, so he performed an Agnyadhaan Yagya for all these Rishi. Here one should reside for a month with regulated life and diet.

Then one should come to Medhaavik. Here there is a mountain named Kalanjar, one should take bath in the lake that is there. Proceed towards Mandaakinee which is in Chitrakoot and have bath there. Then come to Bhartri Sthaan where Kaattikeya always lives. Then come to Koti Teerth and circumambulate it, then proceed to Jyeshth Sthaan and have Darshan of Mahaadev. Here there is well where four seas are there. Then come to Shringaver Pur where Raam crossed Gangaa while going to forest. Then come to Mayooraavat where have Darshan of Mahaadev. Then come to Prayaag (Allahabad) which has been praised by all in the Three Lok. There are three streams - Gangaa, Yamunaa and Saraswatee. Prayaa, Pratishthaan, Kambal, Ashwatar, and Bhogavatee are the sacrificial platforms of the Creator. Among these even Prayaag is the best. The sacrificial place is worshipped by gods themselves. The wise say that there live 600,010,000 Teerth. Wherever one takes bath in Gangaa, it is equal to a trip to Kurukshetra or Kanakhal. But Prayaag is the best.

It has been said that in Sat Yug, all Teerth were sacred, in Tretaa Yug only Pushkar was sacred, in Dwaapar Yug only Kurukshetra was sacred and in Kali Yug the Gangaa alone is sacred. One should practice austerities in Pushkar; one should donate in Mahaalaya period, one should ascend on funeral pyre in  Malaya Mountains, one should renounce one's body in Bhrigu Tung by forgoing food. Take bath in Pushkar, in Kurukshetra and Gangaa. There is no Teerth like Gangaa. There is n o God like Keshav, and there is  none superior to Braahman. This should be described only to regenerated ones. By reciting it amidst Braahman, one goes to Heaven. He is ever blessed, the sonless obtains sons and poor gets riches. Now you go to these Teerth and bath there, worship there. You have always satisfied your forefathers, gods etc. You are like Indra. You will earn eternal fame on Earth."

Naarad Jee continued - "Having said this to Bheeshm Jee Pulastya Jee disappeared then and there. Then Bheeshm Jee wandered here and there at the command of Pulastya Jee. You will also earn eight attributes, as you will lead these ascetics to those Teerth, your merit will be much greater. Many Raakshas live in these Teerth, so no one else except you, can go there. Those foremost Rishi - Vaalmeeki, Kashyap, Atri, Kundjathar, Vishwaamitra, Gautam, Asit, Deval, Maarkandeya, Gaalav, Bharadwaaj, Vashishth, Uddaalak, Shaunak with his son, Ved Vyaas, Durvaasaa, Jaabaali - all are staying in expectation of yours. So you go to these Teerth and meet them in these Teerth. Lomash Muni will come to you, you follow him and me and visit these Teerth. By doing this you will get fame like Mahaabhish, Yayaati, Pururavaa, Bhageerath, Raam, Puru and Vane, even like Kaartveerya Arjun."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After comforting Yudhishthir thus Naarad Jee disappeared then and there and Yudhishthir began to recite the merits of Teerth to ascetics."


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